Doll Creation

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Those girls that wander this fallen world are known as Dolls.

The various players will each create one Doll, who will act as their proxies in game play and in conversation.

This is an explanation of the method of creating a Doll.

By completing each step of the procedure in order, you will assemble the mind and body of your Doll.

Fragments of Memory[edit]

Though Dolls have lost most of their memories of their previous life, they have not lost them all. Just a few memories of their previous life remain. These meager scraps are thus known as "Fragments of Memory."

Dolls possess but two of these "Fragments of Memory" when they are newly awakened.

Please roll d10 twice and consult the "Fragments of Memory" table, using one result as the tens digit and the other as the ones. This number determines one of the memories your Doll possesses. If you are not pleased with the chosen Fragment of Memory, you are welcome to roll for another or pick one of your choice.

These are the foundation of your Doll. They are the patches that hold the heart of your Doll together.

Dolls' Memories[edit]

The Dolls know of the existence of the art of necromancy, and realize that they themselves are undead. They are also able to guess that the Necromancers animated them.


As game sessions take place, the Dolls will reacquire their lost memories. But they can carry only a vague suspicion of what these memories will reveal to them. These "Premonitions" serve as a guide towards their former lives.

Please select from the ten possibilities below, or roll a d10 to decide.

The Function of Premonitions[edit]

Premonitions do not result in any constraint or effect under the rules. However, you may suggest that the Necromancer take them into consideration when deciding upon the details of the Dolls' former lives.

Premonition Table[edit]

01 Catastrophe It's just as well you don't remember any more of that tragedy, malice, and betrayal. But, in order to understand what is happening right now, you have no choice but to...
02 Despair It's possible your life then was worse than your unlife is now. Yet you must remember, so that you can take measures to never return to days like those...
03 Trapped You suddenly remembered something, and it's as if it cast you into hell. What an unreasonable fate... yet if you grasp all of that unreason, perhaps you can prevail over it.
04 Doll It is not under your own volition that you walk, weep, or reason. So long as you do not know your own past, it shall not be your own will that directs you.
05 Sinner You wish to atone for a sin you have committed. It was a sin that can never be forgiven. But, unless you recover your memory, neither can you atone and move on.
06 Loss Long ago, you lost something. It remains lost even now. It wasn't your life or your memory... it was something even more important than those.
07 Seeker There is something you must have. Without it, there's no hope for you. How frustrating. Particularly that you can't remember what it was.
08 Inversion The 'you' here now isn't the same as the 'you' that existed then. You have to remember who you were in the past. Only then can you return to the way you were.
09 Hope You're sure you knew something incredible. A secret that could defeat the Necromancers and change the world. If somehow you were to regain that memory...
10 Happiness The warmth of the sun. The joy of being loved. All those moments of contentment. Even if it's only within your heart, you want that happiness back.


Dolls do not wander the world on their own; they have sisters with them. Amongst their fellow sisters, each of the Dolls fills a spiritual role- this is known as their Position.

From the six positions below, please select a Position appropriate for your Doll. You may base this upon your own personality. But please also discuss this with the other players and try to avoid overlap.

  • Alice: Akin to people, akin to girls, their warmth inspires their sisters.
  • Automaton: Combat Dolls who have suppressed their selves in order to avoid suffering.
  • Court: Tactical Dolls who analyze the situation calmly and make sound decisions.
  • Holic: Irregulars whose egotistical desires have driven them to madness.
  • Junk: Veteran Dolls who have given up countless things, yet refuse to let go of it all.
  • Sorority: Natural leaders who bring together their sisters' hearts and strength.


Dolls generally don't awaken just by themselves. Those Dolls that awaken in the same place and at the same time as them are their sisters. As a Doll left alone would not be able to keep her sanity for long, this is the greatest blessing the Necromancers have given them.

However, perhaps the true reason for it is merely to prolong the amusement that they bring.


Undead are created with a variety of types of armament.

In order that they may oppose the Undead, Dolls themselves are given reinforcements. The seven trends in the manner in which Dolls are reinforced are known as Classes.

Dolls must choose two classes; a Main Class which determines their combat style, and a Sub Class which strongly influences it. These can both be the same Class. If you choose two different Classes, please be sure to decide which one is the Main Class.

In addition, try to select a different Main Class from the other players to broaden the tactics used in a session.

