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Mechanized Dolls.
Bodies ravaged beyond repair.
Interred in steel coffins.
Fragile hearts bearing colossal strength.
The specialty of this Class is sheer size. Their powerful presence demands attention and punishes those that ignore them. No matter how weak the girl within, her tomb towers above the battlefield.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement
0 0 2

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Behemoth Damage 0 Self
Effect Defend 4

For the rest of the round, the "Explosive" effect is ineffective against you.

Description What is within will never be harmed. The heart's weakness means nothing when neither rain nor hail of any sort can breach your shell.


Name Timing Cost Range
Overclock Auto None Self
Effect Once per turn, +1 to the Support, Hinder, Move, Hinder Move, and Attack properties of a single maneuver.
Description The machine's ability is strictly defined, but what can be done is not enough. The mind must push metal beyond its limit.
Name Timing Cost Range
Self Repair Rapid 1 Self
Effect Regenerate an Enhancement Reinforcement Part of yours that was damaged.
Description Damage is not a concern for one such as you. Like living flesh, the metal knows how to mend itself.
Name Timing Cost Range
Lock on Target Action 1 Self
Effect Pick an enemy, you gain a +1 to all attack checks against them. This bonus cannot go above +2. For area attacks, the bonus only applies to the target you locked onto. You can only lock onto one target at a time.
Description Anticipation, Confirmation, Annihilation. A routine that repeats until there is no other target.
Name Timing Cost Range
Rapid Response System Rapid 0 Self
Effect Make an attack at rapid timing, paying its AP cost as normal. +1 to the attack check. This can only be declared in response to enemy rapid timing maneuvers.
Description Circuits ignite in response to dangerous speed. Those who confuse size for sluggishness swiftly learn their lesson.
Name Timing Cost Range
Alpha Strike Auto None Self
Effect +1 damage to attacks when you declare more than one attack maneuver in the same count.
Description When it is possible to strike, strike all at once. Destruction of the foe is not found by patience but overwhelming action.
Name Timing Cost Range
Grappler Auto None Self
Effect Add the Grappler Arms part to your Arms. For the purposes of repairs, this part can count as a basic or Enhancement reinforcement part.
Description Embrace the enemy like a lover for their attention belongs to you. Jealously hinder their wandering eyes.
Location Name Timing Cost Range
Arms Grappler Arms Action 3 0
Effect Unarmed Attack 3, if this attack hits, the enemy is grappled. While grappled, the enemy has a -2 to all attack checks unless it is a melee or unarmed attack directed at you. If either target is moved, both move together unless you choose to move away. A grapple ends if you grapple another target, the turn ends, this part is broken, you are in a different zone from the target or you choose to end it in response to your own maneuvers for 0 AP at rapid timing.
Description Arms built for an inescapable embrace. Those you hold dear can do little more than return your affection.
Name Timing Cost Range
Heavy Weapons Auto None Self
Effect Your attacks reduce the value of the first Defend used against them by 1 (to a minimum of 0).
Description Large bores and massive blades are what is expected. The thin shells that exist are not even worth considering for you.
Name Timing Cost Range
Challenge Rapid 0 0-1
Effect You gain +1 damage to the next attack against the target when they declare an attack maneuver at anyone other you. This can only occur once per count. This effect ends at the end of the turn.
Description Words and gestures understood even by the most mindless. Those who ignore it receive proper consequence.


-Self Repair reworded.
-Grappler Arms now clarifies that the effect ends at the end of the round as well.
-Changed Lock-on to persist until it is used on another target. Lock on was too costly for its benefit unless the entombed had High AP, a 1-2 AP action attack, and had something tough enough to survive multiple hits. This change makes it so that relatively low AP builds can use it with less regret and that it isn't a constant 1-2 AP tax every time the round ends, just when the target dies or is switched.
-Removed the -1 penalty to action checks on heavy weapons. While thematically appropriate for big cannon hands to get in the way of doing things, mechanically it felt arbitrary and the skills effect wasn't quite strong enough to justify it. It also meant cannon hands might get in the way of noticing or remembering something, which is silly as large cannons are great memory aids.
-Clarified that Grappler arms is specifically an enhancement reinforcement part for repair purposes as opposed to a "generic" reinforcement part.
-Grapple arms changed to make its conditions for ending a grapple more sensible, but not less verbose.
-The challenge to reword Challenge has been met.
-Behemoth reworded to make it clear it functions in a manner similar to Auto-Separate.
-New description for the class and skills.
-Mentions of round replaced with turn because inferior minds have made poor decisions.