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Enigma was made by RedScarDog

An unidentified Doll.
A body whose origin is unclear.
A stranger filled with riddles.
Her specialty is that outside of reason.
Something that can not be unraveled is [*] on that [*].
It turns into a monster that does not predict on [*].


Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement
0 1 1

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Stranger from the Other Side Auto Special Special
Effect As the Cost of this Skill, add a Madness Point to 1 of your Fetters that are not in a state of Madness. At the beginning of the Battle Phase, choose an enemy and set its Current Action Points to the same value as your Maximum Action Points.
Description Distort the flow of time, attracting the opponent's time [*] to your own. A Special feat, Unknown Art.


Name Timing Cost Range
Toy Box Auto 0 Self
Effect When you learn this skill, choose and acquire 1 Tier 3 Reinforcement Part from whichever of Armaments, Mutations or Enhancements you have the fewest Reinforcement Points in. If you have equally few Reinforcement Points in multiple of these, choose from any of them.
Description For some reason, you carry undead parts that originally don’t belong to you. Where they came from is not well understood.
Name Timing Cost Range
Mystery of the Mind Auto None Self
Effect Up to 1 time during every Phase (outside of combat), you may select 1 Fetter of yourself and reassign its content at random. Should the same content it already has be chosen, it remains unchanged.
Description There dwells a [**] inside your body that could be called another personality. If that is you or somebody else is an unsolved question.
Name Timing Cost Range
Warped Heart Auto None Self
Effect Directly before you perform a Madness Check, you may choose to add +2 to the die roll. However, should you fail a check despite the use of this effect, the result is changed to a Critical Failure.
Description [**] in your heart is severely distorted [**]. It seems to be very sturdy, but it still [*], and it is hard to understand.
Name Timing Cost Range
Body of Illusion Auto None Self
Effect At the end of every turn and at the end of combat, you may choose to regenerate any 2 of your own Basic Parts.
Description The part of your body that should have been lost continues to exist without changing. Did you really lose it? Is it really your own body?
Name Timing Cost Range
Liars Gate Rapid 1 Self
Effect Directly before using an Attack Maneuver, you may declare the use of this skill. Roll 2 dice for this Attack Check and choose either of the results to apply.
Description The scales of probability. Only one world remains; what happened to the world not chosen is an unsolved mystery.
Name Timing Cost Range
Invisible Beast Action 3 0
Effect Choose a Legion as a target and reduce ist numbers by 10. This effect is not an attack and no check is made.
Description An invisible something rushes over the battlefield. After the presence leaves, only silent claw marks remain.
Name Timing Cost Range
Memories of the Deep Sea Auto None Self
Effect The maximum number of Madness Points you may lose in every Phase becomes ‘the number of your Fragments of Memory +1.'
Description Bizarre and warm memories that [*] deeply inside your ego. When you were alive, from your early childhood, as a foetus, or maybe from some distant point before that…