ESP Timeline

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A timeline taken from the Dance of Distortion sourcebook.

Year Event
2063 Scientists in the east announce the "Ego Dimension Theory." While many scientists across the world support investigation of this theory and start to gather evidence, many religious groups are offended and begin to complain.
2066 The Brain Medical Research Institute, which is the predecessor of "Opera House 01" focuses on "Ego dimension theory". Based on assumptions, researchers start to develop ways to stablize the consciousness by expanding the "ego contact area" of the brain.
2067 At a European conference, the resulting phenomenon discovered through research into the "Ego Dimension Theory" is named "ESP".
2072 In a certain country in the far east, a murderous cult rises. Borrowing the name of "Ego Dimension Theory" and ESP. A single incident involved some sort of strange human experiment. The skull was pierced and sulfuric acid was poured inside. The cult called this the "purification of desire".
2090 A popular media person who claimed to have ESP powers mysteriously disappears. Urban legends start to brew, that the country is conducting supernatural research with human subjects.
2096 ESP research is subject to international criticism. An East Asian ESP development facility is discovered by American media and reported on. The authorities deny the existence of the facility.
2123 Demonstration of 'Ego dimension theory' by slime mold computer is completed. The ego structure of living organisms is now made clear to science.

During an ego dimensional contact experiment in a far east country, an accident occurred when a subject escaped. Researchers who were on site blame religious groups.

2124 A large scale accident of unknown causes happens during an ego dimensional contact experiment in North America. Many stakeholders and laboratory staff suffered brain death and other mental disorders.

In North America, Project MKUltra submits a draft plan for military use of ESP.

2125 North American powers commence [MK Ultra Plan] "Opera House". Creating facilities 01 to 05. As a top secret plan, the operation of facilities and the procurement of subjects were carefully conducted.

East Asian powers start aiming to destroy enemy countries by covert use of ESP. The "Sennin Bone Policy" is issued, seeking to scout those with ESP potential.

2126 Opera House contact medical and judicial institutions in order to secure specimens. End of life patients and death row prisoners end up as experiments. The bereaved families ask for their bodies to be returned, but they are reported missing.
2127 Information that every major country is conducting human experimentation is starting to spread through the internet. Images and documents start to appear and the growing number of missing persons is questioned. The governments deny all involvement.

The abduction of poor people via the collaboration of police forces and criminal organizations in Southeast Asian countries is investigated. Possible links between human trafficking and developed countries are highlighted, but those who speak about it end up missing or dead. The "Sennin Bone Policy" of East Asian powers leads to the abduction of travellers, foreigners, students, poor people and more. Their egos are forcibly reconstructed and then sent to enemy countries. These agents are known as "Nomads".

2128 A large fire erupts in a commercial facility in Europe. Many buildings are burnt down and people are missing. Of the survivors, a three year old girl who was unhurt, was made a ward of the state and moved to a state-run nursing home. She has been missing ever since.

A passenger plane heading from East Asia to North America mysteriously crashes. The captain was suddenly seized with an abnormal madness. The crash is determined to have been caused by pilot error. Attempts at mass production of subjects at Opera House 05 begins. Operations include applying excessive stress to the lowest people of society within an entire area. A rural population is Latin America is the initial experiment site.

2130 Serial killings of high school students start to occur in a small country to the far east. The criminal is discovered dead with all his limbs twisted and threaded. The precise cause of death remains unknown.

In East Asian countries, labor demonstrations become mobs and public facilities are attacked. A large amount of corpses with their brains removed are discovered within one such facility. The mobs were swiftly crushed by military and police units, but there was no announcement from the authorities about the brainless bodies. Opera House 3 had started to operate like a cult. Military intervention forces the facility to close. However, staff members with research information and intelligence quickly flee the country.

2131 Religions start to emerge around the world. Many of these cults have gurus and masters who are famous for displaying supernatural powers. The concept of ESP is generally recognized.

A subject escapes from Opera House 1. Human experiments are shown to media companies, but they are dismissed as absurd content. Those who escaped were captured, moved to a state-owned psychiatric hospital and then went missing. The Opera House project is closed due to growing scandal. Research data and scientists are transferred to other facilities, but subjects in the process are discarded.

