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Welcome to the Nechronica Translation Project[edit]

This wiki is for the translation of Nechronica, a Japanese tabletop roleplaying game or JTTRPG/TRPG.

As this game has mature themes this wiki is only viewable by people over 18. If you are not over 18 or it is illegal for you to view this in your nation, please do not go past this page.

The original game can be found here at:

Ryo Kamiya, the creator of Nechronica has his own Booth. If you wish to support him then please check out his works here!

If you enjoy the game, please buy a copy for yourself and help support Incog Labs. You can get a copy from the followings sites. Solaris Japan Ebay Amazon Japan Cokage

The official Italian language version of the game can be found here.

The original (and very dated) translation can be found here: or here (archive):

We have a discord server! Come and discuss the game with us at:

Mission Statement[edit]

We have picked up the Nechronica translation project and are hosting it on our own wiki, due to TLWiki's instability. Nechronica's previous primary translator, I failed jp302, stopped updating towards the end of 2013. Two small contributions have been made by others since then, primarly finishing translation of the Fragments of Memory table and beginning translation of Enemy-Exclusive Parts. We are picking the project up, with the creation of this wiki on 26 November 2016.

While the original translation was servicable, we have decided to double-check the rules after finding several large, but easily overlooked errors. In addition, we believe that, since Nechronica is unlikely to see an English release, that we will make our own release. Our goal is to fully translate the core Nechronica rulebook, supplements, and errata as accurately as possible, and present them in a manner that we feel is most easily digestible for English speakers. This means that there will be some localization, but we will try to minimize it to presentation only.

We have access to all of the Nechronica sourcebooks. It will take a long time, but we will work towards our goal for as long and as hard as possible.

Our mission was completed on the 31st of October 2019 with the release of our fanmade pdf of the Nechronica corebooks. We continue to enjoy this game to this very day and our efforts are now towards translation and creation of fanworks for use with the game.


19 JUNE 2017: Finally finished the retranslations! This is an enormous step forward for us all. Everything from now on in will be entirely new content. I'm aiming to translate the corebook scenarios now.

1 AUG 2017: To Prosperous Electronica translation began. New Reinforcement tree, Electrodes, translated barring some descriptions. Lone Wolf class translated barring description.

8 AUG 2017: Finished all new classes for To Prosperous Electronica: Altruist, Jacker, Lone Wolf, and Striker.

22 AUG 2017: Setting Information added. Scenario translations are in progress.

31 OCT 2017: Happy Halloween! A fitting day to release our first full English PDF of Nechronica! Hope you enjoy it!

20 DEC 2017: Dance of Distortion Enemy Parts added along with the Enigma class. More to come!

08 JAN 2018: Happy New Year! We've added the Sample Characters to the wiki. Please also use the new Editable Character Sheets for your games.

12 APRIL 2018: Busy days! Erudite now has art! There's also a mecha-doll creation site, Necro Frame now listed under fanworks.

14 JUNE 2018: Wew, busy times for us all! Please check out some of the wonderful fan-made stuff that has popped up!

20 JULY 2018: More fanmade Classes and Positions added! Poison Position has been translated and added. Check out the Toybox and Entombed as well!

31 OCT 2018: Happy Halloween! A whole year of Nechronica and a whole new PDF release! Thank you for all your support!

23 DEC 2018: Busy Savants have added all the data from the PDF to the Wiki! Please check out the new tables from The Great Drama!

15 MAY 2019: We've been making little edits and changes to clear up and clarify some rules and adding missing details from before. The timeline for the development of ESP has been added. Hopefully more to come, the finish line is near!

31 MAY 2019: Hello again! The monsters from Dance of Distortion have been translated and there's also some more great homebrew classes to try out. The Jester , Tanya , Chariot , Perdition and Metalhead are ready to play!

25 AUG 2019: What a lovely summer that was! The monsters from The Great Drama have been translated and added to the wiki. One more wave of monsters to go!

1 OCT 2019: It's the best month of the year, and we're starting it off with newly translated enemies from Garden of Stories! Along for the ride are two new fan supplements The Witch Trials which contains a new reinforcement category and the Salemite, and a new stand alone class the Sanguinate ! Later this month, we'll have an updated PDF so check back in before Halloween!

31 OCT 2019: Three long years and we can now finally offer the completed version of our unofficial Nechronica PDF! While not everything has been translated (like Scenarios), this release has absolutely everything you need to play Nechronica with. So what now? There's plenty of fanworks out there and ZQ-Works are still putting out content for the game. So once again, if you enjoy Nechronica, please consider buying a copy to support the fantastic people who made it. Thanks again and Happy Halloween!

06 APRIL 2020: Hope you're all keeping safe and well during these times. We'll like to offer up an entirely new type of player character to play as. The Drug Eater. Please check out the Drug Eater Timeline and the Drug Eater character options!

30 OCTOBER 2020: Hello, it's another October and we've been busy brewing up new content for the spookiest of months, Metalhead, Entombed, and Chariot have fixed up rules, new flavor text and even new art! We've even got a brand new home-grown class, Alraune to use, complete with artwork from Megrim himself! It's been a lovely four years since we've started this project, and like the haunted times of the past we hope you have have a happy Halloween!

08 AUGUST 2021: I hope you're all having a lovely summer! Perhaps some gun-fu and swordplay will keep you entertained during this nice weather? Check out the Armed Set fighting styles and weapons for your Dolls! Lock and Load!

31 OCTOBER 2021: Five years of Nechronica and three wonderful announcements to make! Firstly, there is the addition of Nechronica for two , pets and companions for your Dolls to explore the world that was together. Secondly, there is the ongoing translation project of Nechronica's sister game Ventangle! And finally, there is the official Italian version of the game in the works! It's a wonderful Halloween here and we hope you have one too!

