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After the session that only runs once, it does not mean that Nechronica's story is completely over. Some Players may have free time, while others may not match so well with others. The following is a description of possible gameplay styles.


If you can have fun with friends for a long time and regularly, enjoy the long story of multiple sessions woven together. This is called the "Campaign" This type of group does not necessarily have to create the entire world. It's only important to get together with the same group of Players and use the same set of Dolls for multiple games. In the long run, how many battles, how many wounds, countless conversations and growth of a Doll are continued on. Compared with the whole world, such a process is the key to gathering participants. As the personality of the Doll leaps from the paper, what the Players are concerned about is the story of the growth of the Doll.

In these sessions, the Players form, from the obtained memory fragments and the situations they have encountered, reasonable speculation that have been missed or not thought of by the Necromancer. Sometimes there are many interesting ideas in the discussion of the players. As an Necromancer, you must have have an open mind. If you have interesting ideas, it is best to record them and integrate them into the group. This will not only let Players have their own fun to promote the story, but also make it their own and unique.

Relay Campaign[edit]

Necromancer is a rewarding role, but the burden is reasonably large. It will be more so if it becomes a campaign. Therefore, if there is a person who has a rulebook amongst the players, and if everyone grees, it can be a circle sharing the role of Necromancer. These campaigns are called Relay Campaigns. Let's treat the Doll of participants who are currently the Necromancer to be temporary unavailable or unable to participate in battle. It is OK if you speak and interact at an Adventure Phase or End Phase, but you can not make various judgements or checks. (There is no change in Madness for this character.)

Also, please be careful when you add additional Servants, Dolls and NPCs that you need to play on the Necromancer side. Or, the first Necromancer may let your Doll appear as a Servant (although you should be careful about actions or karma so that it will not be destroyed by battle.) In the Campaign, the Necromancer can also gain favor. The favor that NC can be obtained is as follows…

Necromancer Favor gain = (The Favor the Dolls earned) + 4

If the Dolls don't achieve at least one Karma or are all destroyed, then the Necromancer gains only half of the possible Favor. When taking over the role of the Necromancer from another participant, remember the background settings and confidential information etc of the campaign.

Short Session[edit]

If you do not have much time and everyone is playing Nechronica for the first time, it is a good idea to play with only the "Battle Phase" and "End Phase" to get used to the rules. By omitting some fragments, or simply run with one of them as an introduction, or to a quick-start group, this is the "Short session".

For battles in Short sessions, for the sake of streamlining, the number of enemy pawns prepared should not exceed the number of Dolls x7. Because it is only a short battle, the enemy who is on the scene is not very powerful, which means the favor points are not high enough, so there is no need to deliberately suppress or enhance the number of pawns for the short session.

You may try a short session as the first episode of a campaign. In the case of a short session as an introduction, there may be no battle in the session, which is the beginning and end of a simple "Adventure phase." In the game, try and let the Players understand the situation of their own Dolls. There are various situations that may be encountered.

At the end of the session, you can import short sessions to give the Dolls a space to breathe and communicate with each other. If you have more conversations in the end phase, the Dolls will be able to deepen their relationships.

If people who are unfamiliar with Table Top RPGs are taking part, it is a good idea to show them a short session before playing with a scenario.