2132 Mass suicides occur within rural villages in Latin America. Drugs similar to hallucinogens were detected from almost all the corpses.
2135 Terrorist attacks start within the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. At the same time, war breaks out between multiple nuclear powered dictatorships in Southeast Asia. They have limited, but multiple nuclear capability.
2136 Notable and prominent superpowered/Spiritual ability people within the media are found dead. Their brains and blood were removed entirely from their corpses.
2137 Opera House 45 successfully discovers ego dimensional contact pattern via the use of the brain of a primate.
2138 A public ESP Institute in Northern Europe is closed. The staff abandon practical applications of ESP and travel to American laboratories.

Opera House 45 surgically enhance primate brains in order to develop their findings. Troubles occur when small apes and other altered specimens escape. Opera House 45 is closed shortly after this breach.

2140 A treaty banning the use of nuclear weapons is signed by the United Nations. Nuclear weapons are banned from all conflict.

Nursing homes for the relief of war orphans is launched, led by North American powers. The facilities are established around where limited nuclear conflict took place. Poor people and orphans are collected. Opera House secures a stable supply of specimens. They say that humans are cheaper than mice. Human experimentation becomes more common.

2141 Ethics in science start to collapse. Human experimentation starts to run rampant. Biological weapon research is promoted.

MKUltra is tasked to create a being with an affinity with the "undead". Demands for a "Telepathic person" aimed at undead command, control and takeover is increased. ESP experiments with undead as subjects are conducted in countries with ESP development. Initial attempts at Necromancy fail to reach the level of ego contact needed to develop ESP. MK Ultra Plan 1 begins to gradually reveal the once concealed human experiments. However, they are shown as for the development of biological weapons instead of ESP development. ESP research continues in secret.

2142 Opera House 62 is destroyed in a bombing raid from an enemy army. The specimens noted to have high durability held at the site disappear.
2146 Applications of ego dimension theory and nanomachine technology lead to the establishment of the personality transfer technique.

Opera House 00: Established to develop ESP able to control undead. Many of the staff were handed over from Opera House 11.

2147 A successful personality metastasis experiment takes place. A 'living' brain is strengthened and is able to stablize the ego. However, this makes ESP activation difficult. The brain strengthening technology was diverted to the ego reinforcement of undead soldiers.

Opera House 99 create an embryo that is able to fully control ESP. Unfortunately, the subject is mentally unstable and they are unable to effectively control their powers.

2149 Opera House 00. The undead subject "Alpha" was the first ESP success. Even though five staff die in an accident at the experimental stage, the creation of Alpha paves the way for considerable advancement in ESP and undead technology.
2150 The undead subject "Delta" succeeds in displaying ESP at Opera House 00. Although it is able to achieve excellent output and control, extended operations are difficult.
2152 Opera House 00. The undead subject "Psychedelica" shows high telekinetic ability. This subject was able to manifest the highest levels of stability , control and endurance of ESP. Adjustments begin for production and deployment.
2153 Opera House 97. "Dorothy", the same type of undead as "Psychedelica" teleports out of the facility and escapes. Whereabouts unknown.
2154 Missing person cases start to increase in North America and patriotic families are found murdered. With young children disappearing, the news was portrayed as deeds undertaken by enemy countries and used for domestic incitement.

Mind destroying wave weapons are regarded as the weapons of gentlemen in North America and many are used. They result in brain dead and mentally ruined people both at home and in enemy countries. Subject "Delta" and it's clones are used as warhead material to create the "Ego collapse bomb" After the data of "Delta" was completely understood, "Delta" was used as a warhead and destroyed.

2155 The final war begins. 130 nuclear explosions detonate across the Americas.

The Psychedelica that were to enter battle upon the European front disappear.

2156 Nuclear winter comes. Almost all of the political bodies upon the Earth collapse and the world falls into anarchy.

The destruction caused by the final war also destroys the Opera House group. Technicians, scientists, subjects and frozen embryos disappear. Whereabouts unknown.