A Dead Factory

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# of Players 2-4 people
Estimated Time 2-3 hours
Total Favor Gain 2 PCs, 18 points

3 PCs, 27 points

4 PCs, 36 points.


Synopsis: Dolls who woke up in a waste factory try to escape from it. There are bizarre tasks still done by the dead. The Undead weapons operating at the factory attack the dolls.

Caution: This Scenario is made for those playing Nechronica for the first time. If you are Necromancer for the first time then you should make yourself familiar with the system and the scenario. You could recommend the use of sample dolls for Player as well. You can start a session as soon as each player picks a doll or has finished making it. However, if you decide you want the development of the story to continue after this session, adjust it so you can use "Memory Fragments" etc as future hints.

Adventure Phase[edit]

   Karma: "Reach the source of mechanical sound."

Awakening in an underground warehouse.[edit]

The session begins with the awakening of the dolls. Please read the following sentences first.

You are woken by strange music that you can hear echoing along
with the strike of metal upon metal. This room is spacious, yet
sunk into darkness. Your eyes slowly come into focus... you cannot
remember who you are. Here, there are only girls with names and a
few memories in their heads. Here there are girls who are puzzled
just like you are. They are not reflections of you, but different

Let the dolls introduce themselves to each other before taking questions from the Players. They'll wake up confused. There's nothing here to rely upon, only the Memory Fragments that they do not understand very well. However, by beginning to know each other, talking and embracing each others emotions, they can create Fetters with each other when they are done introducing themselves. Let each player decide how they introduce themselves. Three points of Madness are added to every fetter and the story is about to begin.

When are you done talking in this room, you realize there is
nothing here. You may have made friends, but the concern about
having little memories remains. Outside, the mechanical sounds and
strange music continue on, occasionally interrupted by a human
voice. There is only one iron door in this room that separates
you from that noise.

There is no key on this door and a turn of the knob is all it takes to open it. The wall and ceiling of the room are thick concrete, there are no windows but there is a small ventilation duct that is too small for even young dolls to try and crawl through. If a Doll tries to examine the room in detail, they can make an Action Check from their Memory Fragments about the factory and the basement (+0 modifier to the Action Check). If successful, they realize this is the basement within a factory.

Similarly, a doll trying to examine sounds outside the room can be also be judged with an Action Check using an auditory organ or a Memory Fragment relating to music (Modifier +0 ) if it succeeds it seems that it seems to be a military song and that the man's shouting voice echoes occasionally. If you leave the room, there is an ornamental corridor of concrete, revealing the sound that seems to be heavy echoing large machines working away.

Let's briefly explain the rule of Conversation Checks to Players by leaving the room. If there was a doll who had already played role-play worthy of conversation check at this point, you can give appropriate modifications for that direction and recommend Necromancer to make a Conversation Check. Necromancer should emphasize that there are limited Madness points that can be reduced within the party and that it is done voluntarily and declared and that opportunity should not be wasted. After that, until the start of the battle part, Necromancer should proceed without making a Conversation Check unless Player declares from Player unless Player seems to forget they need to declare that they're making Conversation Checks. Whether or not something is Conversation Check worthy, is up to the discretion of the NC.

Corridor and Broadcasting[edit]

In the corridor, they can only head towards the sound. There are several doors on the way, but there is not much difference in any room from the room the doll awakens. As they go through the corridor, the sound is loud and the songs and voices become clearer. Apparently the song seems to be a military song and the voice is words of encouragement that yells out.

"Stabilize your centre! Do not break your focus!"
"Work is sweet, What are you doing?! Do not rest!"
"Do not rest until you win!"
"Do not attack! Continue with your work!

Let's make an Action Check for all the dolls from Necromancer here. You can also use auditory organs such as "Memory Fragment" or "Animal Ears" for music for Action Check. (Modifier +0 ) If the Check is successful, the dolls can realize that the voices and the music are all being broadcast from a recording of sorts.

At the end of the corridor there is a large metal door. Broadcasts and machine sounds are coming from behind this door. The door is not heavy but there is no key. A doll's muscle strength should be able to force open the door without difficulty. Before that, however, there are obviously different doors than before. It is a "A damaged door with a plate stamped with 'Factory Manager'. The damage is to much that the door is likely to come off the hinges if you press it against it. There are a number of black stains on the floor around the door. The door is forcibly pushed open and the twisted metal fittings are scattered on the floor. The door itself is broken from the inside out, as if something came out of the room. If the dolls invesigate furthermore you can have them roll an Action Check +0. If they have Memory fragments or 'Bloodbath' relating to blood, they may use it. If they succeed, they can see that this black stain is a blood stain, that the door was pushed open from the inside with tremendous power.

