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A corpse using Doll.
A puppeteer of dolls.
A person who brings about chaos.
A creator of tragedy.
Her forte is domination.
She manipulates and moves her sisters, pawns, and even sometimes herself.
Given the power to control the stage, a little ruler who makes corpses dance.


Your plan is extraordinarily unique.

You can [Jack] and control anything on stage and seize their movements, that is your forte.

Of course you can dull your enemy's movements, make them hit their allies, etc., control your sisters, create a pawn from nowhere, etc., tricks that you move on the board under your control, such characteristics moreover, is where you are strongest.

Your weapons isn't a sword or guns, it's your intellect that lets you use techniques to control the board and your precise judgement of when to launch your moves.

In the middle of battle let your heart rise up and draw the pawns into your comrade's world.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement Electrode
0 0 1 1

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Corpse Current Auto None Self
Effect If you pay 3 or more actions points using a battle part, you can -1 from the cost to a minimum of 1 action point.
Description An electrical current flows through your body, allowing movement. Only by stabbing yourself with electrodes can you move quickly. Faster, faster, and even faster!


Name Timing Cost Range
Capture Rapid 0 0~1
Effect Hinder Move 1 or Stagger.
Description You can't run away. I'll stab these electrodes into your head. I'll give you a taste of what's it like to go to heaven. Ahahahaha!
Name Timing Cost Range
Dummy Rapid 3 0~1
Effect Can only be targeted at a pawn with a [Defend] maneuver. If a defend action has not been used, then the target must use an action maneuver this count. You get to decide when it's used.
Description Even if you must defend, someone can steal your freedom in for a while. Now, please collide.
Name Timing Cost Range
Illusion Rapid 3 0~1
Effect When you're targeted by an [Action] or [Rapid] maneuver, you can change the target of one maneuver to another target within the range of the maneuver.
Description I lead your awareness to target that direction. Too bad, that was an illusion. I'm over here.
Name Timing Cost Range
Puppet Action 4 See Below
Effect Summon a [Puppet] horror in your area with [Claws] [Bone] and [Entrails] as a reinforcement. You take control of [Puppet]. A maximum of 2 may be controlled at the same time.
Description If possible my arms can create a simple doll-like being. As for the ingredients, there are plenty on the battlefield.
Name Timing Cost Range
Puppet String Rapid See Below 0~1
Effect Target any of your sister's [Action] maneuvers. The maneuver can be used as a [Rapid]. You pay the cost of the maneuver.
Description You dominate and conquer your sister's body. Using merely a finger you can make your sister's body jump. But please remember your own body's condition.
Name Timing Cost Range
Sense Share Check 0 0~1
Effect The targeted sister can use a [Check] maneuver you own as if they owned it with exception to [Sense Share]. The target pays the cost of the maneuver.
Description I'll help you understand some of my wisdom. Now, can you show me an elegant dance?
Name Timing Cost Range
Trick Check 1 0
Effect The target's [Check] maneuver's effect becomes [Hinder] if [Support] or [Support] if [Hinder].
Description Your sense have been placed under a crazy illusory trick. Your wiles have been twisted, your curses have become blessings, your blessings have become curses.