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This is a fan-curated list of works that have inspired games/campaigns/characters/enemies/etc. for them. The goal is to have a large body of works available for people to become inspired by. Describe why the work you've added is inspiring/what you took from it for use in your games. Primarily a GM-focused resource. Danbooru: Create an account, sign in, then navigate to an image by an artist you enjoy. Click the ? next to the artist's tag for a list of sites where their work can be found.


The following artists could be good inspiration for Dolls, enemies, locations, moods, themes, and anything else. Be warned that most, if not all of these will contain 18+ content, such as gore or nudity, and possibly spoilers for other works. Please tag such things, and be adult about this section.

  • gia Cheesecake and mecha. Good for ridiculous dolls and robot enemies.
  • guru - Surreal, favors the color red. Good for enemies, locations, dolls. Some gore/gore-adjacent works.
  • hetza - Artist responsible for half of the art you see in Nechronica threads on /tg/. Contains lewds, some guro. Great resource for dolls.
  • jittsu - High quality full-color cheesecake girls. Some cyborg, mutant, and plain old zombie.
  • katzeh - Artist that does a lot of highly detailed pencil sketches. Lewd, guro.
  • Keith Thompson: Artist that should be responsible for more art in Necronica threads. Lots of guro, body horror, a unique art style, undead monsters, machines and more.
  • Megrim Haruyo - Artist responsible for the other half of the art you see in Nechronica threads. Lewd, guro, unique artstyle. Also had a deviant art account
  • Neco: Artist who draws less cartoony, older characters that are viable for Enhancement heavy Dolls. Does baroque cybernetics.
  • nekosugix - Artist that tweets and retweets quite a lot of Nechronica art. As they retweet a lot, consider everything fair game.

Film and Television[edit]

  • Dead Alive (or Brain Dead depending on where you live)
  • Tokyo Gore Police: It can provide some fun ideas for how to do savants and mutations
  • 9 (both 2005 short and 2009 full-fledged movie): an insight on how to run your first one-shot game


  • For music you have two options. If you consider the setting 'camper' you could take the fallout route and use music with a lyrical dissonance. Think: the song it's a wonderful world playing as the camera pans over the ruined wasteland. As this is a Japanese game, this make take the form of peppy "J-Pop" if you can stand it. Alternatively, if the setting is more serious and bleak to you, the sound track of a horror game or movie would work.
  • The band Antihoney is great for the more serious/darker side of things, specifically general inspiration/background music for setting a scene, despite the few songs they have. They also have a fan-made Bandcamp which hosts all their music, albeit with 100% English titles.
  • The artist Arai Tasuku is another musician in the same vein as Antihoney, no pun intended.

Video Games[edit]

  • Silent Hill: Mandatory entry. I've only played the first, so if someone else can say which are shit/must plays, that'd be swell.
  • Resident Evil: For obvious reasons. The first three suit the mood better, but all can provide some inspiration for monsters and the like.
  • Dead Space: Again: obvious reasons. Lots of undead twisted humans with various mutations.
  • SOMA: It is advisable to refer to the depiction of madness through confrontation between the world that defines the spirit as software and the protagonist who rejects it.

Written Media[edit]

Books, fan fiction, game replays, short stories, web novels. If it's text, it goes here.

  • Chimamire Sukeban Chainsaw: An excellent source for characters, savants, and horrors. The basic premise can also be easily adapted into a more light-hearted campaign for new players or those that feel that he default setting is too grim.
  • Devilman: In particular, Neo Devilman, a collection of side stories written by various high profile artists, and a few by Uncle Go himself, that fit within the Devilman universe. Men become demons, and some men become half-demons in the ultimate battle between Heaven and Hell! The demonic post-apocalypse is filled with horrifying monsters and abominations, but still manage to be less scary than humanity itself during its desperate last days.
  • Tokyo Akazukin: Kind of like Hellsing, but the MC is a zombie girl fitting the Baroque/Requeim archetypes. For obvious reasons, it is a great source of inspiration, especially in a setting that features undead alongside living human beings.
  • I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream: This classic short story by Harlan Ellison is about hopeless survivors living in a dead Earth. The main antagonist is an all powerful computer that keeps them alive out of hate. AM is a model necromancer and great inspiration for savants as well. The story also features a beautifully angry poem about hate.
  • Franken Fran: The main character solves various situations using gorey surgical solutions.
  • Body Horror Quest: 4chan quest riffing off of many Nechronica themes and concepts. The creator has also stated it uses a modified version of the Nechronica system.