Post-Mortem Experience: The Great Drama

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Post Mortem Experience Table[edit]

Post Mortem Experience is an option addition to the expansion rules. It represents the player's journey after waking up undead, until it is written into the story and joins with the other sisters (a backstory before joining the group proper.)
This field is not only for dolls that have already run several sessions, but also can be used for newly created characters, which can also be used as a form of introduction if the players agree. In this way, it is not just a group of dolls who wake up somewhere, but they have experiences before meeting each other.
Players are free to choose or fill in. If the player wants their doll to be active before encountering the other dolls, you can use this table. Otherwise, if you only want to awaken, then there is no need to use the table.
In the post apocalyse world, if the dolls are already awake before encountering each other, they will probably have gained a lot of experience. Such a doll may be sensible, or locked in a paranoid frenzy. In any case, these are personal background stories that are used to construct the doll's thoughts and previous encounters. This kind of experience, the sisters may know, but can also be kept a secret from them.
This post mortem experience is not part of the memory fragment table and does not provide an increase to the madness point cap. This experience reflects what the doll has encountered during their unlife.
After understanding this, please only write 1 post mortem experience.
Write only one. If a doll has existed for a long time, after countless times of destruction and rebirth, there must be all kinds of possible and different experiences. However, as previously mentioned, too much experience becomes excessive and is bound to cause bother. Of course, if you understand the risks and think you can deal with them, then do so. Otherwise, it is advised to not let dolls have multiple post mortem experiences.
If the doll is a long-lasting character, it may indeed be in the position of various experiences. It's not impossible to have opposing experiences that clash with what the group is currently trying to do. Therefore, in the current group, please try to write the most impressive, most urgent and most influential experience, the most desired goal that the doll will try to pursue, that way the group will understand the doll's motivations better.
Since the post mortem experience represents the activities of the dolls before the group was formed, the doll with post mortem experience must be stronger than a doll who just woke up. If the participants are all new characters, it is recommended that the dolls with post mortem experience be as many as one or two, so NC is morely likely to control the group.

