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Arachne is a support-type pet. She can help you attack your dolls with a variety of support maneuvers, such as [Trick or trap], [Command the dead], and [Extra eyes]. In particular, [Read ahead], which lowers the action point cost among the dolls, will be very helpful for dolls that are good at attacking. The offensive tool, "Corrosive javelin," and the sabotaging tool, "Web spray" both have the effect of causing the enemy to stagger. Sabotage them in moderation to bind the enemy's movements. Both of these maneuvers have a range, so you don't need to get close to the enemy to use them.

Name Arachne Threat Level 15
Maximum Action Points 13 Total Parts 15
Corrosive javelin [Action/3/0-1] Unarmed attack 1 + Explosive + Stagger
Read ahead [Action/1/0-1] Reduce the cost of the next action the target uses by -1 (minimum 0).
Spider legs [Action/3/self] Move 1, immune to hinder move effects.
Trick or trap [Check/0/0-2] Support 1 or Hinder 1
Command the dead [Check/0/0-1] Support 2, cannot be used on yourself.
Extra eyes [Check/1/0-1] Support 2
Web spray [Check/2/0-1] Hinder 1 + Stagger
Long legs [Auto/None/Self] The value of movement manuvers are increased by one.
Mad demon [Auto/None/Self] +1 to unarmed attack checks.
Central nervous system [Auto/None/Self] +2 Action Points
Brain [Auto/None/Self] +2 Action Points
Eyes [Auto/None/Self] +1 Action Point
Adrenaline [Auto/None/Self] +1 Action Point
Reflexes [Auto/None/Self] +1 Action Point
Entrails [Auto/None/Self] None