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There are some Dolls that are never able to get used to fighting. Though their lives have been ones of unending battle for countless days, countless years, the memory of tranquil times remains in their hearts. It is for this reason that they remain human even now.

Alice’s Frame of Mind[edit]

Your faintly remaining memories point to a completely different self and a different world.

Every day is a battle. Every day is fear.

However, you mustn’t let the battles and fear into your heart. That is the most terrifying thing. Even if your sisters call you a hindrance, you have to be a lovely trembling girl. Even if you have the power to fight, you were not born to fight. If you let yourself be distorted by despair, isn’t there no meaning in you being you?

Even if you are no help in fights, you are an important key to saving your sisters. You mustn’t be consumed by conflict and fear. You shall continue striving for the everyday you sisters are meant to return to.


Angel of Eden
Timing: Rapid Cost: 2 Range: Self
Regardless of your current place on the Battle Map, you are instantly transported to Eden. This is not considered to be Movement.
You are the inhabitants of paradise, the place where you are is the paradise.
Timing: Auto Cost: None Range: See Effect
Other Sisters' Conversation Checks toward you all gain +1 to their rolls.
A girl's smile is a glow in the dark. You have the power to shatter the mind filled with madness.
Timing: Rapid Cost: 0 Range: 0
Make a Conversation Check with one of your sisters.
Your slight words and gestures are not those of a killing machine. Will they be a refreshing agent for a rough heart?
Timing: Damage Cost: 0 Range: 0~1
This Skill can only be used when you take damage. Your target sister receives -1 to the Cost of their next Action (minimum 0.)
When sisters are injured, they cannot stay fair. They know that you are to be protected.
Undefeatable Heart
Timing: Auto Cost: None Range: Self
When you make a Conversation Check, you may add +1 to the die roll.
What you have is a strong heart, no desire to lose to despair, as long as you can believe it, hope will not disappear.

Dance of Distortion Skills[edit]