If they inspect the inside of the door that was destroyed, go to the section of "Factory Manager's room." if they do not investigate, if they open the large door at the end, please proceed to the "Factory" section.

Factory Manager's Room[edit]

Just by shifting the door, the dolls can easily enter the room, but may be wary of it, but there is no indication here that there are no traps or enemies. In the room there is an office desk, a sofa and a reception desk with a carpet on the floor. The walls were thick and the door completely blocked the factory noise. In the past this place was supposed to be a luFurious room wrapped in furniture, but now the room is covered with dust and the carpet has a lot of crusty black dirt. Even the wallpaper gets dirty and also the painting hung is grubby. There is a thick daily journal on the desk that is soiled. Several pistols are on the floor.

If they are successful in the Action Check in front of the door, they will find all black stains as bloodstains. If they did not notice before entering the room, let them do an Action Check again as they did the with the door. However, if they notice the blood in this room before noticing it at the door, the doll must make a Madness Check. They've unwittingly walked into what they thought was a dirty room but was actually a bloodbath.

On the floor guns are of a small caliber that cannot damage undead, but bullets are included. Even if they shoot at dolls, no damage is given. Even if the dolls use it for hostile undead or mutant, you will not do damage. Please emphasize this point to the dolls by NC. If you read the diary on the office desk, you need an Action Check to remember difficult Characters and words (Modifier+0 ) If they have a Book treasure and dolls with memory about knowledge and school can make the Action Checks by using them.

Contents of the journal are clerical written contents such as "Winning against war" in the first half "We are developing progressing weapons smoothly.". It seems that it was a huge undead weapon named "Goliath" that was developed at this factory. In the diary, when it is noted that the nuclear war has started, it will lead to the last page. The Contents of the last page are as follows.

A full nuclear war has occurred. Man's foolishness is difficult.
However, if we try to burn all the nuclear weapons and we have a
superior army we can grab our victory. From now on, we will spray
cyanide gas inside our factory and simultaneously do undead
processing with nanomachines. "Goliath is mass produced it will
continue to be. All of our management positions will self-judge
from this ahead of victory. Nanomachines will soon resurrect us. A
million years of victory for the motherland!

Dolls who read this diary to the end take a Madness Check. When telling the contents to other dolls, the same is true for them. You can earn "Final War 00" as a memory fragment.

If you examine the desk, you can find a photograph in the drawer (NC can decide this picture arbitrarily. You can decide this content the doll that saw the picture first. The content of the photograph is based on the obtained "Memory Fragments" It can be decided at random by rolling on the "Memory Fragment Table", but Necromancer decides in advance if there is a pledge about future development. It is a good idea to have this picture taken only for the doll who got a memorable piece.)

There are no factory chiefs or manager bodies to be found anywhere. If you examine the room to every corner, you will find missing teeth and fingers. That's all there is to know about this room. There are many other office supplies and documents, but there is nothing like changing the situation even if it takes time to investigate.


If you open the heavy metal door, it is a dark factory covered with high ceilings. There is a speaker there with shouting and commanding voices flowing out (with faintly muted sound). The sounds of countless work machines are also heard. At this point, Karma "Reaching source of mechanical sound" is completed.

This is the undead weapons manufacturing factory. Numerous people are working and assembling something huge.

The working people look terrible, their bodies are rotting, most of their hair has fallen offand work clothes worn out...Zombies. They are working on what looks like a giant human that is obviously being assembled. Height six meters is a corpse giant, 'Goliath'.

This sight is obscure for the dolls who just woke up so they will need to make a Madness Check. However, please be sure to give +2 adjustment to the dolls who read the diary in 'Factory Director's room' as those who did so are now forewarned of what could lie ahead. Also, regardless of the judgment result so far, the dolls can understand that the music heard and the shouting voice are repeatedly broadcasting those who were recorded in the past. Still, if there are dolls that have not reduced their Madness by the number of Memory Fragments, give them a chance to react to and discuss what they see before them to make some Conversation Checks. Once they have settled down...

When the dolls peep at the factory and look at the 'dead body giant' - 'Goliath' assembled, the sudden alarm sirens will ring. The origin of the sound is close to the dolls...

It is a monster's weird undead guardian dog. Even if the dolls try to keep watch, they are already late and security guard zombies will have appeared. In addition, only one body (2 for 4 dolls) 'Goliath' which has been completed tears out of it's restraints and started attacking! The adventure part is over and the battle part is started.

