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Strength does not arise only when wielding a weapon. To think and to know are also strengths. Within this ruined world, it is not a strength easily understood... but you cultivate it nonetheless. Things could be no other way.

Court's Frame of Mind[edit]

One must not be at the mercy of one’s emotions. Calm decisions and analyses are always important.

You are neither unfeeling nor cold-hearted. However, you know how foolish it is to let one be controlled by one’s emotions. Fear and despair, hatred and sadness all just disturb proper reasoning. Showing tears and smiles only when you can afford to is enough.

That is why you regulate yourself. Not burying, but regulating. To create a time to cry, and to create a time to laugh afterwards. Not to discard your heart, but to protect it you concentrate all your strength.


Timing: Check Cost: 0 Range: 0~2
Support 1 or Hinder 1.
Small words and signs will still negate large damage. It will be a small but big chance.
Timing: Rapid Cost: 0 Range: 0~3
Target "Rapid", "Damage", or "Check" Maneuver. Cancel the effects of one.
It is important to know about the enemy that appeared. It also helps tactics to instantly see the enemy's war potential and offensive power.
Timing: Auto Cost: None Range: Self
You can gain +1 to the die roll on Action Checks.
Calm behavior, there are things that make things move a lot. Your calm view should be an important starting point.
Timing: Action Cost: 1 Range: 0~1
The Cost of the target's next Action decreases by 1 (minimum 0.)
By knowing the movements of enemies and ally in advance, you can act with the minimum necessary movement.
Timing: Auto Cost: None Range: See Effect
At the beginning of the Battle Phase, you may observe the arrangement of enemies and move a Doll of your choice to any Area other than Tartarus.
Strategy based on position and traction. Promising everyone victory be driving a flexible team.

Dance of Distortion Skills[edit]

Restraint - Dance of Distortion
Timing: Auto Cost: See Effect Range: Self
When you fail (or critically fail) a Madness Check, you may change the result to a Success.
As the cost of this Skill, damage one of your Basic Parts of your choice.
Loss of, distortion of mind. Let's cheat. With loss of body and distortion of the body. Pain is proof of sanity...even such a distorted philosophy is useful for regulating you now.
Scapegoat - Dance of Distortion
Timing: Auto Cost: See Below Range: Self
When one of your Sisters fails (or critically fails) a Madness Check, you may change the result to a Success.
As the cost of this Skill, add a Madness Point to one of your Fetters of your choice.
You are sensitive to look at the world. Not only in battle, but in human relationships. I know what I should do. Brutally. Firmly.