1 Rebel A doll who was made unnaturally arrogant and so is unnaturally abused. They were given a personality solely to see pain. So they rose up and resisted. Repeated plans and actions, all aimed to defeat the hated necromancer....failed. But do not give up, this time you will surely succeed.
2 Self Harm What the doll faced after they woke up was a body that had been turned into a horrible nightmare. They constantly tried to destroy themselves, but they could not die. In the end, how many times do you have to hurt yourself? You hope this is just a nightmare, that you'll wake up in bed one morning and see your normal self. But now, you can only linger in this endless torment, there is no choice in front of you.
3 Loop It's unclear how many times you woke up. The number of painful experiences you have suffered is also unclear. Even the number of times you have went mad can no longer be counted. Is this just a repeating act, or is it shared by other sisters? The memories of these reincarnations, do you remember them all?
4 Waste Reject. Failure. Abandoned. Disappointment from the necromancer. Arrogance from the savants. It was too much bother to completely destroy you, so you were thrown away as waste.
5 Abandoned I used to have other sisters. We awakened together, fought together, took risks together... and then in the face of a hopeless battle, I abandoned them and fled. What are they doing now? I keep thinking about it.
6 Lost You were supposed to be traveling with the sisters you awakened with..but they were caught in an accident. Now you wander aimlessly. When you are struggling and about to give up, you meet with the girls from a different group.
7 Endless Battle As an undead soldier, you were created before the final war. Nothing is known about the destruction of the world and mankind. Alone facing hostile undead and monsters, you continue to fight. Before your mind erodes from the constant strife, you discover others.
8 Refinement It seems the necromancer is interested in you. After awakening, a copy of you is selected then killed. The doll is standing upon a pile of corpses of themselves. What will happen to the only copy that survives?
9 Waiting You took to a certain person or undead and escaped from where you woke up. Confusion. Terror and terrible noises. That person told you to hide and they would return. They never came back.
10 Escape You were used as sport and were able to escape your prison. After fleeing, you were lost in the wilderness. If you don't meet your sisters, your body and soul will decay just like your surroundings.
11 Lost Love You used to be obsessed with one of your past companions and fell in love. You couldn't bear the pain of possible rejection, so you fled from them. For you, they are very important, but if you see their faces again they will be sad, hateful and jealous. In order to escape such feelings, you left the group.
12 Sleeping Princess There is a cruel fate in store for the girl who is still sleeping. Before she woke up, she was always guarded and protected. As time passed, she opened her eyes to terrible reality.
13 More Than One After a fierce battle, all of your sisters were killed and only you barely survived. The body parts your sisters left behind allowed you to stand and move forward. Your body is no longer purely your own.
14 Love/Hate You have spent a short period of time with your necromancer, being loved, defiled, hurt and ultimately abandoned. Hate, Hate! Hate! Hate! even so, you still love your creator, even if you are full of hate, you still love them.
15 Show Off You had a role to be shown off to other undead. You pleaded to be killed many times, and were destroyed and returned to life. Darkness seeps in your thoughts. Now that you have been thrown away, you are full of emptiness and a grudge.
16 Wanderer You don't know how long you have spent alone in this ruined world. You have traveled through many places and thanks to this, you have gained a good deal of knowledge about the world. Just when you are about to set off again, you encounter the other sisters. You can only say that you are lucky.
17 Arena The necromancer aimed to create a great warrior. The warrior of the undead area. It should have been without hate or anger. Destruction purely for destruction's sake. But your feelings were surpressed. When you encounter the sisters, the flowers of emotion once again bloom.
18 Madness The world is too cruel and you drowned in madness. But then you wake up again and there are strangers before you. Sisters? But back then, what did you do?
19 The Choice You were too scared. You remained in hiding. Do nothing. Just hide. How long has passed? A few days? Weeks? Months? Years? Finally, when you were able to summon up the willpower to drive yourself out, you escaped and met your sisters.
20 Drifting Was it on the coast or the riverside? You were floating upon the water like junk and washed up on the shore. You don't have memories of the past, you don't know where you are coming from. You don't know who you are. Stand up and walk onwards, use the legs that are now dead.
21 Pet Doll You were an undead that was used as a companion. In a hidden sanctuary, you were accompanied and loved by a living human being. When they eventually died, you had to leave behind the home that was now their grave.
22 Slave Everything you learned was taught through a whip. There are many things you don't want to know or do. No matter who or what though, as long as you can be free, you will certainly remember the taste of this experience.
23 Dead Management Your job is to repair the dead and to help the sleeping savants repair. Although you do not know how to make them, you can repair them well. Sewing and fixing them back together. Although, no matter who you spoke to, there was no response.
24 Self-Proclaimed Survivor "I'm still alive." In order to survive, no matter what you look like, it doesn't matter, fight for life, fight and survive. But when you realized it, you were already dead. This is the body of a dead person. When you were fearful from this understanding, you met your sisters.
25 Dispute It was just a small argument, but you were out of your mind and you left your sisters. Wandering around like this, you would be sure to get lost. Just as an idea emerges, you met the current group of sisters.
