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Heretical Dolls.
The natural enemy of the dead.
Dolls built to oppose the Undead.
Cannibals in their right mind.
The specialty of this Class is all manner of heresy. Eaters of the dead, they strike fear into other Undead as the apex predators of the food chain.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement
0 1 1

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Voracity Rapid 0 Self
Effect Regenerate a Reinforcement Part of yours that was damaged.
Description Eating corpses, you will recover even an unusual feature, even from the original body.


Name Timing Cost Range
Delight in Corruption Damage 0 Self
Effect You may use a "Rapid", "Check" or "Damage" maneuver that you have already used one more time.
Description When someone is hurt -including even yourself- you do not think, you will gain a sense of amnestic uplifting.
Name Timing Cost Range
Feast of Flesh Action 1 Self
Effect Regenerate a Basic Part of yours that was damaged.
Description You eat dead flesh. Ingested meat will be self contained. That is a sight that many dead people will feel awkwardness about.
Name Timing Cost Range
Lick Jowls Rapid 0 0~1
Effect Hinder Move 1.
Description Awkward appetite eyes, tongue crawling the lips, dripping saliva. Any deceased person has to stop his or her feet moving from that aspect.
Name Timing Cost Range
Predator Damage 2 0
Effect Stagger all enemies in the same Area as you.
Description The horrors who eat the dead who the enemies instinctively fear. Even deadly weapons without ego can not stop fearing you.
Name Timing Cost Range
Rip and Tear - Dance of Distortion Auto None Self
Effect The effect of your Jaws and Fists changes to "Unarmed Attack 1 + Dismember."
Description Your body specialized in predation is a body to capture the prey, to rip it, to eat it. Not to strengthen but have a deadly effect.
Name Timing Cost Range
Ultimate Predator - Dance of Distortion Auto None 0
Effect When you succeed with a Range 0 Unarmed Attack, if the number of Parts the target has remaining is no greater than
the result of the Attack Check minus five, all of the target's Parts are instantly broken (however, Legions are not affected.)
Description Regardless of size, eating that can crush the swallowed body inside. Sometimes digestion can not catch up, but it is not a big deal.
Name Timing Cost Range
Vile Repast Auto None See Below
Effect When you cause the target of your Attack to make a Dismemberment Check, they receive a penalty of -2 to the die roll.
Description Blade is a knife that cuts meals. Your claws are tearing. The teeth are eating. None escape.