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  • Action Points: These are consumed in battle as Dolls and Pawns alike undertake maneuvers.
  • Basic Parts: All the Parts that Dolls start off with at the beginning.
  • Battle Phase: The Dolls and the Necromancer will often be locked in violent struggles. Often occurs when the Dolls encounter the Undead and Savants deployed by the Necromancer.
  • Campaign: A succession of scenarios that link into each other, with the players usually retaining the same Doll for multiple adventures.
  • Character Sheet: The character sheet at the back of the book.
  • Check: A dice roll to decide if an Action is successful or not.
  • Class: There are six categories that determine the Class of the Doll. They can pick two choices, combining the fighting style of the Doll and gaining special abilities.
  • Count: A unit of time during the Combat Phase.
  • Doll: The Undead, controlled by the players, that are loved and toyed with by the Necromancer. They have the mind and memory of human beings. For the story of Nechronica, they are the protagonists.
  • Favor: A value that shows the appreciation the Necromancer has for the Dolls. Players can spend this to empower their Doll.
  • Fetters: The emotional attachments of the Dolls. A Doll filled with madness will become uncontrollable.
  • Horror: A powerful and aggressive Undead.
  • Legion: Undead without thoughts or feelings. Weak alone, but whom pose a danger in the large groups they are often found in.
  • Madness Points: These are gained when the Dolls witness the horror of the world and battle the cruel reality under the control of the Necromancer. When all Fetters are filled with Madness Points, the Dolls will fall out of the Player's control.
  • Madness: The results of what happens when a Fetter is filled with Madness. A Doll in this state is distorted in body and mind and will start to erode the control of the player.
  • Maneuver: Refers to the Skills and Abilities that all Dolls use in Battle. Battle Actions will be covered in the Combat Section.
  • Marker: Pieces deployed upon the Stage Map.
  • Mutant: People who have been artificially modified or radiated to adapt to the changing world.
  • NC: Abbreviation for Necromancer. They have the power to manipulate all the Undead apart from the Dolls.
  • Nechronica: The name of the game. The shortened version of the full title "Nechronica: The Long, Long Sequel.”
  • Necromancy: The technical term for the process that converts the dead into the Undead.
  • PL: Abbreviation for Player. People who are the guiding force behind their chosen Doll. They may possibly be the ones to smash the Necromancer's ambition.
  • Parts: Bits that make up the body of a character. Many of these parts have special functions. If a Doll or enemy has all their Parts destroyed, they can no longer act.
  • Phase: Part of a Session of Nechronica. Each session is divided into three Phases: Adventure Phase. Battle Phase and Ending Phase.
  • Position: The Personality of the Dolls are divided into six Positions. These indicate what type of personality is preferred.
  • Reinforcements: A value indicating how powerful a Doll's body has become. It includes weapons, biomechanical transplants, mechanization and more, giving the Doll far more power than it's normal body would.
  • Savant: Undead with personality, intelligence and madness. These differ from Dolls as Savants are indirectly or even directly manipulated Pawns of the Necromancer.
  • Scenario: A game session. The Necromancer has detailed a story and enemies to challenge the Dolls with.
  • Session: A game of Nechronica.
  • Sister: A fellow Doll. A group of Dolls are known as Sisters.
  • Skills: Special abilities granted by Class and Position.
  • Stage: This is the Battle Map.
  • Ten Sided Dice: The dice required for this game are ten sided.
  • Turn: The time unit in battle that usually consists of about 10 Counts.
  • Undead: After the extinction of humanity, the dead are still active and moving.