Lone Wolf

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TPE Lone Wolf.png

Dolls who use explosives.
A lone wolf who endures isolation.
A mad rebel.
Rebellious demonic explosives.
Their forte is their independent nature.
Fighting for themselves, they're stronger alone.
Lonely girls who don't pay attention to their surroundings, they become demon kings on the battlefield.


With the will to endure loneliness, your combat ability is unrivaled.

Trying to keep your distance from your sisters, you still end up being dragged into their problems.

As such, you use your loneliness and madness to their max.

If a pawn is out of position, you press in on the enemy, dropping them into a sea of destruction.

But due to your loneliness, your ability to communicate with your sisters is impaired.

Only when your sisters can understand you will the lone wolf unleash her full power.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement Electrode
1 0 0 1

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Mad Fissure Auto None Self
Effect Gain a bonus to Blast Attack Checks equal to the total bonus to Madness Checks from maneuvers that apply to you.


Name Timing Cost Range
Aloof Auto None Self
Effect During the Damage timing, if your zone has no other Sister, you may add +1 to your Attack maneuver's damage.
Name Timing Cost Range
As Usual Auto None Self
Effect Unusable while you have a Fetter in Madness. During the Battle Phase, when you would gain a Madness Point through a means other than a Madness Check, you may instead make a Madness Check.
Name Timing Cost Range
Dash Auto None Self
Effect When the first Round of the Battle Phase begins, you may use a single Move maneuver as Rapid timing without paying its cost.
Name Timing Cost Range
Ecstasy Damage 1 Self
Effect Only usable on a Damage timing caused by a Blast attack maneuver. Remove 1 Madness Point from any one of your Fetters.
Name Timing Cost Range
Erlkönig Auto None Self
Effect You may reduce the range of a Blast Attack maneuver by 1 (minimum 0). If you apply this effect, the Attack Check takes a -1 penalty.

Name Timing Cost Range
Maverick Auto None Self
Effect You have a -2 to Conversation Checks. You have a +1 to all Action Checks, Madness Checks, Attack Checks, and Dismember Checks.
Name Timing Cost Range
Rush Auto None Self
Effect When you take a Madness Point to reroll a check and the check succeeds, you may reduce that Fetter's Madness by 1.