  • Baroque: Bizarre girls whose bodies are twisted by mutatations.
  • Gothic: Predators who engage in the heresy of cannibalism.
  • Psychedelic: Girls with incomprehensible paranormal abilities.
  • Requiem: Gun-using Dolls who are dedicated to ranged combat.
  • Romanesque: Rotting princesses who dance with unparalleled grace.
  • Stacy: Dedicated and immortal, these girls are stout defenders.
  • Thanatos: Goddesses of the battlefield who excel at close combat.


Positions and Classes are not mere labels. The Dolls themselves can learn and acquire abilities that are not dependent on their body parts. These abilities are known as Skills.

Please select one Skill to learn from your Position, two from your Main Class, and one from your Sub Class. However, you may not learn the same skill twice.

For an explanation of what the Skills are, please consult the pages for each Position and Class.

Only Dolls which have chosen the same Class as their Main and Sub Classes may acquire that Class's "Special Skill." This Skill is the unique ability of Dolls who have specialized in that Class.

The Function of Skills[edit]

For a detailed explanation of Skills, please refer to the description of Maneuvers in the "Doll Parts" section. You are welcome to select Skills based upon the mental image they evoke.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Classes possess point values divided among "Armaments", "Mutations", and "Enhancements." These are Reinforcement Points, and determine which manner of special Parts can be used to reinforce a Doll's body. Explained below are the various categories of Reinforcement Points.

  • Armaments: Weapons, guns and other offensive equipment. Frequently attached to the arms.
  • Enhancements: Mechanical parts attached to the body, often made of metal or plastic.
  • Mutations: Special bodily organs. They warp one's appearance, but possess great power.

First, add up the Reinforcement Points from your Main Class and Sub Class. Then add a single point to a category of your choice.

You now know your Doll's Reinforcement Points. A newly created Doll should have a total of 5 Reinforcement Points.

Reinforcement Parts[edit]

After determining your Reinforcement Points, you may select Reinforcement Parts.

Parts refer to pieces of a Doll's body. Prior to this step of creation, Dolls have three parts in each of their Head, Arms, Torso and Legs - a total of 12. (You start with two [Entrails] and two [Bone].) These are their Basic Parts. Reinforcement Parts are special Parts that can be acquired in addition to these.

The maximum number of Reinforcement Parts that can be acquired is equal to a Doll's Reinforcement Points. Thus, a new character can acquire up to 5 of them (possibly 6~7 if they've chosen the appropriate Skills.)

In addition to the three categories of Reinforcement Parts, they are divided into three tiers. These tiers differ in the minimum of Reinforcement Points required to select a part from them.

Please consult the table below to understand what Reinforcement Points indicate.

Reinforcement Points Unlocked Parts
1 Tier 1
2 Tier 2 or below
3 Tier 3 or below
4 Tier 1
5 Tier 2 or below
6 Tier 3 or below
7 Tier 1
8 Tier 2 or below
9 Tier 3 or below

Dolls can acquire only the listed number of Parts from each tier that correspond to the number of Reinforcement Points they have.

To determine which Parts your Reinforcement Points permit you to acquire, please look at the Reinforcement Parts Table.

This table lists where additional Parts are located and a description of their function. If you wish, you do not need to copy the entire description to your character sheet. After you have chosen your Parts, please record each of them in the appropriate area of your character sheet. Parts with the location listed as "Any" may be attached to any area you wish.

You may not acquire two Reinforcement Parts with the same name.

However, you may acquire Reinforcement Parts of the same type from a lower tier (for example, instead of a Tier 3 Mutation, you may acquire a Tier 1 or Tier 2 Mutation.)

The Function of Reinforcement Parts[edit]

For a detailed explanation of Reinforcment Parts, please refer to the description of Maneuvers in the "Doll Parts" section. You are welcome to select Skills based upon the mental image they evoke.

Recommended Reinforcement Parts[edit]

It's advisable to start with at least 1 Reinforcement Part that is capable of performing an attack. Parts that modify your Maximum Action Points are also extremely valuable.


Though Dolls may be dead, they are still girls.

They each possess a single trinket as girls would. These are precious belongings where the Hearts of the Dolls are kept, and are known as Treasures.

Treasures are treated as a Part. Below is listed the Part data for a "Treasure."

Please look at the "Treasure Table" below and select your Treasure. If you are unsure, you may roll a d10 to choose.

Location Name Timing Cost Range
Any Treasure Name Auto None None
Effect Your Treasure. At the end of the Battle Phase, you may remove one Madness Point from a Fetter of your choice. If this Part is destroyed, immediately remove it from your Owned Parts.
A precious fragment of the past.

