Replay: Flowers of Hope after the End of the World

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This replay (in the original Japanese) can be freely downloaded from the official website. A translation of this segment was previously made available by Yaruki Zero Games. I've borrowed some terminology from it, but I had enough bones to pick that I decided to provide an alternate translation. Pun intended.

Note that this replay was published almost three years before the rulebook was, and there are some differences between the game system as demonstrated here and as written in the rulebook. In particular:

  • Conversation Check bonuses from the Necromancer were awarded as additional dice, not modifiers
  • Many skills had different effects, particularly Aisha's Alice skills
  • Karma and Fragments of Memory were not mentioned, and Favor Points were awarded by Necromancer fiat


Flowers of Hope after the End of the World

NC TRY3 logo.png

This game we shall weave together from tatters is a tale of the pitiable Dolls.
They are not human, yet within them dwell human hearts.
Humans stir upon this earth no longer, yet they do.
In this world that was destroyed long ago,
those who bear the shapes of humans walk the earth still.

The TRPG we at Tsugihagi Honbo are currently working on, "Nechronica: The Long, Long Epilogue," is a game set in a dead world in which everything has been destroyed and only walking corpses- the undead- still crawl upon the face of the earth.
Those who rule this ruined world, through envoys they have cursed to move, are the Necromancers. No living thing remains, yet the Necromancers see to it that the dead walk the earth. The player characters are unusual among the dead, for they are girls who have been given wills of their own- the Dolls. Whether they are the playthings of the Necromancers, the culminations of their madness, or of their earnest wishes... This the Dolls do not know.
In this world devoid of all but corpses such as them, as the Necromancers toy with them out of cruelty and madness, the Dolls struggle to free themselves from their curse.
The only thing they can depend upon is the chance that beyond their struggles, there may yet be hope.

Two Players

Having 3 or 4 players is ideal, but today there were only two of them. While having more players increases everyone's options in battle and makes them exciting, having just a few sets a good pace for the drama. In this session, I think we were able to create some nice drama.


These are the main reason that the Dolls possess wills of their own. Fetters may be treasured objects, or powerful emotions they feel towards other Dolls. They are the source of the Dolls' will to live. As they experience conflict and tragedy, their Fetters may be damaged in the form of accumulating Madness Points.

Now, it is time to create the Dolls.

On this day, two Dolls shall awaken...

Necromancer:(henceforth NC)So, you're got a handle on world the Dolls are in, right? The Dolls that I had the two of you make earlier?
Tomari:It's a pretty hopeless place, huh.
Aisha:But there's nothing more that can die-nya.
Tomari:Isn't that the problem?
NC:Anyway, let's start by having the two Dolls introduce themselves. After that, the two of you need to decide on your Fetters.

NC TRY3 Tomari.png
Tomari Sasahara

Age at Death: 15
Skills:Damaged Goods, Death God, Calamity, Dance of Death
Reinforcements:Armed 2, Mutated 0, Enhanced 3
Action Points:9
Head Parts:Brain, Eyeballs, Jaw
Arm Parts:Fists, Arms, Shoulders, Katana, Ball and Chain, Stuffed Animal
Body Parts:Spine, Entrails, Entrails, Cyborg, Steel Bone
Leg Parts:Bone, Bone, Feet, Hopper
"Though I look like a schoolgirl in uniform with short brown hair, I'm actually a half-machine, Armed-type doll. I'm pretty violent and really like cutting things up with my sword. With that in one hand and my bunny in the other, I'm ready for anything this world throws at me. When I'm fighting, my bunny gets soaked in blood and I have to wash it all the time, but I'm never going to let go of it."

NC TRY3 Aisha.png

Age at Death:11
Skills:Maiden, Magic Bullet, Hand of Death, Deadly Drama
Reinforcements:Armed 3, Mutated 1, Enhanced 1
Action Points:11
Head Parts:Brain, Eyeballs, Jaw, Adrenaline
Arm Parts:Fists, Arms, Shoulders, Sniper Rifle, Twin Pistol, Undead Gun, Undead Pet
Body Parts:Spine, Entrails, Entrails, Heart
Leg Parts:Bone, Bone, Feet
"...Me? I... I'm an Enhanced-type doll made of a girl from some place that was called India. I have a lot of firepower, but I can't get used to killing things... I'm so timid it's the first thing anyone notices about me. Oh, this zombie crow? It's my pet. Though I guess it's all white because it got bleached by acid. That's the way this world goes..."


Embodiments of the gods of death, this class specializes in close combat. They focus on skills that are effective in close combat as well. Since Aisha is a long-range attacker, will her offensive ability suffer...?

