Enemy Data: Garden of Stories

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Threat Level 2.5 Maximum Action Points 9
Reckless Attack [Action/3/0] All units in the same area, except you, take 1 damage (This attack cannot be defended against)
Swarming [Action/3/Self] Move 1
A great tide of vermin such as carnivorous insects or mutant rats.



Threat Level 5 Maximum Action Points 9
Flamethrower [Action/3/0-1] Shooting Attack 1+Explosive+Chain 1
Bone [Action/3/Self] Move 1
Scope [Check/0/Self] Support 2. Use this Maneuver only when making a Shooting or Blast Attack.
Cyborg [Damage/0/Self] Defend 2
Brain [Auto/None/Self] +2 Maximum AP
Adrenaline [Auto/None/Self] +1 Maximum AP
Entrails [Auto/None/Self] None.
Entrails [Auto/None/Self] None.
A military undead that burns away enemies and unwanted things with it's large flamethrower.


Threat Level 8 Maximum Action Points 9
Impaling Spear [Action/3/0] Melee Attack 3
Song of Woe [Action/3/0] Spirit attack 1+Area
Floater [Auto/None/Self] Every Unarmed and Melee Attack which targets you receives a penalty of -1 to the Attack Check (if it is an Area Attack, the penalty only applies to hitting you.)
Lunge [Action/3/Self] Move 1, ignore Hinder Move
Air Blast [Rapid/0/0] Move 1, cannot be used on itself
Death Dance [Check/0/Self] Reroll the Attack Check
Automatic Execution Orders [Auto/None/Self] +2 Maximum AP
Strange Movements [Auto/None/Self] +1 Maximum AP
Girl's Corpse [Auto/None/Self] None.
Girl's Corpse [Auto/None/Self] None.
Executed dolls impaled upon a spear spray gases from their corpses as they guide the floating spear they hang upon.


Threat Level 12 Maximum Action Points 12
Ripper Claw [Action/3/0] Melee attack 3+Chain 2
Jaw [Action/2/0] Unarmed attack 1
Bone [Action/3/Self] Move 1
Shoulder [Action/4/Self] Move 1
Long Arms [Auto/None/Self] Increase the Range of your Unarmed and Melee Attacks by +1
Berserker [Auto/None/Self] Damage one of your basic parts. During an attack or dismemberment roll, you may reroll if you wish
Skinny [Auto/None/Self] Damage one of your basic parts. During an attack or dismemberment roll, you may reroll if you wish
High Speed Processor [Auto/None/Self] +2 Maximum AP
Brain [Auto/None/Self] +2 Maximum AP
Heart [Auto/None/Self] +1 Maximum AP
Eyes [Auto/None/Self] +1 Maximum AP
Excess Flesh [Auto/None/Self] None.
Excess Flesh [Auto/None/Self] None.
Entrails [Auto/None/Self] None.
A skeletal military undead possessing high speed and great strength.



Threat Level 6 Maximum Action Points 8
Jaw [Action/2/0] Unarmed Damage 1
Meatshield [Damage/0/0-1] If the damage received by the target is caused by an Attack Maneuver, you may negate any number and combination of effects other than damage of your choosing of an attack (Area, Chain, Dismemberment, Explosive, Stagger, and more specific effects are included).
Feast of Flesh [Action/1/self] Regenerate a Basic Part of yours that was damaged.
Brain [Auto/0/self] +2 Action Points
Trauma Switch [Auto/None/Special] When this part gets damaged, the PC that damaged the part gains a Madness point. ARMS
Implanted Hooks [Action/3/0] Unarmed attack 1
Shoulder [Action/4/0] Move 1
Forearm [Check/1/0] Support 1
Protect [Auto/None/self] When the target takes damage, you may take that damage in her place. You may use this Skill any number of times per Turn. However, this cannot be used against the damage caused by the "Area" attack effect.
Mad Demon [Auto/None/self] When you make an Attack Check for an Unarmed Attack Maneuver, you may add +1 to the die roll.
Quadruple Amputee [Auto/0/self] When you take damage to your Arms or Legs, you may divide that damage among all your Locations as you wish. This effect does not apply to damage with the "Explosive" effect. If you need to make a Dismemberment Check, choose one Location to make it for.
Albino [Check/1/0-1] Support 1
Entrails [Auto/0/self] None
Entrails [Auto/0/self] None
Foot [Check/1/0] Hinder 1
A type of Savant who blindly obeys the higher ranking beings and tries to protect them.