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Though you have a heart, you have suppressed it. In battle, you are no more than the gear of a machine. Dolls are Dolls, after all. It is only proper that dead corpses should have dead hearts. Those things you could not protect while you still lived, you protect now.

Automaton's Frame of Mind[edit]

It hurts, it’s cruel, it’s hard, it’s sad, even wishes have ended within you and the world.

Salvation is: Acceptance.

You killed the self you gained and now accept the world and your sisters as they are. You give up yourself and bury many things. If you don’t want, don’t love, don’t turn around, nothing should be painful. Because as long as you devote yourself to the function your sisters want, you will have place to be.

However, you can’t kill it all. Sometimes your irrepressible heart will overflow and make you suffer. The only ones who worry about you in those times are your sisters. Even more reason for you to devote yourself to being the shield protecting them. So that they shall not become like you. So that your own heart doesn’t die off in the end.


Timing: Auto Cost: See Effect Range: 0~1
Once per Round, when one of your Sisters declares an Action Maneuver, if you both agree, the cost of the declared Maneuver can be reduced to 0 in exchange for reducing your Action value by 1.
If you do not mistake the timing, a small amount of help will have a great effect. You are not fighting alone.
Heart of Ice
Timing: Auto Cost: None Range: Self
You gain +1 to the die roll on Madness Checks.
Calm down. Be cool. Believe in yourself. Believe in a friend. Do not doubt. Do not be afraid.
I am a Doll
Timing: Auto Cost: None Range: Self
During the Battle Phase, only for one Round, ignore all effects of the states of Madness.
That body is a Doll. Your heart is a Doll. The Doll does not feel pain. Your heart...
Prisoner in Limbo
Timing: Auto Cost: None Range: Self
If you are in "Limbo" at the end of the Round during the Battle Phase, even if your AP has reached a negative value, you may ignore that and recover to your Maximum AP at the start of the next Round.
Limbo is right for you. Because enemies can understand you more than allies. Limbo is where the doll belongs. Drawn to Hades, long for Eden even if it is torn apart.
Timing: Auto Cost: See Effect Range: Self
As the Cost of this Skill, damage one of your own Basic Parts of your choice.
You may reroll the die for an Action Check, Attack Check, or Dismemberment Check.
The results earned by abusing your body. You are already dead, so you can do it.

Dance of Distortion Skills[edit]

Foes are Foes - Dance of Distortion
Timing: Auto Cost: None Range: Self
If a Spirit Attack is made against you, the Attack Check must have a result of 7 or higher to hit.
I will have compassion later. I will someday apologize. But for now, everyone will be broken.
Tears of Blood- Dance of Distortion
Timing: Auto Cost: See Effect Range: Self
When you are hit by a Spirit Attack, you may ignore the Madness Points incurred.

For each Madness Point ignored, one of your Basic Parts of your choice is damaged.

If you have no Basic Parts remaining, this Skill is no longer effective.
All right, nothing is painful. I will not bother anything. No matter how much of me breaks in the fight.