NC:Whoa, double Thanatos. That's quite the deadly combination.
Tomari:Well, it seemed like we'd be doing a lot of fighting.
Aisha:Since I'm a long-ranged attacker, please be my vanguard~.
Tomari:Okay, I'll cover the front line. Um, is it okay if I call you Ai-chan?
Aisha:Sure~. And I'll call you Tomari.~
NC:Alright, now, since the two of you know each other, you'll need to choose your Fetters. Ah, you have "Dependent on Treasure" from the start. But you can pick those Aisha and Tomari have towards each other.
Tomari:Hmm, hmm.
NC:You can discuss which ones to choose from the Fetter Table. Or you can roll the dice, if you'd prefer.
Aisha:What should we do? Should we decide by rolling dice?
Tomari:Well, since I'm older, I thought I would go with "Protective."
Aisha:Yay, you'll be looking out for me~. Well, then I'll roll the dice (rolls)... whoa, "Hateful."
Tomari:It's just the two of us, yet you hate me... that's pretty harsh.
NC:Ah, since this is just a guideline for how you roleplay, if you don't like what you get you're welcome to roll for something else.
Aisha:Kay, one more time (rolls)... "Attached."~ It's 'cause I'm young.


If any of a Doll's Fetters are overwhelmed by Madness Points, that doll enters the state of Madness. The effect of Madness differs depending on the Fetter that was overwhelmed - for instance, in the case of "Attached", the Doll's Madness will be expressed by stalking their companions.

Tomari:If you fall victim to Madness, you'll go yandere! (laughs)
NC:No, that might happen no matter which Fetter drives her mad... (laughs)
Aisha:I'm gonna say "Tomari-chan, we'll be together forever, won't we?"
Tomari:That's such an ordinary phrase, but it's scary!
NC:Anyway, now that you've decided your Fetters, let's ease into the session.

Chapter 1: Our Days in the Crucible[edit]

Out from Purgatory[edit]

Madness Points

Madness Points represent damage inflicted upon Fetters. Each Fetter can absorb up to 3 Madness Points. If all of a Doll's Fetters are overwhelmed by Madness Points, their Heart will break and they will become a mere zombie like any other.

Nothing to Worry About

Normal dolls receive Madness Points every time they have to fight. However, Tomari's skill "Damaged Goods" indicated that her heart is partially destroyed, and she won't receive Madness Points from participating in battle. That's why no matter how many consecutive battles Tomari fights, her mental state won't suffer for it.

NC:Well, since the two of you awoke into this world, you've been stuck in an arena in which you must fight to the death... nah, both you and your opponents are dead already. But unlike you, those undead you have fought are never anything more than mindless killing machines.
Aisha:I wonder if the Necromancer wants to watch us lose our minds from constant fighting.
NC:Who knows~ (evil laugh) At regular intervals, a gate opens to the outside, but if you survive you're forced back inside again.
Tomari:"These undead we've been fighting lately sure are weak. It's not even fun cutting their heads off. I give 'em thirty points out of a hundred." I won't get any Madness Points from fighting, so I have nothing to worry about.
Aisha:"Amazing, Tomari-chan..." I get Madness Points every time, but Tomari-chan can help me fix them.
NC:You've just finished defeating today's mob of undead. Normally, the door that leads back to the waiting room would open now... but today, a different door opens.
Tomari:"...Huh? Isn't that the wrong door?"
Aisha:"..Aah, it's a different one?!" Just in case anything comes out, I'm going to hide behind Tomari-chan.
NC:A huge number of burly undead soldiers with guns are surrounding you. They're forcing you towards the open door.
Aisha:"Aah, we're going, we're going, I'm sorry!" I'm on the verge of tears with fright as I hurry in.
Tomari:Ah, I'm going with her.
NC:Once the two of you are inside, the gate slams shut with a clang, and you hear the click of it locking.
Aisha:"It closed..."
Tomari:"Where are we?" I look around quickly.
NC:You've gone into a corridor. There are no windows, only some fluorescent lights flickering along the way.
Aisha:"Aah, I'm scared..." I stick close to Tomari-chan.
Tomari:"Well, there's nowhere to go but forward." With Ai-chan's hand in mine, I boldly advance into the corridor.
NC:Then, as you continue along the corridor, you see a door with light pouring out from the gaps around it.
Tomari:"...Oh, we'll find something in there." What kind of door is it?
NC:It's a solid iron door, with "If you wish to spend your days in battle, enter not and await your fate where you stand." engraved upon it.
Aisha:"I don't want to spend... my days in battle... I don't wanna get broken, or break anything else anymore..." I'm wailing by now.
Tomari:"Mm. Ai-chan, if you don't want to fight, should we go through?"
Aisha:I nod quickly.
Tomari:"I'm kind of worried we'll get squashed like bugs the second we step through.~ But it's not like we can do much else." In we go, I suppose?

