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You have found strength in the things you have given up. But there are those you refuse to surrender. You could hardly lose any more of your body. But there are surely things you have not lost. Though you struggle in vain, covered in scars, you persevere.


Name Timing Cost Range
Damaged Goods Auto None Self
Effect: During the Battle Phase, at the end of the Round and when Treasure is damaged, you do not add Madness Points.
Description You are half broken. Because it is broken, it will not break any more. Days of fighting? I wonder what was before that..
Name Timing Cost Range
Defender of Eden - Dance of Distortion Auto None See Below
Effect: When you are in Eden or Elysium, all Maneuvers used by enemies which are in Eden have their Action Point cost increased by 1.

This Skill remains in effect even if you are completely Annihilated.

Description These defiled men cannot be allowed to trample this place. I will not let them.
Name Timing Cost Range
Dweller in Hades Auto None Self
Effect: During the Battle Phase, if you are in Hades, you gain +1 to the die roll on Attack Checks.
Description Hell is right for you. Because enemies can understand you better than allies.
Name Timing Cost Range
Even Unto Tartarus Auto None Self
Effect: During the Battle Phase, if you are in 「Tartarus」, all your Action Manoeuvres' Costs are decreased by 1 (minimum 1.)
Description My pain will not stop even if you all fall into madness. Let me be your strength!
Name Timing Cost Range
Follow Rapid 0 Self
Effect: This Skill can only be used when one of your Sisters uses a Movement Maneuver.

Move 1.

Description Behavior that has been repeated many times. It's fixed in your brain by now. Instinct.
Name Timing Cost Range
Lame Beast - Dance of Distortion Auto None Self
Effect: For every Hit Location of yours in which all Parts have been damaged, you gain +1 to Attack Checks you make.
Description What is broken is nothing but a shackle. The harvest for replacements is now.
Name Timing Cost Range
Struggle Auto None Self
Effect: When you voluntarily take a Madness Point in order to reroll a die, you gain +1 to the die roll.
Description I will never fail. Even this body has given up, but I absolutely will not give up until the end!