Outcast Holic

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Holic Sample Character.jpg

Outcast Holic


Starting Position: Limbo

Maximum Action Points: 12

Position: Holic

Carnage (Check/See Below/Self)- As the Cost of this Skill, add a Madness Point to a Fetter of your choice. Support 3.

Main Class: Gothic

Predator (Damage/2/0)- Stagger all enemies in the same Area as you

Lick Jowls (Rapid/0/0~1)- Hinder Move 1

Sub Class: Baroque

Mad Demon (Auto/None/Self)- When you make an Attack Check for an Unarmed Attack Maneuver, you may add +1 to the die roll.

Brain [Auto/0/Self] +2 Action Points
Eyes [Auto/0/Self] +1 Action Points
Jaw [Action/2/0] Unarmed Attack 1
Animal Ears [Auto/None/Self] +1 Action Points. If you make an Action Check using this Part, a Critical Failure does not destroy the Part
Adrenaline [Auto/None/Self] +1 Action Points
Fist [Action/2/0] Unarmed Attack 1
Shoulder [Action/4/Self] Move 1
Forearm [Check/1/0] Support 1
Claws [Action/2/0] Unarmed Attack 2
Spine [Action/1/Self] One Maneuver you use on the next Count during this Round has it's Cost reduced by 1
Entrails [Auto/0/Self] None
Entrails [Auto/0/Self] None
Bone [Action/3/Self] Move 1
Bone [Action/3/Self] Move 1
Foot [Check/1/0] Hinder 1
Tail [Auto/None/Self] +1 Action Points
Animal Legs [Action/2/Self] Move 1-2
Somebody's Hand [Auto/None/None] Your Treasure, You woke up holding it

You were made by connecting animal parts together.
Even your ego is merely a beast's sense of reason.
Show me your roars, your rage, your struggle.

You move faster than any of your sisters.
In battle, move quickly.
Don't think, just move.
Rather than defending yourself, tear nearby bastards apart.
Rather than human legs, you've got [Animal Legs], so use those to quickly approach enemies.
Dive in the midst of enemies without fear.
Everything but your sisters is your feed.
As a [Predator] you aren't afraid of anything.
Show your enemies as you [Lick Jowls] when they're close to your Sisters.
With your [Mad Demon]'s body, you create a [Carnage] of madness, swinging your [Claws] around.
You will tear your enemy's body, scattering the pieces.

As your madness rises, you'll soon go mad won't you?
Your pack of sisters should lick each other's wounds.