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Fanatical musician Dolls.
Wills of burning steel.
Musicians upon the final stage.
Melodies engraved upon hearts of iron.
The specialty of this Class is dramatic performance. Though most corpses have forgotten the songs of the old world, there are those who yet hold them dear. So long as that beloved music remains, their endless concerts must go on.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement
0 1 1

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Grand Finale Auto None Self
Effect You may only declare this Maneuver at Count 1 during the Battle Phase. Until the end of the Count, you may declare any number of Rapid, Check, and Damage-timing maneuvers you have not yet expended during the Turn and ignoring the difference between the Count and your current AP. This applies even if your current AP would normally render you unable to declare maneuvers.
Description Waiting until the end, your final song will be what breaks the rules and leaves a lasting impression on all witnesses.


Name Timing Cost Range
Leather Rebel Auto None Self
Effect Add Leather Duds to one hit location. Attack parts that share a hit location with intact leather duds receive a +1 to the attack check.
Description The uniform of the rebel. It material may come from a different creature, but the devoted would only approve of the change.
Leather Duds
Timing: Damage Cost: 0 Range: Self
Defend 1
Though it is of questionable origin, your appearance is your pride. The fashion outlasts those that said it was not for girls.
Name Timing Cost Range
Sisters in Rock Check 1 0-1
Effect Support 1. Increase the Support value of this maneuver by 1 for each Sister in the same zone as you. You may not use this maneuver on yourself.
Description Join together with your sisters to produce greater noise. Through unity you can inspire.
Name Timing Cost Range
Solo Auto None Self
Effect Once per Turn, you may only declare this Maneuver as part of declaring an Attack Maneuver. Add +3 to your Attack Check. Your Sisters may not Support the Check.
Description Eschew all help and perform your memorable best. Such pride, however, carries its own price.
Name Timing Cost Range
Painkiller Damage See Below See Below
Effect You may use this Maneuver only when you or a Sister would take damage from an enemy's attack. Declare an Attack Maneuver with a Range that could target the character being damaged. If this Attack Maneuver is successful, reduce the damage that the initial attack dealt by the value of your Attack and negate any additional properties of your Attack. Additionally, if the attacking enemy is also within range of your Attack Maneuver and your Attack exceeded the damage from its attack, it now receives an Attack equal in value to the excess damage from your Attack.
Description Desperation, or pride, drives one to questionable feats. Drive through the blow and strike the source.
Name Timing Cost Range
Overkill Damage 1 Self
Effect You may only use this Maneuver when you deal damage greater than the amount required to Annihilate a Horror or Legion or to break one of a Savant's hit locations. Remove 1 point of madness from a Fetter of your choice.
Description Taking glee in such savagery is unbecoming, but becoming is low in value compared to joy now.
Name Timing Cost Range
Star Power Action 2 0-1
Effect Pick up to two horrors or legions. For the next 5 Count, the chosen enemies can only use their Action and Rapid timing Maneuvers to target themselves or you, or to Move toward your zone. This can only be declared once per Turn.
Description Fame was what you desired and now you have it. The mindless cannot resist you and will do what they can to lay their hands on such fame.
Name Timing Cost Range
Ready to Rock Action 1 Self
Effect Select an Action-timing maneuver. On any later Count during the same Turn, you may declare the Maneuver you selected at Rapid timing, paying it's AP cost as normal. You cannot declare the selected maneuver at Action timing again until after resolving the Rapid and only one Action Maneuver may be readied with this ability at a time.
Description A performance requires preparation. The rushed performance cannot be helped, but is useful.

Change Log[edit]

General rewording of skills to be more consistent and clear.

Class and skill description rewrite to be more thematic.

Changed mentions of "Round" to "Turn".