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Dolls of infinite care.
Those respectful of what they wield are trusted with the most dangerous of equipment.
The scars covering them are reminders of what can come from misuse.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement
2 0 0

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Concussive Force Damage 1 Self
Effect You may apply move 1 to blast attacks. You may use this multiple times per round, but only once per count. If used with an area attack, this only affects one target.
Description Your aptitude with explosives lets you not only inflict great harm, but move your enemies into more advantageous positions.


Name Timing Cost Range
Grenadier Auto 0 Self
Effect +1 to Attack Checks with Blast Attacks
Description “Close” tends to be good enough when using explosives, but you tend to be closer than most.
Name Timing Cost Range
Reactive Armor Damage 2 Self
Effect The incoming attack is reduced to 1 damage, with no other maneuvers being able to increase or decrease the damage, Explosive and Dismember properties are negated.
Description Whether by design or carelessness, some dolls carry explosives that go off when struck, greatly reducing the force of incoming blows.
Name Timing Cost Range
Jury-Rigging Damage 1 0
Effect You may apply Explosive to an attack that does not otherwise have it.
Description You can rig equipment such that it strikes with additional force, and not just yours, but sometimes your friends’ as well.
Name Timing Cost Range
Heavy Payload Damage 1 Self
Effect +2 damage to a blast attack
Description Special rounds that carry additional explosives, while not always available, are handy to have.
Name Timing Cost Range
Cluster Bomb Rapid 0 Self
Effect You may apply the chain property to a blast attack. If it already has chain, increase the value of the property by 1.
Description Explosives that explode into additional bombs. Good for damaging additional foes or hitting a single foe harder, their rarity makes each use special.
Name Timing Cost Range
Careful Placement Auto 0 Self
Effect You must declare this skill before rolling the attack. On an area attack, a success will only hit enemies. A failure will hit one ally, a critical failure will hit all allies in the zone. You cannot deal additional damage with critical hits when this skill is declared.
Description A deft touch, a slight adjustment, and the enemy is gone without a scratch on a friend, even in a melee. However such displays can easily go very wrong.
Name Timing Cost Range
Rocket Jump Action 1 Self
Effect Move 1-3, to use this maneuver, you must make a Blast Attack 2 at yourself that has an automatic result of 7
Description An improper use of explosives, the right time and place of a blast can be used to send you soaring through the air before you come crashing back down.
Name Timing Cost Range
Well-Armed Auto None Self
Effect When you learn this skill, you gain an additional Tier 3 Armament.

This is not limited by your reinforcement points, and you may regenerate it as normal.

Description You've been blessed with additional little friends.