Relay Campaign

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NC is a rewarding role, but the burden is reasonably large. It will be more so if it becomes a campaign. Therefore, if there is a person who has a rulebook amongst the players, and if everyone grees, it can be a circle sharing the role of Necromancer. These campaigns are called Relay Campaigns.

Let's treat the doll of participants who are currently the Necromancer to be temporary unavailable or unable to participate in battle. It is OK if you speak and interact at an Adventure Phase or End Phase, but you can not make various judgements or checks. (There is no change in Madness for this character.)

Also, please be careful when you add additional Servants, Dolls and NPCS that you need to play on the Necromancer side. Or, the first Necromancer may let your Doll appear as a Servant (although you should be careful about actions or karma so that it will not be destroyed by battle.)

In the Campaign, the Necromancer can also gain favour. The favour that NC can be obtained is as follows...

NC Favour gain
((The Favour the Dolls earned))+4

If the dolls don't achieve at least one Karma or are all destroyed, then the Necromancer gains only half of the possible Favour. When taking over the role of the Necromancer from another participant, remember the background settings and confidental information etc of the campaign.

((TL note:Most of this section discusses common RPG knowledge such as "How to GM a one-shot" or "How to GM a campaign". I think it's safe to assume that most readers will know how to do these things. This section has been translated because of the apparent rarity of Relay Campaigns in the West.))