31 OCTOBER 2022: Six years of Nechronica! Six is a spooky number, but don't fret! You'll see more than ghouls and ghosts this night, for the Scarlet_March is on the move! These little toy soldier dolls will do their very best to carry out your orders, keep you safe and most importantly, help you have a very happy Halloween!

31 OCTOBER 2023: Big Lucky Seven! Seven years of Nechronica and we can finally reveal the (in progress!) translation of the Savant Human Rights book! Read about mankind's relationship with its most powerful and profane creation- the living dead, the Savants! I hope it makes for spooky reading and helps you have a happy Halloween!

Unofficial Material[edit]

Fan Works - Here is a community repository of fan-made Nechronica things. Combat examples, fan splats, curated lists of media to inspire you, etc.
Translator's Notes - Notes about translation. Important for people who can translate.

Official Material[edit]

Official Files - Here's a repository for official tokens, maps, art, and other stuff.
Manga - Repository for Nechronica manga.


A world in which humanity has met its end.
A world in which everyone has died.
A world in which nothing more can die.
In which naught stirs but walking corpses.

The protagonists of Nechronica are the girls of this world unfortunate enough to possess hearts- the Dolls.
To put it simply, it is a game in which the players become zombie girls and fight against other zombies.

The one who caused the dead to wake- the ruler of this shattered world- is the Necromancer.
The Necromancer serves as both the master of the game and the archenemy.
For it could be none other than the Necromancer who gave hearts to the Dolls.
For in a world filled with mindless puppets, the Dolls- they alone whom possess wills of their own- are no more than toys.
For the tragic comedy wrought by the foes sent against them is a delightful spectacle.

Since Dolls are already dead, they will find no rest when they are broken.
The peace of death came to an end long ago, just as did the world itself.

As we have a cup of tea, beneath these skies as gray as lead-
let us tell the tale of this long, long epilogue.

Nechronica -The Long Long Sequel- is a tabletop (pencil-and-paper, face-to-face, et al.) RPG published by Incog Labs/Tsugihagi Honbo/Patch Works and designed by Ryo Kamiya, previously the designer of Golden Sky Stories, Maid RPG, and Zettai Reido.


The most recent version of our PDF can be found here. In addition to the PDF, we have a text character sheet with character generation at the bottom. It can be found here.


World Section:

Doll Section

  • Positions

  • Classes

Rule Section

Necromancer Section

Scenario Section

Dance of Distortion (Waikyoku no Butou):
This book introduces ESP into the game as well as the Psychedelic class. There is lore explaining how the development of ESP led to the creation of Necromancers. Along with the new class, new Parts, Skills, Fetters and Monsters are also introduced into the game. The book also includes a campaign.

The "Dance of Distortion" is a supplement that adds ESP to the "Nechronica" TRPG. This book contains more than 100 pages of articles, data and Scenarios. The details are as follows.

Details about ESP, it's history, timeline and the technology behind it. Every new detail here is a possible scenario inspiration for the NC. A new class that specializes in ESP. The Psychedelic. In addition, there are additional Skills and Parts that will allow for the creation of a wider variety of Dolls... and Pawns.

More enemy only parts have been introduced, mainly about ESP along with five new Pawns that will use them. And that's not all. At the start of the book there is a manga about ESP. In addition, there is a Campaign Scenario based on ESP. [The Black and White Game] (All three episodes). New Pawns now have sheets and data to work with the Pawn management sheet and pieces that were created in the previous supplement "The Garden of Stories".

Both of these books will be a great aid to play "Nechronica" with and can also be enjoyed as reading material.

Supernatural Power. ESP. A world distorted by technology. Inescapable ruin that rushes up behind you. Please enjoy it as a Doll and as a Necromancer.

The Great Drama:
Adds new tables, such as Post-Mortem, Wake-Up Locations, and new Fragments of Memory. New scenarios, errata, monsters and fiction are also added.

"The Great Drama" is a supplement that supports the "Nechronica" TRPG. In addition to a lot of Scenarios, support is offered for playing the game. This book is the biggest supplement yet, having more pages than any other.

200 additional Memory Fragments! Post-Mortem experience tables to generate backgrounds for experienced characters! Wake-Up locations to improvise where the game and characters could start! More than 10 Scenarios!

Intro manga drawn by Abubu, fiction written by Ryo Kamiya, etc.

In all these articles is beautiful art created by returning artists from the previous books. It is a gem that can be enjoyed as reading material. Please deeply enjoy the story of the girls who have died.

Garden of Stories:
The Garden of Stories is a supplement for the Necromancer (NC), the supervisor of the TTRPG. We provide support for playing the game. This book, which has more than 100 pages, includes support articles, additional Pawn data, additional Scenarios and sheets that strongly support in person play. Details of each are as follows.

An NC advice article with two of Nechronica's signature girls. Additional Pawns that are more vicious and evil to liven up the battles. Three Scenarios that delve into the Nechronica world and open up more perspectives. A management sheet that explains in detail the tactics and character of the Pawns to help organize combat. Paper markers that can enhance a sense of realism when placed onto the battlefield. A new battle map that has been redesigned with an entirely new frame.

In all these articles is beautiful art from the same artists of the previous book. In addition to helping play "Nechronica", the articles, Scenarios and Pawn creation guides can be enjoyed as reading material.

Please enjoy the stories from the girls who are long dead.

This book contains errata, a campaign, new monsters and parts as well as introducing an alternative battle map for the game.