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Welcome to Nechronica Translation Project![edit]

This wiki is for the translation of Nechronica, a Japanese tabletop roleplaying game.

As the game is adult themed, this wiki is view-able by people over 18. If you are not over 18, or it is illegal for you to view this in your nation, do not go past this page.

The original game can be found here:

The original translation can be found here: or here (archive):

Mission Statement[edit]

We have picked up the Nechronica translation project and are hosting it on our own wiki, due to TLWiki's instability. Nechronica's previous primary translator, I failed jp302, stopped updating towards the end of 2013. Two small contributions have been made by others since then, primarly finishing translation of the Fragments of Memory table and beginning translation of Enemy-Exclusive Parts. We are picking the project up, with the creation of this wiki on 26 November 2016.

While the original translation was servicable, we have decided to double-check the rules after finding several large, but easily overlooked errors. In addition, we believe that, since Nechronica is unlikely to see an English release, that we will make our own release. Our goal is to fully translate the core Nechronica rulebook, supplements, and errata as accurately as possible, and present them in a manner that we feel is most easily digestible for English speakers. This means that there will be some localization, but we will try to minimize it to presentation only.

We have access to all of the Nechronica sourcebooks. It will take a long time, but we will work towards our goal for as long and as hard as possible

Unofficial Material[edit]

Fan Works - Here is a community repository of fan-made Nechronica things. Combat examples, fan splats, curated lists of media to inspire you, etc.
Translator's Notes - Notes about translation. Important for people who can translate.

Official Material[edit]

Official Files - Here's a repository for official tokens, maps, art, and other things.
Manga - Repository for Nechronica manga.

Tsugihagi Tayori #3[edit]

Replay: Flowers of Hope after the End of the World - An official replay with inaccurate mechanics (beta version of the game). New players and GMs are encouraged to read Combat Examples instead for an accurate idea of Nechronica's mechanics.


World Section:

Doll Section

  • English Order Positions

  • Japanese Order Classes

  • English Order Classes

Rule Section

Necromancer Section

Scenario Section


Dance of Distortion (Waikyoku no Butou):

  • Mechanical materials that have been translated are under their respective rulebook pages