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Dolls with burning passion. They spread hell and embrace it even as it consumes them.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement
1 0 1

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Ring of Fire Auto None Self
Effect Once per round, when making an attack with a maneuver that has the [explosive] property, you may remove the [explosive] property, and add the area property. For the next 5 count, any one entering or leaving the target zone breaks two parts.
Description Send them into a burning ring of fire that none can pass unharmed.


Name Timing Cost Range
Douse Rapid 1 0-1
Effect The next attack that damages the target gains explosive.
Description A swift splash of a lovely liquid and soon the fantastic flames will spring to life.
Name Timing Cost Range
Flash Fire Check 2 0-1
Effect Hinder 2, you may make a Blast Attack 1 + Explosive at the target.
Description A handful of dust that sparks into blinding light, charring and dazzling the target.
Name Timing Cost Range
Burn Half as Long Damage 0 Self
Effect Increase the damage of your attack by 3, the next attack that deals damage to you deals 2 more damage.
Description Expressing yourself through fire exposes you to it, but it's a risk you'll take gladly.
Name Timing Cost Range
Spreading Flames Damage 1 Self
Effect When you deal damage with an Explosive attack, you may make another attack that deals the same amount of damage, but lacks any additional properties, towards a target in the attack's range.
Description It is a fact that a ravenous conflagration spreads to things around it.
Name Timing Cost Range
Heated Up Damage 0 Self
Effect This maneuver can only be used when you take damage. When you take damage as a result of explosive, reduce the cost of your next maneuver by 2.
Description The touch of heat only inspires your heart.
Name Timing Cost Range
Comforting Flames Auto None Self
Effect Once per round, when you annihilate an enemy with an attack that has [explosive], you may make a conversation check towards one of your sisters.
Description You take comfort in the destruction it brings.
Name Timing Cost Range
Burn Out Auto None Self
Effect You may re-use a damage or rapid timing part. As the cost of this maneuver, break this part. Parts damaged this way cannot be regenerated until the end of the battle phase.
Description Push yourself past you limits. The harm to yourself is well worth it.