Character Creation Example

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Creating a character for Nechronica is a fairly simple process. Nechronica is a game intended for single session games or relatively short ones. It is also quite easy for a party to get wiped out or a character lost. As such, once you get the hang of it, it can be done quite quickly.

Most of the steps in character creation can be done in any order, save that you have to pick a class and sub-class before you can pick reinforcement parts, as class choices are what determine the parts a doll starts with. For the purposes of this example, the mechanical aspects, such as class and parts, will be done first. For this example, we'll be making a character who focuses primarily on Melee attacks.

Nechronica is a game where thematics and mechanics tend to co-mingle, one of the most noticeable examples of this is the position of a doll. Reading the descriptions for each one, it's easy to see how position, at least in some way, determines the doll's personality. Whether you choose the position for mechanical reasons or thematic ones is a personal choice. Though two things to keep in mind about this are that there's more than one way to play a position, and that it's usually a good idea to make sure there's at least some variety in position in the party. The character we'll be making in this example will be a Junk.

As a result of picking the Junk Position, she can pick one skill from this position's skill list. For this, the character will take Follow, a skill that allows her to move when an ally moves from the same zone she's in.

Next are the two most important decisions for determining a character's role, the class and sub-class. Class and sub-classes are virtually identical, save that the main class gives two skills and the sub-class only gives one skill. If a character possesses the same choice for class and sub-class, they may take the class's special skill. If you do not plan to get the special skill, it is best to take a different sub-class in games you expect to last longer as the sub-class will give you easy access to a greater variety of skills. For this character, since we're making a Melee Attack focused character, we'll be choosing Thanatos.

This means we can pick two skills from Thanatos. This character will have God of Death, which grants a +1 to Melee Attack Checks and Drama of Death, a skill that adds a +1 to attack checks and to the attack's damage if you target the same enemy as a sister on the same count.

She's not getting the Thanatos special skill, so we're free to choose a different sub-class. Her sub-class will be Stacy, and she will get the skill Meatshield, which negates all additional properties of an attack targeting someone in range.

Next is reinforcement parts, unlike class or position, you do not choose these freely. There are 3 categories and 3 tiers within each category. Grabbing a T1 part allows you to get a single T2 part, which in turn, lets you get a T3 part. When you get a T3 part, you have to start back down at the bottom and have to grab another T1 part and continue the cycle anew. How many you start with in each category is determined by your classes. If you check Thanatos, you see it gives 1 armament and 1 Enhancement. Stacy grants 1 Armament and 1 Mutation. Together, this adds up to 2 Armaments, 1 Enhancement, and 1 Mutation. Each character also gets 1 additional reinforcement part of a category of their choice. For this character, she will be getting another Armament, bringing that total up to 3. This means she will have an Armament from each tier, and a tier one mutation and enhancement. The parts picked at this step are as follows.

  • Armament 1: Kung-fu
  • Armament 2: Barbed Wire
  • Armament 3: Superior Katana
  • Mutation 1: Tail
  • Enhancement 1: Adrenaline

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