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Creation of the Doll[edit]

Mankind has perished.

Destroyed by the world of the dead. Now they are manipulated by them.

The corpse masters. "The Necromancer".

The controlled corpses are "Undead".

Then there is a special case of those who retain their Soul and Memories amongst the Undead. These are the "Dolls".

The poor girls who wake up in a world of destruction are literally just puppets of the Necromancer.

In this doomed world, the Necromancer is alone and bored. Loneliness can make the mind twist, sick and crazy. In order to soothe a heart of madness, the Doll was born.

However, a Doll that faces the world alone will soon be broken. The memories and feelings of life will also cause their mind to collapse.

So the Necromancer sealed some of the memory of the Doll and gave it away.

Multiple Dolls wake up in the same place and at the same time.

They become "Sisters" and explore the world together and inspire each other.

This is the entertainment of the Necromancer.

Spying on the Dolls. Active. Hopeful. Desperate. Secretly watching their struggles.

Body of the Doll[edit]

The body of the living dead is not a living thing.

The body that has already died cannot by stopped, no matter what kind of injury. There is no fatigue or pain. No need to sleep or eat. Even breathing is unnecessary. For such a being, even wanting to get ill and weak is a mere fantasy.

No matter what darkness or chaos assaults the body, as long as the mind endures, the Doll can survive.

In order to strengthen their fighting power, many Dolls have been grafted with strange organs and even parts of their body are now mechanical. The body is empowered with combat skills that the Doll never knew they had.

The Doll's body is a corpse and unexpectedly easy to repair. No matter what the trauma, it can be easily fixed.

The body of the Doll can move forever without letting the mind break.


Spirit of the Doll[edit]

Unlike ordinary undead, the Doll has the existence of the soul.

Real will and faint memories.

Although the memory is scattered, the moment of death may still be remembered. As for other things such as whether your name is truly your own, it is impossible to determine.

Survival knowledge, fighting skills, words and words... only such things are left unreserved. Or it is better to understand after being 'rewritten'.

The Dolls will be given the knowledge of the basic limits of the technology known as Necromancy, the self consciousness of being undead, the existence of awakening oneself and that humanity is probably extinct.

There is still no cause, and when you open your eyes, you will fall into madness and memories.

Terrible memories of death.

The cruel conscious of being undead.

The body does not need to sleep and eat.

But the heart still craves for it.

Trick yourself that you are still alive.

Even if sleep is only a waste of time like meditation.

Even if eating is just the pleasure of taste.

The Dolls still try hard to behave like people.

In the heart of the Doll, there is a sealed small box of the Necromancer.

This box will gradually open as the Dolls endure the malice of the broken world. The leaked memories from within are not always happy, nor are they always a fragment of their own. Even so, the Dolls will continue to pursue them.

The truth will be revealed step by step, no matter if you hope or despair, all will be revealed before the Doll in time.

The Purpose of the Doll[edit]

To regain those lost memories.

This is what the awakened Dolls crave.

Even with it is the collapse of the mind.

They still have to face the dark past with despair.

Even if you directly oppose the Necromancer, you still must do it.

Maybe it's easy to let the madness take control. Maybe it's easy?

Still, do not think about it. Perhaps that would make you happy?

If you never meet each other, surely that could be better?

But if you think this way, you will not move forward. This kind of uneasy memory, even if you are nothing, stops you from holding back. The kind of Doll who does suffers no longer a purely physical death as even their spirit will eventually fall into madness. In the end, they will become servants of the Necromancer and lose their will.

Then most importantly, the Necromancer will never be satisfied, and the Dolls will find new goal and embark on a new journey. They will use whatever means they can to destroy the hopes of the Dolls and look forward to the tragedy that is better than this nothingness!

The Ending of the Dolls[edit]

There are many Dolls that are swallowed by madness an ultimately broken.

There are also some cases where the body is destroyed by the malice of the land and disappears.

But there are still some, a rare few who successfully restore those long lost hopes.

Retrieve their lost memories and move forward as a human being.

Meet the humans who should be extinct, join and protect them for the rest of their lives.

Dolls that had lost everything, build new bonds with their sisters and companions.

Instead of the Necromancers, they are free to rule themselves.

The road to the future extends in all directions.

In this ever changing world of the day after tomorrow, the Dolls that get the story that truly belongs to them are no longer talked about.

In the ruined world, understand your own story, without any bias, step by step, day by day.

In this way, even if the hope of the Dolls is reached.

No despair. No madness.

Be firm and strong and keep yourself.

As a human with a heart, write your own story in the long, long sequel.