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About Necromancy[edit]

The technology that makes the dead move again. The existence of Necromancy.

This is the art of the Necromancer.

Necromancy is a highly scientific process, but if you remember the material and sequences, one may clumsily replicate it.

At the same time, there are many other different technologies which are combined with Necromancy to develop a wide array of possible applications. As long is it is Necromancy, anyone can make such a minimum level of undead, such as zombies or soldiers. Basic technology and engineering of the science have been established.

This also means that Necromancy has different appearances and the strength of the technology held depends directly on individual differences. No matter the appearance or the nature, Necromancy still remains Necromancy.

The Face of the Necromancer[edit]

As long as you have Necromantic technology, you can be a Necromancer. Even though the Dolls may know the existence of the Necromancer, they do not necessarily know the true identity of the Necromancer. Even if this necromancer is placed right in front of the Dolls, it may not be noticed at all.

Here are some examples of Necromancer:

  • A human who survived in a shelter during the apocalypse.
  • Scholars and scientists who continue their experiments.
  • Undead who have learned, or been installed with the power of Necromancy.
  • Artificial Intelligences who once managed mortal affairs.
  • Mechanical Robots that served as terrifying weapons.
  • Nanomachines that can think and use Necromancy.

Whatever the above, it exists in the world after the end.

As long as it exists, it can be called a Necromancer.

When the Dolls arrive in the ruined world, they will be followed...the creator like Necromancer is an enemy itself!

At that time, their combat ability will vary greatly depending on their identity and background. With their power, it's not unusual for a Necromancer to have overwhelming advantages. There may be a way to defeat it without fighting!

Spirit of the Necromancer[edit]

If the Necromancer does not have a personality, then the act of creating undead can be regarded as unconscious will, something done out of instinct or programming.

The Dolls created from this can be said to be accidental creations and have nothing to do with the will of the Necromancer.

However, there are more Necromancers who have self-awareness and intentionally create Dolls.

Among the ruined world, these omnipotent Necromancers are mostly lonely and arrogant. Basically, they do not recognize the existence of other Necromancers. They also rarely leave their own territory, for the "outside" is something they often do not want to know more about.

Even if they notice the existence of other Necromancers, many of them turn a blind eye as if they are not there. Neither contact nor competition. The only thing they believe in is their own works, the undead they have created. With a strong sense of vigilance, things that may be critical to their own safety are like an overreaction.

The Necromancer who is eager to communicate begins to give a sense of self to the undead.

The ones that were first created are called Savants, followers of the Necromancer. They usually treat the Necromancer as a god and the Savant usually has no will to choose freely.

However, the moment will come that the Necromancer will get bored with this. The Doll is created after that. They have a sense of self, but have no knowledge of the Necromancer. It is an undead who is confused about the world. The Necromancer monitors the actions of the Dolls through an array of means. Playing with the Doll in the dark, occasionally enjoying their hatred and fear.

In fact, the Doll itself is created by the Necromancer's own stubbornness and madness. So the Dolls that have been created are probably infested with chaotic desires and twisted love. It is these Dolls that the Necromancer will throw all sorts of entertaining obstacles and dangers at. Sometimes the Dolls are destroyed by even the smallest things and efforts cast at them by a twisted Necromancer.

As the days pass into nights, the Necromancer slips deeper into madness. Even those who have preserved their minds will be eroded by the lonely and sick world.

Undead who used to be Savants in the past may also becomes Dolls, due to changes affecting the Necromancer.