26 True Friends You traveled with a dog. A real dog of flesh and blood. In this cruel world, it didn't take too long for the dog to die. It didn't resurrect either. You looked at it's corpse until it crumbled to dust.
27 Time-Lost Self Vague memories. Even though you have been moving for so long, your memory is empty. You were moving around with a firm purpose with the rest of the legion. Abruptly, your sense of self and fragments of life were rekindled. You see your sisters in front of you. Is this fated?
28 Ignorant Happiness It was a happy time. You fled into a shelter. The people around you were kind and gentle, treating you like their own child. Until they were all dead, they did not know that you were actually undead.
29 Meat Animal You were built for labor and had a strong regeneration ability. When the food supply plant broke down at the shelter, you were restrained and chopped up, little by little, and made into food. Pain, anger, curses. In time, they were all dead and you eventually escaped.
30 Harsh Treatment Humans are not kind. The undead with a soul approached them..but were driven off by thrown stones and weapons. It is absurd, but you never forgot this treatment and you don't want to leave the warmth of your sisters.
31 Living Companion You both lived together. It was the last experience for the human. They were anxious about up even up to the end. You were at a loss for a while, but in order to find the end, you started the journey.
32 Secretary Always, always writing words. Record all the memories that have disappeared. Save all the texts you can. However, because of an unknown fire, the buildings are now gone. The books written, gone. Ashes. Everything is gone.
33 Fleeing From The Enemy You and your sister challenged the necromancer and lost. Somehow, you were able to escape alone. As you fled, they were disgusted with your helplessness and cowardace. You spent days shivering upon the edge of madness. You meet the present group of sisters, but the memory of abandoning your original group still haunts you.
34 Abuse Toy The people in the shelters were vile. They took out their stress upon you, sneering as the tears fell from your face. They broke your body and mind, then repaired you every time they broke you. Eventually, you caught a chance and slaughtered them all.
35 Buried You awoke within a sealed coffin. Scratching your way out of the soil, you emerged from the ground. The world has been destroyed. You think about why you are awake as you take your steps into this ruined world.
36 Repair There is an important device. It was your mission to protect it. When the day came for it to be activated, it had stopped working. Techniques and materials are needed to fix it. You step outside, seeking the means to repair this device.
37 Sister Killer It was only by chance that a relationship went bad and something in your past was destroyed. Fearing the blame that would come after a possible repair, you fled from the broken sisters. Although you were lucky enough to meet this new group of sisters, the faces of your old sisters still flash in your mind from time to time.
38 Go Back They're protected, sheltered and hidden by other sisters. ..then you were the only one to escape from the terror that followed. You vowed to go back and save them, even now, you don't think they're still ok..but maybe..
39 Wild One You don't know how long you have been awake. Twisted and frantic nature. Lapping up water and feeding on monsters. Almost forgotten the human language.. living like a beast. The sisters are your first encounter with people in a long time.
40 Scattered Goods Driving in the wilderness. On an unmanned transporter. A body fell from it. The body woke up and your memories rushed back into it's mind. You ran to catch up, but the vehicle disappeared into the distance.
41 Trial Works In order to complete the things that the necromancer wants to make, you were created as a test work. You did not perform to expectations and were swiftly abandoned.
42 Stronger The world is destroyed by war. You need to rise up and seek strength. If you don't have power, you cannot protect anything and you cannot get anything. This is the memory that you cling to, even as you meet your sisters.
43 Foster Relatives You don't know. You don't understand. There was a person who raised you from the dead. Was it the necromancer? You learned things from that person. But, that person is now gone. Now you only have your sisters.
44 Morgue The place where you woke up is where dead bodies are piled up like hills. Just look at yourself and you'll realize you're one of those bodies. Corpses, corpses, corpses! You fled, right into the arms of your sisters.
45 One Person Game You opened your eyes in the small room. You're not hungry and you don't want to sleep. Because you are so used to being lonely, you don't care. Even in this cage, it doesn't mean that the game can't be finished. Until you met the children whom you call your sisters..
46 Monochrome World You feel that you are not real. The world is grey and this is all a dream. Like reading a picture book drawn by someone else. Therefore, your heart will not break, but will continue on in shackles and sorrows. Then, when you meet the sisters, there's color in the world for the first time.
47 Dead Hands While opening your eyes, the zombies are rushing in like a tide. You had to escape, your body was torn. Painful. Terrible. And just as they were about to smash your head apart, your sisters came to the rescue.
48 Monster While opening your eyes, a monster appeared in front of you. They waved their hands, screaming and begging for help. Then you realized you were in front of your own reflection. You are facing your own changes and your heart broke. If you didn't meet your sisters, you wouldn't have been able to glue your heart together again.
49 Underground Escape You woke up in a deep, deep cave. You scrambled to the top. No matter how many times you slipped and fell, you didn't give up. You were yearning for a world with light. When you finally reached the top, you met your sisters.
50 Different Roads You woke with another and called each other companions. What separated you was not an argument, but an agreement. "We cannot continue on the same road." Today, it's not that person who is beside you, but your sisters. Is there a chance to meet your original companion again?