Not a bad guess.


Performing a check in Nechronica basically means rolling a single 10-sided die. Though there are conditions and Skills that can affect them, generally rolling a six or higher is a success. Thus, the default chance to succeed is fifty percent.

NC:Oh, before you go in, try rolling a check.
Tomari:Ugh, a five. I failed.
Aisha:A seven, I didn't~
NC:In that case, Aisha notices someone talking on the other side of the door. She can't tell what they're saying, but the voice is one she's heard before.
Aisha:Could it be someone I remember from when I was alive?
NC:Good question.
Tomari:Anyway. We're going in, right? Unless we need a key, let's do that.

Into Hell[edit]

NC:"You've come at last." As you open the door, a voice says that to you. A voice that you two know well.
Aisha:"Eek!" I'm so startled my hair stands on end.
NC:"Yo-yo-you've co-come at last. Hahahahaha." This voice is different... but you know it well, too.
Tomari:Necromancer, are they someone we met in the arena?
Aisha:Then are they someone we remember from when we were alive?
NC:No, no, you've heard this voice many times since you rose from the dead. (evil laugh)
Both:Well, who are they?
NC:Once you see the two who spoke to you, you recognize them. They have short brown hair, look about fourteen or fifteen...
Tomari:Hey, are they...!


Certain rare exceptions aside, everyone in this game is undead. Well, there are also things such as mutated plants and insects.

Fakes Already?!

It may seem sudden, but since this replay is a tutorial and needs to explain the combat system, we threw the characters into the ring right away. In truth, this is a bit early for a battle. Even the second chapter might be a bit early.

NC:There's a pair of undead standing in the room with the same face as Tomari! They're Dolls like you with wills of their own, not the mindless undead you're used to fighting.
Tomari:Fakes already?!
Aisha:"Tomari-chan, there's three of you?!" No, I bet they're clones or something...
Tomari:"They're way too similar! Who are you two?!" I'm kinda scared, so I'd rather not think about it myself.
NC:One of them has a lot of guns with her and looks like she's about to blow her top. The other one's body is so mutated that she doesn't look human anymore... and she seems to be a little screwed up in the head, too. Let's call them "Armed Tomari" and "Mutated Tomari" for convenience's sake.
Aisha:Um, that Mutated Tomari... what exactly does she look like?
NC:She's got extra limbs and a tail, the space between her two pairs of arms is webbed, and her hands are twisted into sharp talons.
Tomari:"Face aside, that one doesn't look much like me-" Not that I'm happy her face looks like mine either.

Madness Check

Naturally, you perform these the same way as you would any other Check.

NC:Anyway, now that you've seen them, both of you have to make a Madness Check. If you succeed you'll get one point, but if you fail you'll have to take two.
Aisha:Aah, it feels like a fight's about to start, so I'd better not fail this! (rolls) Success.~ I'll take the point of damage on my Fetter with Tomari-chan.
Tomari:Yep, success. "Hmph. So, are you gonna pick a fight with us?" I tell 'em, and take that point on my Fetter with my bunny.
Armed Tomari (NC):"Need you even ask whether we will fight? Look." She points her finger.
Aisha:"Eh? What?" I look at where she's pointing, not even considering it could be a trick or something.
NC:Don't worry, she's not going to pull a fast one on you. She's pointing at a solid door. It reads, "Defeat the enemy before you, and this door shall open. Beyond, you need fight in the arena no longer." By the way, this isn't the same door that you came through or that they did.
Aisha:"...If the two of us beat the two of you, we're free?" I ask ruefully.
Tomari:"So if we beat the two of you, maybe we'll be free?" As for me, I'm raring to fight.
Mutated Tomari (NC):"I, if we defeat you, we, wewewewewe shall leave this place? Yes? Tomari?" She's drooling as she says this.
Armed Tomari (NC):"That's right. Let's give it our all, Tomari." She pats Mutated Tomari on the head.
Aisha:"I, I don't want to... fight..."
Tomari:"But unless we do, that door won't open and let us leave."


Dolls of this position tend to be the most human-like of Dolls. They inspire their companions, and have skills which serve as tonics for this bloodthirsty world.

Aisha:"Hey, we've met each other after so long alone... let's not try to get past that door and just be friends, the four of us!" I say to everyone with tears in my eyes. Since I'm an Alice!

Time to roll the dice! But they were unmoved by Aisha's tears.