A keepsake of utmost cuteness.
So long as you keep it close, your heart is at ease.
But were it to be broken... your heart would break as well.

Treasure Table[edit]

01 Photograph A photograph taken when civilization still existed. A fragment of happiness cut short. Perhaps it's you from when you were alive...
02 Book An old, tattered and filthy book. A book you've read time and time again, until now, words you know not the meaning of are engraved into your memory.
03 Undead Pet You can't imagine why it was made, but you have a rare zombie such as a kitten, crow, or mouse. With it around, you'll never get bored.
04 Broken Part The object of your Fetter is a body part. It was part of you, long ago. Carrying around body parts that you can't use is a rather human habit, isn't it?
05 Mirror You have a small hand mirror. You've made use of it many times. You might not like the face reflected in it, but the reflection itself is precious to you.
06 Doll A rather cute-looking doll. Perhaps it's broken somehow, just like you are?
07 Stuffed Animal A cute stuffed animal. But you've had it for so long and carried it into so many fights, it's already...
08 Accessory A ring, necklace, or another accessory that sparkles prettily. But to you, it has value beyond its beauty...
09 Basket A basket in which you put debris you find amongst the wasteland. Just what is inside... is something only you know.
10 Cute Clothes Though your body may become horribly twisted, the cuteness of the clothes you wear is forever the same. As long as you wear them, your heart will stay the same as well.

Maximum Action Points[edit]

After you've chosen all of your parts, you can determine your Maximum Action Points.

Your Maximum Action Points corresponds to the number of actions you can take in combat, and whether it exceeds that of your enemies is a matter of grave importance.

The base Maximum Action Points is 6, but the Basic Parts "Brain" and "Eyeballs" add an additional 3 points, so every Doll initially has 9 Action Points.

If you have extra Parts or Skills that increase your Maximum Action Points, please include their effect when writing the number down.

Initial Deployment[edit]

The next step is to decide your Initial Deployment.

This is the area of the Battle Map in which your Doll is placed at the beginning of combat. Choose one of "Eden", "Elysium" or "Limbo."

If you have many short range attacks, "Limbo" is advisable, whereas if you specialize in attacks with a range of 1 or 2 "Elysium" is a wise choice, and if you have attacks with a range of 3 or greater "Eden" is best.

You can change your Initial Deployment between sessions. If you are displeased with your current Initial Deployment, talk to the Necromancer between sessions about changing it.

Name and Age[edit]

The final step is to decide your name and age. Dolls are all female for the most part, so it's not necessary to specify your gender.

Your name can be a nickname, a Japanese name, a foreign name, a number, or anything you like. Since you're all made from corpses, often from who knows where, it doesn't have to make sense. Names are often bestowed upon you by the Necromancers. Don't worry yourselves over them.

"Age" refers to the age you were when you died, and is usually between 8 and 17. If you're unsure, roll a d10 and add 7 to the result. This is the age of your doll.

Once you've decided these, your Doll is complete.

Dolls are Girls[edit]

The dolls of old were made to resemble either girls or animals. Necromancers, too, make them in the shape of cute girls. Some of them may have been intended to be boys, but the difference in appearance between those and girls is a subtle one. In this world inhabited by only the dead, the Necromancers too wish to remember the comforts of childhood.

Age at Death[edit]

A Doll's "Age" describes their outside appearance. This is not necessarily the same as the age of their Heart. It is possible to have a spirit that acts as if twenty years old within a body that appears only six. The reverse is equally possible. Keep in mind that "age" refers only to the appearance of a Doll.


Though your Doll is complete, there is one section on your character sheet left unfilled.

These are your Fetters.

Fetters are those existences which a Doll clings to in order to preserve her Heart. By maintaning her feelings towards the target of her Fetters, a Doll likewise maintains her Heart. However, if she loses all of her Fetters, she shall lose her Heart as well. In addition, if the burden upon them becomes too heavy, her Heart will break.

All Dolls start with the fetter "Dependent upon Treasure." Their Treasures are the foundation of the Dolls' Hearts, and they cannot do without them. Even if a Doll acquires additional Treasures, they will have "Dependent upon Treasure" only once. All Treasures share a single Fetter.

In addition to this, the Dolls possess various Fetters towards their sister Dolls. Please write down the name of each player's Doll and the Fetter you have towards them. To decide upon a Fetter, pick one from the Fetter Table. You can select one of your choice from among the ten listed, or roll a die for them.