51 Grave Guard In the ruined towns, there are countless fragments and echos of the mind and memory. You must guard this place. From the beginning of the war, you continue to protect the town and destroy any foes that appear. Until your sisters approached..
52 Empty Shell Even now, the memory of that terrible event is nothing but a broken piece. You lost everything, even after the memory was sealed away. After a long, long period of time..your heart was hollowed out, bit by bit, then you finally became mindless undead. Then, in a blink of an eye, your sisters appeared..
53 Explorers It didn't take long for you to escape the shackles of the necromancer. Although there is no memory of such, you had more curiosity than normal people. In order to glean the hidden knowledge and mysteries of the world, this is a journey you must undertake. If you can get help from others on the way, you can only say that you are lucky.
54 Doing Nothing Oh, nothing. There is no reason to act. Watch the world with a cold eye. Every now and again, give yourself a little stimulation, yet you tire of it so quickly. You are taken away by other girls, maybe they can motivate you.
55 Drowning in Delusion When you woke up, you were already exposed to a small part of the world. When you realize you are alone, you escape into the sweetness of your brain. If this is reality, you would rather not be there. Just close your eyes and sink into joy. When you open your eyes again, your sisters are standing before you.
56 Weird Work Repair broken machinery and write weathered books. You repeat this work endlessly in a facility that has nobody else in it. In order to escape the terrible reality of the outside world and the uneasiness within your soul, you focus on your work. However, the suspicions of others brought them to your workplace.
57 Mad Air A few years of being sane. A few years of madness. Years of sanity. Years of madness. Comparing the madness of the waking moment, your madness seems to be endless. You know you can't break free from such shackles. Until your sisters appeared before you.
58 Undead We're all probably dead. Among the ruins, there is only yourself. Even if there is still things to find and do, you are probably just another undead. Holding such thoughts as you sway aimless amongst the ruins. In line with the end of the world, you feel that you are just one of the many waves of monstrous dead.
59 Free Fall You fell from a very high place. You fell and tumbled and ... When you come back to your senses, you're hit by shock. Where did you fall from? Did you kill yourself? Were you dead when you fell? The sky that you find yourself looking up to is as grey as lead.
60 True Sequel You have already destroyed your necromancer. A lot of sacrifices have been made..yet your story still spins on. The next chapter is that of the girls who are trapped in this world. You reach out to help them.
61 Ruled By Fear A distorted game. You watched your flesh being twisted by the necromancer, you couldn't stand the horror of your changes and escaped. They laughed as you fled, yet there was no anger. In the end, have you overcome that fear?
62 Twisted Love You were loved by the necromancer.. self centered love, distorted love. As in fear of such emotions, you escaped from him. Did the necromancer find other toys, or does he still love you?
63 World Ender When you woke up, you already had the knowledge, the methods of operation and location of the terrorist weapon... you were installed with everything to know about this weapon. Is it wrong, or is it a memory? As long as you can find that weapon, you can use it. So you started looking for it, in order to destroy the world that has already ended.
64 Corpse Hunter Whether the target is an abnormal savant or a monster that is out of control, you will end the battle, because this is the mission from your necromancer. So, what if your target is an abnormal necromancer? It is important to clean up.
65 Betrayal Dressed up as a loyal savant. Surpassing your hatred of the necromancer. Hiding your killing intent. Finally, you had a chance encounter. Blending in with the dolls, the Necromancer thinks you will betray them. That's right, but the one you will betray in the end is him.
66 Freedom You don't remember what you were asked after you were resurrected. In that situation, there's no need to return kindness to the smiling guy who brought you back. Idiot. You don't want to die again and this body will not perish so easily. So you waved them away and moved to freedom.
67 Dereliction of Duty You are a savant created to protect the Necromancer. However, the necromancer you guarded was destroyed, or was it destroyed by your sisters? It's no use, you left the place and started to wander.
68 Blood and Meat As a guardian, you protected human beings, yet you are puzzled. Humans are fragile, but if you hurt them you will lose your life. Sad. You want them to continue on as you do. So you eat chunks of their meat and let them live on inside you.
69 Darling The necromancer has a unique and favored servant. That is you. However, it is more like a lovable desire than a true favorite. Such awkwardness is subject to the scorn and bullying of other savants. In desperation, you escape.
70 Kindness You didn't want to die. You begged the necromancer to make you immortal. He did and now he wants you to guard him in your new form. In order get those who are hostile to the necromancer to change their minds, you join up with them.
71 Mascot You were a soldier in the army and loved by the soldiers as a daughter. Although they are now all dead, their souls are always with you. This makes you have the courage to never back down. You can push yourself onwards, they are supporting you.
72 Replica So many replicas of your sleeping body were in this place. You sensed the danger and fled the room in a panic, never wanting to return. But sure are a copy of whoever you really are. Are you?
73 Rivals You have a rival Savant. You kill each other many times. Because of destruction and loneliness, your encounters with them also refresh you. The necromancer seems to know this and always keeps restoring them so that you will always meet again.
74 Greenhouse Flowers You were loved by the necromancer and it was a true love. You always responded to the necromancer with innocence and joy. However, when you realized what he had done, you could no longer stand being by his side. You coudn't listen to any explanations, you had to escape. Now you have some regrets.
