Stuffed with odd weapons and hideous mutations seemingly haphazardly, whether they are intentional experiments or practical jokes is impossible to determine.

Reinforcement Points

Armament Mutation Enhancement
1 1 0

Special Skill

Name Timing Cost Range
Surprise Entrance Action 0 1-3
Effect You may only use this once per round. Declare this maneuver on a target. Your token is removed from the battle map for 3 count. At the end of the 3rd count, you appear out of the target making an Unarmed Attack 3 that negates defend with a check result of 8. Your current AP will be set for the count after your reappearance.
Description Using the strange things you were given, you can disappear and then reappear in the most unexpected places.


Name Timing Cost Range
Land Mine Action 2 0
Effect Place a land mine in the target zone. When a character moves into or out of that zone, you may choose to activate the mine, dealing Blast 2 with a check result of 7 and applying a Hinder Move.
Description Stuffed with random explosives, some of them can be used as land mines to make moving around unpleasant for others.
Name Timing Cost Range
Corrosive Vomit Rapid 1 0-1
Effect The target automatically fails their next dismember check.
Description It may be disgusting, but it makes it easy to remove an enemy's limbs.
Name Timing Cost Range
Hidden Weapon Rapid 2 0
Effect You may use declare this maneuver to make either

Unarmed 3+Move 1 at Range 0 or Ranged Attack 3 + Stagger at Range 1-2

Description A multitude of situationally useful weapons have been crammed into you.
Name Timing Cost Range
Out of a Hat Auto None Self
Effect At the start of the round, you may declare an action check to give yourself a Tier 3 reinforcement part of your choice. If you fail, you get a Tier 2 reinforcement of your choice instead. This part is lost at the end of the round.
Description You're gifted with endless possibilities within, but some are less of a gift than others.
Name Timing Cost Range
Gas Spewer Rapid 1 Self
Effect For the rest of the round, all allies in the same zone as you have a -1 to attack checks made against them, however all attack checks against you receive a +1. If hit with an area attack, the +1 only applies to the result for you.
Description Not the most pleasant feature, but it can help hide your friends.
Name Timing Cost Range
Change of Scenery Auto None Self
Effect Once per round, you receive a +1 to attack checks for the rest of the round after you are in a different zone from the one you were in at the start of the round.
Description You hate being in the same place for too long, a change of scenery really motivates you.
Name Timing Cost Range
Disproportionate Auto None Self
Effect Add the "Oversized" part to one location.
Description A part of your body is comically oversized compared to the rest of you. It's easy to hit compared to the rest of you.
Timing: Auto Cost: None Range: Self
When you take damage, you may choose to have the attack hit this location unless it is a critical hit.