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ESPer Dolls.
Diversiform distortions.
The anamneses of madness.
Abilities beyond comprehension.
The specialty of this Class is the paranormal. Their powers essentially distort the laws of nature. Amongst all the pallor of the dead, the Psychedelics shine singularly bright... like jewels ripe for the taking.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement
0 0 1

Special Rule[edit]

Dolls of other classes cannot acquire Skills from the Psychedelic Class using Favor Points.
Nor can enemies be given Skills from the Psychedelic Class.

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Vortex of Destruction Rapid See Below See Below
Effect Unavailable until the end of the first Round. As the Cost of this Skill, add a Madness Point to all of your Fetters that are not in a state of Madness. Each being on the Stage of Battle chooses and breaks four Parts. (Legions are completely annihilated.)
Description "The most Terrible Thing" that was suppressed inside you will overflow and destroy everything that is visible to you. Even yourself.


Name Timing Cost Range
Distorted Power Rapid 3 0~2
Effect You may use this skill even if completely Annihilated.The target chooses and breaks two Parts belong to it. (Legions simply take 2 damage.)
Description The most obvious destructive supernatural ability distorting what we have seen with the power of will, twisting, invisible violence of splitting overrun the enemy and turn it into meat blocks or scraps.
Name Timing Cost Range
Embrace of Souls Action 2 0~2
Effect You may use this skill even if completely Annihilated.

The target may remove a Madness Point from one of their Fetters.
Afterwards, add a Madness Point to one of your Fetters that is not in a state of Madness.

Description Your soul cannot be caught in the cage of flesh. Gently slip out, you can touch the soul of the precious person directly. Cuddling to share that suffering.
Name Timing Cost Range
Pawn's Gambit Action 2 0~1
Effect You may use this skill even if completely Annihilated.

Move 1.
The target of the Move loses 2 Action Points (even if the Move is Hindered.)

Description Power of strong will, blow away the target opponent that has a special influence even to gravity with a gust of force. Beat on it, even miserable sense of upside down shows a big gap?
Name Timing Cost Range
Shared Loss Rapid 3 0~1
Effect This skill is only usable on Horrors.

Choose one of your Hit Locations.
For every broken Part of yours in that Hit Location, the target chooses and destroy a Part of its own.

Description The destruction that I received is projected onto the enemy's ego and misunderstood... Effective attacks only for those with only a very low self are not destroyed and they can not be used.
Name Timing Cost Range
Throne of the Void Auto None Self
Effect You may ignore Hinder and Hinder Move effects originating from the same Area as you are in.
Description Slightly, but your body is always floating, making sure that your body does not get caught out in movements, such as undocumented handouts.
Name Timing Cost Range
Twist of Fate Check See Below 0~3
Effect You may use this skill only when you are the target of an attack.

As the Cost of this Skill, add a Madness Point to a Fetter of your choice.
Regardless of the result of the Attack Check, the attack is considered a failure.

Description Eyes to see the future. Power too heavy for the mind in one's heart. At the price of pain to the soul, the power to avoid only the worst crisis
Name Timing Cost Range
Will to Refuse Damage 2 0~1
Effect You may use this skill even if completely Annihilated.

Defend 1.
You may use this Skill any number of times per Round, but only once per Attack.

Description You can bounce off the unexpected future that produces results just by thinking. Do not let the blade ease your important things to bullets.