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A non-combatant doll.
A devoted girl.
A waning constitution.
A heart of kindness.
Her forte is self-sacrifice.
The ability to completely remove her own flesh and bones is possible for such a small girl, which can become the most powerful thing.


Sisters cooperate with each other.

But therin lies a specially weak comrade whose body quickly diminishes.

Without the ability to save oneself, you can't support your sister's bodies or minds.

But that becomes your strongest point.

Fundamentally this comrade is terrible at fighting.

Sisters probably are reluctant to support them too.

It's also important to pay attention to their body when they're damaged.

However, you don't possess a strong body, but you can't forget that there are weak girls.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement Electrode
0 1 0 1

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Patronaged Check 0 0~1
Effect You cannot target yourself. Support 1. When you finish a calculation where your Part is damaged, you may regain the use of this maneuver.


Name Timing Cost Range
Abused Rapid 0 0~1
Effect When the target within range uses an attack maneuver, if you are within that maneuver's range, you may change the target of that maneuver to yourself. Usable any number of times per Round.
Name Timing Cost Range
Anxious Damage 1 Self
Effect You may reuse all Timing: Check maneuvers other than those with Range: Self.
Name Timing Cost Range
Dedication Auto None See Below
Effect If you succeeded on a conversation check, you may change the result to a failure. If you changed the result, the target of the conversation may remove one Madness Point from their Fetter towards you.
Name Timing Cost Range
Encouragement Rapid 1 0~1
Effect Only usable when another target Sister uses an attack maneuver. That Sister makes a conversation check with you. Usable any number of times per Round.
Name Timing Cost Range
First Aid Action 2 0
Effect You choose up to 3 Basic Parts and break them. Up to the number of Basic Parts broken, a target Sister recovers any Basic Parts.
Name Timing Cost Range
Paranoid Check 1 0
Effect You may not target yourself. Support 1. You may increase this Support value by the number of your Fetters in madness.
Name Timing Cost Range
Spinal Reflex Auto None Self
Effect At the end of the Count, you regain the uses of all Timing: Damage maneuvers that "may only be used when you take damage".