Armed Tomari (NC):"We don't want to fight in that place any longer. That's why the two of you shall be... our final enemies!" She draws her twin pistols.
Aisha:"T, there's no other way?!" Aww, why did I have to fail that check!
Tomari:"Hey, Ai-chan, they're out for our blood. Not all Tomarins are nice. I'm the only one that is."
NC:Composed, aren't you, Tomari! Even though this fight is all about you!
Aisha:"O, okay... Tomari-chan, you're... important to me, so!" I'm still on the verge of tears, but I draw my gun.
Mutated Tomari (NC):"My Tomari is, thethethe, only Tomari... I-I-I'll smash that fake one!" With a growl, she assumes an alien, menacing pose.
Tomari:"Hey, now. I know I'm the real one. Because you fakes don't have my bunny!" I draw my sword!

There Can Be Only Two[edit]

NC TRY3 152.png

NC:Anyway, let's get the battle started. Wouldn't the two of you like a Madness Point? Tomari:I'm Damaged Goods, so I'll pass on that. Aisha:Um... hmm, I'll put it on my Undead Pet. During the battle I'll worry that she might get broken.

Battle Map

Battles take place upon a special sheet called the Battle Map. The Battle Map is divided into five areas, each one of which has a name. In order from the side the PCs begin on, they are "Eden", "Elysium", "Limbo", "Hades", and "Tartarus."

Fast Enemies

It's quite the advantage to have a lot of Action Points. Because Tomari doesn't have any Parts that give her extra Action Points, the other Tomaris have somewhat more of them than she does.


During combat, a single round doesn't correspond to a single action. As the countdown decreases to match the number of Action Points you have, you can perform action after action. These actions are known as Combat Maneuvers and include the use of Skills, Parts, and such. Once one decides to perform a Combat Maneuver, it costs them a certain amount of Action Points.

Two Points to the Arms

When one makes a Check to attack in battle, the result determines where the attack lands. Rolls of 7-10 correspond to specific locations, while on a 6 the one receiving the attack gets to choose where it hits. When an Undead takes damage to a location, it sunders Parts from that location. Of course, when that happens they can no longer use any Maneuvers, effects, etc. those parts provided.


Maneuvers listed as Interrupts can be used before Checks, taking damage, etc. They can do things like reduce damage or affect the result of a die roll. However, each Maneuver of this type can only be used once per round.

NC:Okay, time for positions. This is the Battle Map. Armed Tomari is in Hades, and Mutated Tomari is in Limbo. Where are you two?
Tomari:Hmm, our enemies look fast, so I'll start in Elysium.
Aisha:Then I'll put Aisha down in Eden.~
NC:Pft, and you're not even embarrassed to do it. Mutated Tomari has 12 Action Points, and Armed Tomari has 9.
Tomari:That's one fast mutant!
Aisha:Well, it's a good thing she'll have to waste some of her points moving.
NC:If you'd started in Limbo, you could forget about ever getting a turn...
Tomari:Rowr! (does an angry-kitten imitation)
NC:Hmph. Okay, let's start the round. Mutated Tomari's first at Count 12. She's going to use her "Bone" and "Extra Leg" to scurry on over to Elysium! That takes 3 points. Her next action's at 9!
Tomari:"Someone that creepy can't be me!" I say as she draws near.
NC:Count 11. It's Aisha's turn to act.
Aisha:Awww, my "Undead Gun" is an indiscriminate attack, so I can't use that anymore! Um, w, what should I do~ (sweatdrop)
Tomari:Can't you do anything else?
Aisha:Um, uh, aah, I'll just hurry and grab my Twin Pistols instead! I've gotta take down Mutated Tomari!
NC:Let's see you try!
Aisha:Blam, blam! (rolls) Yeah, a 9! Two points to the arms!
NC:Oh no, not the arms! She'll interrupt with Torn Membrane! That'll decrease the two damage to none!
Aisha:Whaaat? I'm using my Twin Pistols' special ability to attack again! Crap, rolled a 5... aww... oh! I can use my Arms to make it a 6! It'll cost me some AP, but we need to weaken her attacks somehow.
NC:Ugh, she takes the hits to the Torso. Her Entrails and Spine are sundered!
Tomari:Nice opening attack!
Aisha:"Aah?! I... I just..." This is the first time I've shot someone with a Heart like me, so I'm a little traumatized.
NC:Really? Roll a Madness Check, then.
Aisha:Heeey, NC, I'm just acting! It's roleplay!
NC:Hmph. (dejected)
Aisha:Anyhow, using my Twin Pistols and Arms costs me 4 points in total. My next action's at 7.
NC:Then we'll breeze past Count 10 and straight to 9, where we have all three Tomaris acting at the same time!

