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Deformed Dolls.
Manufactured mutants.
Shaped to another's whim.
Woven from twisted flesh.
The specialty of this Class is mutation. They are chimeras created from a multitude of corpses. Their incomprehensible bodies possess incomprehensible abilities. There are many whom are particularly swift.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement
0 2 0

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Mutated Being Auto None Self
Effect During the Battle Phase, when you are hit with an Attack that did not roll a Critical Success, you may choose which Location it hits (unless you have lost all Parts from that Location.)
Description That body no longer has the shape of a person. Therefore we will not accept attacks against people.


Name Timing Cost Range
Crystallization - Dance of Distortion Damage 1 Self
Effect You may ignore any "Dismember", "Explosive", and "Move" properties associated with an attack you've been hit by.

This Maneuver can be used any number of times per Round.

Description Unusual body fluid flowing in a heteromorphic body. If it touches the outside air it will crystallize and harden. It will be cut and it will absorb the explosion. Indeed the body of a monster, but it is a useful body
Name Timing Cost Range
Extreme Mutation See Below None Self
Effect When you learn this skill, you may acquire an additional Tier 3 Mutation.

This is not limited by your Reinforcement Points, and you may regenerate it as normal.

Description The irregular curse that you have been put in is beyond the limits of the body. It is a miracle that you keep your mind.
Name Timing Cost Range
Instrument of Evil - Dance of Distortion Auto None Self
Effect When you declare an Attack Maneuver, you may declare the use of this Skill to increase the damage by 1.
However, the "Dismember", "Explosive", "Chain Attack" and "Area Attack" properties are all lost.
Description Imitate and reinforce your body with the original weapon attack organs and express it as a more violent weapon. The power of destruction would have increased, but its awkwardness is not an essential ratio.
Name Timing Cost Range
Karmic Corpse Auto None Self
Effect At the end of the Battle Phase, you may regenerate two Parts of your choice.
Description It was cut off repeatedly, shot, destroyed and destroyed. It is engraved and I wonder what has been done since it broke down a little bit now
Name Timing Cost Range
Mad Demon Auto None Self
Effect When you make an Attack Check for an Unarmed Attack Maneuver, you may add +1 to the die roll.
Description Your body is dominated by its own combat instinct, the world fighting is dyed in crimson, fighting with nails, tearing with fangs.
Name Timing Cost Range
Regeneration Damage 1 Self
Effect Defend 1. You may use this Skill any number of times per Round, but only once per Attack.
Description Your body will return to its original state by itself. Any attack will only slow the movement.
Name Timing Cost Range
Super Strength Auto None Self
Effect Your Unarmed and Melee Attacks deal +1 damage.
Description The muscular strength of the deceased which is unlikely to be human, it is further enhanced and raised. A monster put in a narrow arm is always waiting for the time of liberation.