Enemy Data: The Great Drama

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Threat Level 7 Maximum Action Points 12
Bear Gun [Action/3/0-2] Shooting Attack 3
Gun God [Auto/None/Self] When you make an Attack Check for a Shooting Attack Maneuver, you may add +1 to the die roll
Scope [Check/0/Self] Support 2. Use this Maneuver only when making a Shooting or Blast Attack.
Bone [Action/3/Self] Move 1
Killer Instinct [Auto/None/Self] +2 Maximum AP
Brain [Auto/None/Self] +2 Maximum AP
Eyes [Auto/None/Self] +1 Maximum AP
Adrenaline [Auto/None/Self] +1 Maximum AP
Entrails [Auto/None/Self] None.
Entrails [Auto/None/Self] None.
Undead that specialize in gunfights. In addition to fire support, they are often led by captains and soldiers.


Threat Level 4 Maximum Action Points 6
Protect [Damage/0/0-1] When the target takes damage, you may take that damage in her place. You may use this Skill any number of times per Turn. However, this cannot be used against the damage caused by the "Area" attack effect.
Heartbreak [Action/2/0-1] Cannot be used on Dolls already in a state of Madness. Spirit Attack 1
Jaw [Action/2/0] Unarmed 1
Fist [Action/2/0] Unarmed 1
Albino [Check/1/0-1] Support 1
Bloodstained [Check/1/0-1] Hinder 1
Bone [Action/3/Self] Move 1
Entrails [Auto/None/Self] None
Entrails [Auto/None/Self] None
A bizarre undead built as a wall to protect it's master using maternal instinct. It will stand in front of those who attack the master.


Threat Level 2 Maximum Action Points 9
Uplift [Action/2/0-1] Reinforcement (Ghoul X1). The legion in the targeted area loses 1 body
Arthropod [Action/3/Self] Move 1
Central Nerve [Auto/None/Self] +2 Maximum AP
Feelers [Auto/None/Self] +1 Maximum AP
An insect the size of a human arm with a name meaning "Enlightenment." It can emit a special electrical signal into the undead causing a short burst of violent power.

Dog Bomb[edit]

Threat Level 5 Maximum Action Points 9
Zombie Bomb [Auto/None/0] When this Part is damaged in Battle Phase, a Blast 2 + Explosive + Area attack with a Check value of 8 occurs against yourself.
Jaw [Action/2/0] Unarmed 1
Animal Legs [Action/2/Self] Move 1-2
Brain [Auto/None/Self] +2 Maximum AP
Tail [Auto/None/Self] +1 Maximum AP
Trauma Switch [Auto/None/Special] When this part gets damaged, the PC that damaged the part gains a Madness point.
An undead dog with bombs attached. It has been trained to rush towards the enemy.

Corpse Frame[edit]

Threat Level 6 Maximum Action Points 9
Laser [Action/3/0-3] Shooting Attack 1 + Dismember
Claw [Action/2/0] Unarmed 1
Metal Legs [Action/3/Self] Move 1
Bolt Head [Check/1/Self] Support 2
Strong Armor [Defend/0/Self] Defend 2
Fierce Organs [Auto/None/Self] When you declare an Attack Maneuver, you may declare the use of this Skill to increase the damage by 1. However, the "Dismember", "Explosive", "Chain Attack" and "Area Attack" properties are all lost.
Brain [Auto/None/Self] +2 Maximum AP
Biodrive [Auto/None/Self] +1 Maximum AP
Entrails [Auto/None/Self] None
A walking machine with a slime computer inside. The appearance can differ in many ways, often seeing the body of a Savant or part of a Doll attached to it.


Threat Level 13 Maximum Action Points 12
Adrenaline [Auto/0/self] +1 Action Points
Brain [Auto/0/self] +2 Action Points
Eyes [Auto/0/self] +1 Action Points
Jaw [Action/2/0] Unarmed Damage 1
Meat Snake [Action/3/0] Unarmed Attack 2 + Chain Attack 2. During the Attack Checks (from the declaration of the attack to the end of the action) you may reroll a single die.
Meat Feast [Action/1/self] Repair 1 damaged Basic Part
Long Arms [Auto/None/self] Increase the Range of your Unarmed and Melee Attacks by +1.
Retractable Tentacles [Check/0/0] Support 1 or Hinder 1
Shoulder [Action/4/0] Move 1
Forearm [Check/1/0] Support 1
Tortured Being [Auto/None/self] Whenever you take damage you can choose what parts are damaged. For Dismember attacks, you can select which Location is affected.
Mad Demon [Auto/None/self] When you make an Attack Check for an Unarmed Attack Maneuver, you may add +1 to the die roll.
Heart [Auto/0/self] +1 Action Point
Entrails [Auto/0/self] None
Entrails [Auto/0/self] None
Unshakable [Auto/0/Self] May negate [Move] and [Stagger] effects
Tail [Auto/0/Self] +1 Action Point
Snaketail [Action/2/0] Unarmed attack 1
Foot [Check/1/0] Hinder 1
Alien Savant. There are countless serpents wrapped around the body and because of the fusion with carnivorous plants, it also has amazing regeneration powers.