Record the Fetter in the format "○○ to/of/upon ××", where ○○ is the type of Fetter and ×× is its target. At the time of creation, the Doll's Fetters begin with three madness in each of them. Please fill in these Madness Points upon the character sheet.

You're now ready to start playing.

Fetter Table[edit]

01 Hateful You feel fierce hatred for her. The reason doesn't matter. Everything she does annoys you. How frustrating!
Madness: Open Hostility "Wouldn't it be nice if she just fell to pieces?"
During combat, Attacks you make that fail to hit an enemy will hit the target of the Fetter instead (if they are within range.) The target may choose where to take the damage.
02 Possessive You want to possess her. To make her your own and not let anyone have her. One could call it love, but it's more wicked than that.
Madness: Possessive Action "Your eyes... how beautiful they truly are."
At the beginning and end of combat, choose a Part of the target's to deal 1 damage to.
03 Dependent The target is someone you just can't live without. If they aren't there, you are nothing.
Madness: Infantile Relapse "Don't leave me alone... waaah, I'm scared!"
Your Maximum Action Points decrease by 2.
04 Attached You want to stay by her side. To always be wherever she is. You'll never, never be apart.
Madness: Relentless Observation "I'll always be watching you. Heheheh..."
At the beginning and end of combat, the target receives a Madness Point upon her Fetter towards you (if she is already in a Broken state, this has no effect.)
05 Devoted You're in love with the target so much it hurts. You don't want her to hate you. You can't take your eyes off her. It's embarrassing...
Madness: Self-Harming Action "If she won't look at me, I don't need this body..."
At the beginning and end of combat, damage one of your own Parts.
06 Rival You won't lose to her. It's not that you hate her. You just don't want to lose to her. You're rivals.
Madness: Excessive Competition "Just try and do better than me... if you can. Come on, try!"
At the beginning and end of combat, receive a Madness Point upon a Fetter of your choice (if you are already in a Broken state, this has no effect.)
07 Friendly She's a friend and an important companion. As her dear friend, there's nothing you wouldn't do for her.
Madness: Inordinate Empathy "Your legs are gone? Don't worry, I'll get rid of mine too."
At the end of a Session, if the target of the Fetter has more damaged Parts than you do, take damage to Parts of your choice until you have the same number of damaged Parts.
08 Protective That girl's weak. She needs you to protect her. To help her. She can't do anything on her own.
Madness: Constant Contact "Don't take one step away. Because I've got to protect you!"
During combat, if you are in a different area from the target of the Fetter, you may not use Maneuvers that have an effect other than Movement. In addition, you may not use Movement Maneuvers upon targets other than yourself or the target of the Fetter.
09 Idolatrous You want to be just like her. She's everything that you long to be... that you wish you could be.
Madness: Impostor Delusion "Liar! My beloved sister would never say that! You're a fake! I won't be fooled!"
During combat, if you are in the same area from the target of the Fetter, you may not use Maneuvers that have an effect other than Movement. In addition, you may not use Movement Maneuvers upon targets other than yourself or the target of the Fetter.
10 Trusting Your heart is as one with her. You can trust her with everything. Whenever she's by your side, you can feel at ease.
Madness: Universal Suspicion "...You go first. I know you mean to shoot me in the back. I won't let you."
All of your Sisters other than you receive a modifier of -1 to their Maximum Action Points.

Alternate Fetter Tables[edit]

Towards Savants[edit]

