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Poison was made by RedScarDog

Trust, Love, Devotion... All of these things are farces.
In this mad world, in your shivering body is the instinct "I wanna save myself!".
The play of virtue you put on hides your sneer. Other than comedy, it has no other worth.
...But if you wish to see the "Necromancer", you must dance in this minature garden.
Using your two-faced insincere smile.
Insert yourself into the group of sisters and become the incarnation of immorality.
Even among traitors, you're especially treachorous.
Yes, that "Heart" that the "Necromancer" wants, is that not your duty?
Find out what happens if you burn your sisters' hearts in the furnace of malice.


Name Timing Cost Range
Back of a Scapegoat Rapid 0 0
Effect Target a sister in the same area as you and move them one area towards [Hades]. The target of this effect adds a madness point in their fetter towards you.
Name Timing Cost Range
Sweet Words Auto None See Effect
Effect During Battle, before the start of a new round, every sister, except you, chooses one of their fetters. During this round, the chosen fetter's madness effect is negated.
Name Timing Cost Range
Poisonous Snake's Nest Damage 0 See Effect
Effect When a doll in the same area as you takes damage, you can use this skill. (If there are more than one doll taking damage during this phase, choose one of them.) Their damage is increased by 1 and your next count subtract the cost of an [Action] part by 1. (Minimum 0).
Name Timing Cost Range
Cell of Sin Auto None Self
Effect You can use this once per phase. You can add +3 to an action check. If you use this effect, all your sister, except yourself, add a madness points to their fetters towards you. (If that fetter is already in madness, ignore this effect.)
Name Timing Cost Range
Empty White Flower Check 0 0-1
Effect Choose one of your sisters who currently has a fetter in a madness state. Support 3.