75 Revenge You are going to murder the necromancer, alongside your sisters. Except for you, everyone else is dead. You can't forget it. The murderer who disfigured everyone. Even if you are just taking advantage of the girls who are with you now, you absolutely must strike the necromancer from the world.
76 Self Reform The flaws of a failed project are thrown into a garbage pit with many parts. At that time, you were already insane. In order to escape, in order to gain strength, you transformed your body and became a deformed corpse.
77 Incorrect You used to be a savant, but had a flaw in your mindset. You betrayed your slave-like allies and escaped from the hands of the necromancer. It seems that the necromancer still has some grudge over this mistake. The chase is on.
78 Exile You are a savant who accepts the love of the necromancer. However, you do not know if it was an accident or intentional, but your beautiful body was distorted then exiled. Holding humiliation and anger, you meet the sisters of today.
79 Wish You served the necromancer and were granted a wish. You were granted freedom and sent far away. Meeting up with these sisters, it seems that they will be the cure to the feelings of loneliness you could never escape.
80 Failure You are a faithful and capable servant. There was a small mistake.. but it was a major mistake for you. You could not bear the thought of the blame that the necromancer might project. Mixed with shame and fear, you fled.
81 Loved You were deeply loved by the necromancer and you also loved him. Even if you are abandoned, you will not change your mind. Deep within your heart, the warmth he showed is preserved.
82 Defeat In the final war, you were the commander of of lower level undead. All of your subordinates have been lost and only minimal emergency repairs have been carried out. Lurking in a jungle where countless mutants are spreading, until one day, the change comes...
83 Disillusion You are a savant who share the same ideals as the necromancer. That ideal is beautiful, you serve him and help him. But in the end, he deviated from this path. In order to achieve their ideal, their increasing madness and cruelty drove you to abandon him.
84 Reserve Strength Before the final war, you had your orders. Although the mission was firmly in mind, it should have ended when you woke up. But is it really over? You can't cancel the mission until you have seen it through. So you set forth.
85 Left There is a good relationship between you and the necromancer. But one day, he suddenly vanished without a trace. Although it could be betrayal, it should be done face to face. So you start the journey of tracking him down.
86 Gift You are a savant sent by a different necromancer as a gift and you enter the team of the dolls. There is a fundamental difference between you and the others.
87 Killers After the final war, you continued to hunt and kill survivors. The day finally came where there was no more work to do. You meet the children who lived and died with you. They still don't know your murderous past.
88 Bringing Hope To The Future During the war of intense conflict, those who loved each other will still live, die and sleep. This plan was to ensure that you would wake up in a peaceful world after the end of the war. When you wake up, the war has indeed ended. Along with everything else.
89 Queen's Nest You awaken within a hive of insects. After the initial panic, you realize you could control those insects. But in the end, the nest was invaded by other insects and destroyed. Even now, those insects are still trying to protect you.
90 Experimental Materials When you awoke as undead, you were used in ESP experiments. When the study was over, you were freed. Within your body, remains some of the ESP ability produced from that research.
91 Black Pursuit You had perfect equipment and parts. Relying on these tools and transformed yourself into one of the undead. However, your parts and equipment have been lost. There is no further way to carry out further transformations. It seems necessary for you to snatch more resources from other Necromancers. In order to gain more technology, you set out.
92 Artificial Intelligence You are actually artificial intelligence. A system that controls the operations of an undead factory. After experimenting with the ego dimension, a personality was created. Then, under constant trial and error, you were able to transplant yourself into a physical body.
93 The Watchers You are sent to the sisters by the necromancer in order to monitor them. You are not to let them die too fast, you are to make them move their hands and feet. Your task is to be with them and travel together.
94 War of Women You were competing with the other savants for the attention of the necromancer..but you lost. You must drag down those thieving cats. You wander the wastes while sharpening your claws.
95 ESP Researcher You are an ESP researcher. You originally worked for a certain necromancer, but working under such a being denies you suitable research. So you start looking for a place where you can work properly.
96 Blind Love You love the necromancer, but it is easier to survive with the group of girls who love and support each other. It is easier to get along with them as a girl than as something else. So for the sake of love, you walk with them.
97 The Creator You tire of of your kingdom. You abandon your identity of necromancer and begin to travel with dolls who have not sunk into madness. Use them with your own hands and eyes to feel the end of the world.
98 Lost Creator Lost and wandering, you were once a necromancer. Do you aim to snatch back what you have lost , or are you at peace? Are you masking your intentions, or do you respond to the love your sisters give you?
99 Exploration You are a necromancer who seeks people important to you. That person...even if it's just a shred of them, as long as you can get it, you can recreate their smile again. For this reason, you cannot return to your kingdom of the dead.
100 Before The End You were one of the earliest forms of undead. Witnessed firsthand the stupidity of humanity and the war that followed. You gained strength you never asked for, yet have to hide away from the world day after day, it all must be the same. Until, the people who stir your heart appear...

