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With a heart full of noise, these dolls resurrect a spirit that once ruled the air waves.

Reinforcement Points

Armament Mutation Enhancement
0 1 1

Special Skill

Name Timing Cost Range
Grand Finale Auto None Self
Effect You may only declare this Maneuver at Count 1 during the Battle Phase. Until the end of the Count, you may declare any number of Rapid, Check, and Damage-timing maneuvers you have not yet expended during the Round and ignoring the difference between the Count and your current AP. This applies even if your current AP would normally render you unable to declare maneuvers.
Description A great show needs a spectacular finish.


Name Timing Cost Range
Leather Rebel Auto None Self
Effect Add Leather Duds to one hit location
Description Leather jackets and the like are a staple of the genre. And you're not gonna let yourself bring shame to such a look.
Leather Duds
Timing: Auto Cost: None Range: Self
Once per round it can be used as a Defend 1 for 0 AP. +1 to all checks made with parts in this hit location.
Name Timing Cost Range
Sisters in Rock Check 1 0-1
Effect Support 1, increase the value of the support by 1 for each sister in the same zone as you. This cannot be used on yourself.
Description You and your sisters make a mean band, at least that's what you think.
Name Timing Cost Range
Solo Auto None Self
Effect This must be declared when you declare the attack maneuver. +3 to the attack check. Your sisters cannot support the check. This can only be used once per round.
Description A perfect solo is the stuff of legends, as such you won't let your friends interfere. Nothing's stopping the enemy from interfering, however.
Name Timing Cost Range
Painkiller Damage See Below See Below
Effect Declare an attack maneuver, paying the maneuver's cost, that is in range of the one being damaged. Make an attack check, if successful, reduce the damage of the original attack by the damage of your attack. Excess damage is dealt to the original attacker, but only if they are in range of your attack maneuver. All properties on your attack are lost.
Description It takes someone truly brave, or crazy, to take a shot at the enemy's attack and not them.
Name Timing Cost Range
Overkill Damage 1 Self
Effect This can only be used when you deal more damage than the enemy has parts or legion size. On savants, it is determined by the parts in the hit location. Remove 1 point of madness from one of your fetters.
Description Such an extravagant display of excessive force may not scare what you're facing, but it does make you feel better.
Name Timing Cost Range
Star Power Action 2 0-1
Effect Pick up to two horrors or legions, for the next 5 count they can only target you with maneuvers or move into the same zone as you.
Description Your fame attracts all sorts of attention or maybe it's just the noise you make carrying on like you do.
Name Timing Cost Range
Ready to Rock Action 1 Self
Effect Declare an action timing maneuver at 0 cost, instead of resolving it, you instead may declare it again at rapid timing on a later count, paying it's AP cost. You cannot use the maneuver you declared again until after it has been resolved. You may only have 1 action prepared this way at a time.
Description Sometimes, a show requires you to do something at just the right time even if it requires a bit of set up