Fan Works

Fan Supplements
Please be aware that fan supplements may or may not be balanced for your game or with each other. For prospective players, consider these off-limits unless the GM explicitly allows them. For prospective GMs, please read them carefully before allowing.

  • Blast From the Past- A fanmade splatbook. Highlights include more parts, skills, example enemies, and a brand new class called Erudite, focusing on Blast Attacks. Also included are houseruled Romanesque and Psychedelic reworks, and GM advice.
  • To Prosperous Electronica- Another fanmade splatbook. Contains Additional classes "Lone Wolf", "Altruist", "Jacker", "Striker" data, Additional parts "Electrodes" Level 1 to 3 ,Treasure addition table, monsters and the scenarios "Phase 0" "Ready-go-round" "Cordial colony". Currently being translated from Japanese into English.
  • Conductor - A fanmade class with an emphasis on controlling Puppets.
  • Enigma - Another fanmade class focused on mystery and confusion.
  • Entombed - A fanmade class based on being a little girl encased in power armor or some other kind of hulking metal monstrosity.
  • Toybox - A fanmade class with an emphasis on having more parts.
  • Poison - Insidious and selfish. A fanmade Position for ruthless dolls.
  • Jester - A farcical class based on ridiculous approaches.
  • Tanya - A class inspired by a certain influential game series.
  • Chariot - Dolls made to allow other sisters to ride upon them.
  • Perdition - Fire and destruction are the focus of this class.
  • Metalhead - For those who believe in the power of metal, this class is for you.
  • Valkyrie - A need for speed is what defines these dolls.
  • Witch Trials - A mystical supplement featuring a new reinforcement tree, Occult, and a class dedicated to using them.
  • Sanguinate - Bloody Dolls who draw strength from sacrifice.
  • Nine - Horrors inpired by the movie 9.
  • Drug Eater Timeline - A timeline of the Drug Eaters. Created by ZQ-works.
  • Drug Eater - Drug Eaters as player characters.
  • Alraune - Garden-variety dolls that bring a lovely shade of green to the field.

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