Description of The Experience After Death[edit]

Post-Mortem Experience is a reference for the Necromancer as a service to the group. The narrative can be specific or the players can make it their own. It doesn't matter.
Dolls with Post-Mortem Experience should have a good performance when they first appear, act and use their recalled experience to survive. Talking to your sisters about the events, times and even choosing to retain secrets, you'll be able to develop many unexpected and interesting stories.
Again, the Post-Mortem Experience itself is a condition that could cause the Doll and Sisters to oppose each other. If in the group, such experience is unveiled, under the permission of the Necromancers other Sisters can directly change their Fetter towards the Doll. If it is an experience that will result in conflict, be sure to keep it confidential between the Necromancers and the experienced Doll before exposing it.
It is not necessary to make a confrontation: when the Sisters feel threatened, or the experience is enough to exclude the Doll from normal relations, if there is no special situation, the fetter is basically changed to "Hateful".

Post-Mortem Experience in The Game[edit]

In the first place, not all Dolls remember what they experienced after death. The Necromancer can design a story that will make the doll remember what exactly they did back then. This way, not only can the experience be combined with Memory Fragments, it is possible to do so that the Doll has missing memories before and after death, so that you can create a more brilliant plot.
The Sisters who have fought together so far, if they find out in their adventures that they have memories of being a Necromancer or Savant... how will their sisters react? What will they do?
The reaction of the Sisters can be used as an indicator for the ending of the plot. When designing the script, NC may wish to consider the interaction between the Sisters to have a better impact on the script.
In addition, if it is because of the awakening experienced after death, the Memory Fragments obtained also count towards the goal of gathering Memory Fragments.

Favor for Post-Mortem Characters[edit]

Without affecting the balance of the game, the Necromancers can give extra Favor points to dolls with Post-Mortem Experience during the Character Creation phase. This kind of Favor gain represents the personal experience of the Doll before the game begins. However, at this time, in order to seek fairness, please give consideration towards the other Players.
Similarly, a Doll with Post-Mortem experience can start with up to three Memory Fragments.
However, these special offers of Favor and Memory Fragments, etc, please consult with the Players before creating the character.

Starting as a Strengthened Doll[edit]

Although the original Doll is powerful...I want to be stronger!
This is the time for Post-Mortem Experience to come in handy. If you want to start with a specially enhanced Doll, it is better to have a Post-Mortem experience at this time. This means that the Sisters who are now together have already experienced considerable tragedy and struggles. In this case, it is not a problem to give corresponding favor at the creation stage.
In this way, these Post-Mortem experiences are not just pure background settings, but they can also be intertwined with the plot. However, it should be noted that these should respect the free will of the player and not be mandatory.
Of course, if the group has extra Favor at the beginning, please be sure to explain this clearly before starting.