01 Fearful You don't want to remember her. You don't want to think of her. To you, she is a font of despair.
Madness: Reality Rejection "T, that's an phantom, a fake, there's nothing there... nothing to worry about... nothing..."
All Action and Madness Checks you make receive a modifier of -1.
02 Subservient Your obedience to her is engraved deep into your heart. At times, it still torments you with indecision.
Madness: Justified Betrayal "I'm sorry... I understand you... but, even so, I cannot disobey that person."
During the Battle Phase, all of your failures on Attack Checks become Critical Failures.
03 Unease You've felt uneasy about that person from the start. As if she might have some terrifying secret. That's why...
Madness: Suspicious Behavior "O-o-o-o-oh, is that so... y-you must be mistaken!"
Your Maximum Action Points decrease by 2.
04 Pity You don't want to understand her, but you do. You know you should hate her, but you don't. You just feel sorry for her.
Madness: Ubiquitous Sympathy "There wasn't any other way... must I do this to you too?..."
You receive a modifier of -1 to Attack Checks against Savants.
05 Love-Hate She's an enemy that you should hate, but you can't hate her. How could you ever not realize there's good things about her too?
Madness: Wicked Affection "What should I do... I love you, but I've no choice but to fight you!"
For each Critical Success you roll on an Action Check or Madness Check, do (the result of the check - 10) Damage to your own Parts of your choice.
06 Regret It's because of you that she's become like this. You can't help but regret that.
Madness: Just Desserts "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! If only... if only I weren't here, everyone would be fine!"
When you roll a failure on an Attack Check, do the damage of the attack to a Location of your choice.
07 Disdain Just what value does she have? You'd never associate with the likes of her by choice.
Madness: Willful Blindness "Hey, this isn't the time to be tripping over everything! Let's go!"
Enemies in the same Area as you gain a modifier of +1 to Attack Checks made against you.
08 Anger Your heart is like a maelstrom of rage towards her. You can't think of anything but destroying her.
Madness: Unchecked Emotion "...!!!"
All Action and Madness Checks you make receive a modifier of -1.
09 Grudge You'll never forgive her. You'll never forget her. Even if you become junk, you'll crawl back for her.
Madness: Eternal Malice "Did you think a trifling thing like dying would make me forgive you?!"
You cannot escape from Battle. You must pay an additional AP to use Maneuvers on any target other than yourself or the target of this Fetter.
10 Hatred Hatred as cold as steel pierces the very core of your being. As long as she exists in this world, you will continue to embrace it.
Madness: Existence Erasure "This hand stinks of her... I'll be getting rid of it for you."
When this Fetter enters a state of Madness, choose one of your Sisters and destroy two of their Parts.

Towards Neutral Parties[edit]

01 Evasive She disgusts you. You don't want to touch her. You don't want to be near her. You can't even look at her.
Madness: Deliberate Isolation "D, don't come near me! Don't come closer! Don't get any closer!"
During combat, when you are in the same Area as the target of this Fetter or a Savant, you may not use Maneuvers that have an effect other than Movement. In addition, you may not use Movement Maneuvers upon targets other than yourself or the triggers of this effect.
02 Jealous This body of yours is in such an awful state, so why is hers... why is hers?...
Madness: Sororal Disharmony "If only... if only the rest of you were suffering just like me..."
All of your Sisters receive a modifier of -1 to Action Checks.
03 Dependent You can't imagine herself without her. You can't be apart. You don't want to be apart. Never ever...
Madness: Infantile Relapse "Stay here with me... please, if you don't...!"
Your Maximum Action Points decrease by 2.
04 Pity Why is it that she's the only one who had to go through that suffering? Did she do anything to deserve it?
Madness: Ubiquitous Sympathy "Stop it! Why... why must we do this?!"
You receive a modifier of -1 to Attack Checks against Savants.
05 Grateful You're simply grateful to her. It's thanks to her that your body and mind are here right now... even if it's not much of a body.
Madness: Pathological Remuneration "These eyes are the least I can give you. It's thanks to you they were able to see so many things."
When this Fetter enters a state of Madness, destroy two of your Basic Parts. If none remain, destroy one of your lowest level Reinforcement Parts.
06 Regret That she's become like this is your own fault. Even now, that truth pierces through your heart like a thorn.
Madness: Just Deserts "That's right. It's my fault. It's my fault that you all became like this...!"
When you roll a failure on an Attack Check, do the damage of the attack to a Location of your choice.
07 Faith You're certain she can do anything for you. That knowledge gives you hope. She can. There's no doubt about it. She can.
Madness: Shattered Hope "I was counting on you! You piece of trash! You useless corpse!"
Whenever you use a Madness Point to reroll a die, you receive a penalty of -1 to that die roll. (This penalty is cumulative.)
08 Guardian It's not just because she's your Sister that you must protect her. There's something more than that...
Madness: Negation Delirium "You're all still alive... I'm glad... I'm so glad..."
You cannot target Legions with Maneuvers.
09 Reverent You're different from her, that's for certain. But that's why you can recognize how amazing she is.
Madness: Solitary Deification "You're the only one I need, Onee-sama. No one else has a place in my heart."
You cannot target your other Sisters with Maneuvers.
10 Trusting From the bottom of your heart, you can trust her. In this ruined world, she's the only person you can believe in.
Madness: Universal Suspicion "...You're my enemy too, aren't you? I'm sure of it!"
All of your Sisters other than you receive a modifier of -1 to their Maximum Action Points.