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Bestial Dolls.
Corpse Carriers.
Undead workhorses.
Burden-bearing beasts.
The specialty of this Class is transportation. Though some find it degrading, their bodies are uniquely tailored to the task of carrying allies into battle. Others may mistake them for animals, but still they struggle onward, always ready to pull their weight and that of their Sisters.
You cannot pick skills from this class unless you have taken it as a class or sub-class.

When you pick this class add "Rider Mount" part to your doll, taking the place of a basic part. Rider Mount also adopts the function of the replaced basic part.

Rider Mount
Timing: Action Cost: 2 Range: 0
This can only be used on your sisters. They count as riding on you. When you use a move manuever, they are moved along with you. This effect ends when they are affected by a move maneuver from someone else, this part is destroyed, or you declare this part again. It can also be ended by declaring a 0 AP action by either you or your sister.
A degrading mean to carry your sister. Despite the shame, it is what makes you valuable to them.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement
0 1 1

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Work as One Auto None Self
Effect When a sister is riding you, any Check, Damage, or Rapid timing maneuver that has Range: Self that either of you possess can be used on the other as if it was range 0.
Description Wholly dedicated to those on top of you, your body is theirs to use.


Name Timing Cost Range
Stable Platform Auto None Self
Effect When a sister is riding you, they receive a +1 to their attack checks.
Description Steadiness is how you keep your worth. Failure must not be on your movement.
Name Timing Cost Range
Trample Auto None Self
Effect When you declare a move maneuver, you may make an Unarmed attack 1 at a target in the destination zone.
Description Embrace your nature as a beast and crush lesser creatures underfoot.
Name Timing Cost Range
Ejector Seat Rapid 1 0
Effect This can only be used on a sister riding you. Move 1-2. They are no longer riding you when you declare this maneuver.
Description You have been changed to protect your rider. It does nothing to help you but allows those more deserving to escape danger.
Name Timing Cost Range
Mounted Weapons Auto None Self
Effect When a sister is riding you, she may use your Shooting, Melee, and Blast attack parts as if they were hers.
Description Give your arms unto those you already give your back and legs. Surely they can make better use of it.
Name Timing Cost Range
Extra Large Auto None Self
Effect When you declare Rider's mount, you may select up to two sisters as the target.

Additionally, any skill you use that deals damage deals +1 damage.

Description Ignore any shame. Your size means that you can serve more of your sisters at once.
Name Timing Cost Range
Horse Armor Damage 0 Self
Effect Defend 2
Description Armor befitting your status. Regardless of your esteem, it preserves the body well.
Name Timing Cost Range
Cavalry Charge Auto None Self
Effect Once per round, you may declare one of your move maneuvers to be immune to hinder moves.
Description Be like the charging beast, your speed and size makes denial impossible.