Battle Phase[edit]

   Karma: There is no Karma for this battle.
   Victory Condition: Destroy all of the NC's pawns upon the stage. Attacking is the top priority, so it is essentially to completely demolish all enemies.
# of PCs
Area 2 PC 3 PC 4 PC
Limbo Hound x1; Zombie x10 Hound x3; Zombie x15 Hound x2; Zombie x20
Hades Soldier x5 Soldier x15 Soldier x10
Tartarus Goliath x1 Goliath x1 Goliath x2

Necromancer Tactics[edit]

These creations are weapons that were made far away and left untouched, and they do not have what they call their judgement. So you can not target a weak doll attacks will be randomly given to the doll within range.

Let's move Goliath to Limbo with [long legs] immediately when battle begins. And please use [Long Arm] to attack the dolls in Eden. If there is no doll in Eden or Elysium, stop moving in Hades and attack Limbo

Bascially, do not move zombies, you can concentrate their attacks on Limbo. Let Hound move around the stage and attack dolls in different areas. Soldiers should stay in Hades and [Shoot] should be used but you may advance to Limbo to pressure the dolls. (Beware Area attacks in that case)

If all the pawns have been destroyed, battle is over. Reinforcements such as security undead do not appear. What has appeared now is the total strength that guards this factory. Please reduce the number of madness points for each doll by the number of Treasure from their Fetters. Also, do not forget to do so if a doll is in a state of madness. If they are over, start the end phase.

End Phase[edit]


If PCs win the battle, here are the parts that will be obtained. Please note that the parts rewarded will vary depending on the number of Pcs.

Number of PCs Basic Parts Reinforcement Parts
2 5 3
3 7 4
4 10 5

The Remaining Dead[edit]

The undead that was involved in the battle wasn't everything. Many labor zombies are still working in the factory and unfinished Goliaths are still in the factory floor. They ignore the battle completely and will continue working even if they are hit by stray bullets. After the battle, the dolls may destroy these zombies and incomplete Goliaths.

However, if they do this the dolls seem to be slaughtering nonresistent opponents. This will cause a Madness Check (Even one executor is enough to trigger this) Regardless of the result of the Madness Check, the dolls can gain 4 additional Basic Parts for repair. After battle, they will not fight at the factory anymore. They will see other undead and working machines that continue to work, but they will not attack the dolls. Even if they explore the factory, there are no more clues to be found.


Outside of this factory is the wilderness. As they climb up the rocky mountain, they can see this wilderness field is built, artificial. The sky is cloudy and the lead clouds and cloudy mist are making the prospect worse. Earth does not have a sense of life even if it is moist. Little plant life grows. Because the distant sky is dyed a little red, you will see that it is sunset now. It is a scene outside for the first time the dolls have woken up.

Favor Gain[edit]

The basic favor gain is the numerical value (rounded down) obtained by dividing the total Threat Point by the participating PC number. Furthemore, regarding the following two karma please check.

  1. "Gain Treasure"
  2. "Reach the source of the music"

After achieving these, the doll can obtain 2 favor points for every karma you achieved. This session is over if you recived a favor point.


If you use this scenario repeatedly after becoming familiar with Nechronica or other Players, you may try arranging a little content. For dolls who have made enough tactics, you can create an enemy that has strengthened threat a little more, and you need to change the installation as well. Maybe the dolls met this factory on their journey, and something else might happen. Especially, it would be nice to increase Memory Fragments and Treasure. As an example of making the story deeper and increase the size such as Madness Checks, one of the dolls or everyone can be considered. At that time, the doll will get "Fake Memory" about father and "brother". If you start the campaign with this scenario as a clue, we will arrange the Necromancer clues in the plant manager's room and the battle factory. Why do dolls wake up here? Just a little hint on that, the depth of the session should increase.

Enemy Data[edit]

Goliath Threat Level: 12
Max AP 10 Timing/Cost/Range Effect
Parts Monster Hand [Action/3/0] Unarmed Attack 3.
Bone [Action/3/Self] Move 1.
Hardness [Action/4/Self] Move 1.
Sensory Control Mask [Check/1/Self] Support 2.
Spike [Damage/1/Self] Use this Maneuver only when you deal damage. Add +2 to the damage for an Unarmed Attack.
Reinforced Muscle [Damage/0/Self] Defend 2.
Bulk [Auto/None/Self] During the Battle Phase, you may ignore all Movement and Stagger effects.
Long Arm [Auto/None/Self] Increase the Range of your Unarmed and Melee Attacks by +1.
Long Legs [Auto/None/Self] Increase the Range of your Movement Maneuvers by +1.
Namiso [Auto/0/Self] Maximum Action Points +2.
Adrenaline [Auto/None/Self] Maximum Action Points +1.
Reflexes [Auto/None/Self] Maximum Action Points +1.
Entrails [Auto/0/Self] None.
Entrails [Auto/0/Self] None.
Entrails [Auto/0/Self] None.