Death God

A Skill from the Thanatos class. This Maneuver can be used when attacking with a blade, and allows the user to roll two dice and choose the result they prefer. Naturally, this greatly increases the attack's likelihood of success.

Dismemberment Check

The Katana and some other Armaments possess an additional effect. If the target of an attack from them fails a Check, all Parts in the targeted location are sundered. The Necromancer is likely to weep if this happens.

Mad Demon

This is a Skill from the Baroque class, which is specialized towards Mutated-type Dolls. It is similar to "Death God", but can only be used to perform an attack with a Mutation.

Tomari:Okay, I swing my sword at Mutated Tomari! And I'm gonna use "Death God" to roll two dice... whoa, a 9 and a 10!
NC:Drat. Do you want to hit her arms or her head?
Tomari:The important stuff's on her arms, but without a head she's out of the fight entirely! I'll go for that!
NC:Okay, let me roll a Dismemberment Check... whew, safe (sweatdrop.) She only takes one Damage, and it sunders her Chin.
Tomari:"Mangling my own face is a bit much~" I look about as disgusted as you would expect.
Aisha:You've been taking things pretty darn calmly, considering the situation!
NC:She's pretty screwed up, huh? Anyway, speaking of Mutated Tomari, she uses her Talons to... actually, she'll use her skill "Mad Demon" to roll two dice! Your torso takes 2 damage.
Tomari:"Hey, that stuff's important!" So much for both my Entrails.
Aisha:The two of you with the same face, fighting with sword against talon... it's a bit of a creepy spectacle...
NC:Now... Armed Tomari doesn't have the Long Range skill, so she has to move from Hades to Limbo. Ugh, what a waste!
Aisha:Count 7! Me, Tomari, and Mutated Tomari get to act!
Tomari:"You...!" I'm gonna slice her with my Katana again... oh, I hit her head again.


A Basic Part. These grant an extra Action Point, so having them broken is quite the troubling development. However, to expedite the rules, the Action Point loss takes effect at the beginning of the next Round.

NC:Crud. You... didn't decapitate her! Ugh, but instead you got her Eyeballs.
Tomari:"Your head belongs to me!" (Secret Sword II pose) NC:Man, and Armed Tomari still hasn't gotten to do anything!
Aisha:"Watch out, Tomari-chan!" I'm acting at the same time, so I'll lay down some covering fire with my Twin Pistols... and I hit... and hit again! That's two damage to both head and torso!
NC:Whoa! Her Heart, Brain and Adrenaline got sundered! Now her Action Points are at -4 and her head and torso are totally broken!
Aisha:And I was going for her arms...
Tomari:Ew, I just got to watch my own head get blown off (laughs.)
Mutated Tomari (NC):"Youyouyouyouhakk! Ie! Iie! Uss ie!"
Tomari:Without her jaw, she sounds like she's talking with her mouth full!
Aisha:Boss, translate what she's saying for us!
NC:"Youyouyouyou fake! Die! Die! Just die!" And so she attacks! Her Talons do two damage to Tomari's Legs.
Tomari:Ugh, but I shouldn't need to move, so there go my Bones!
NC:The next Count is 5! And Armed Tomari finally gets to attack!
Tomari:She's coming!


This is a Skill from the Requiem class, whose specialty is shooting. It causes a penalty to hit chance, but reduces the Action Point cost of the Maneuver, allowing many attacks in swift succession.

NC:"How dare you lay a finger on my Tomari!" She attacks Tomari with her Twin Pistols, and she'll make you listen to her Lullaby too!

But the dice mercilessly rolled a 3.

Tomari:...So she missed?
Tomari:On to Count 4, then. Can I go?
Tomari:Okay, time to put an end to Mutated Tomarin! Katana Slash! Oh, a 6, the hit location's your choice.
NC:The legs! I can't let her lose her arms!... agh, they got dismembered! Her Bones, Tail and Extra Legs all fly away!
Mutated Tomari (NC):"Ooooohhh... ghghgh...." She's twitching in shock, but she can still move her arms! She attacks!

Hand of Death

A Skill from the Requiem class. This allows them to perform an Attack Maneuver that can normally only be used on one's turn to act as an Interrupt. It's ideal for finishing off a injured enemy before they can make a final attack.

Critical Failure

When the dice come up 1, it's a Critical Failure. During battle, if an Attack Check results in a Critical Failure, the attacker hits an ally in the same area! (If there aren't any allies in the same area, they hit themselves.)

Aisha:Then I interrupt with "Hand of Death!" I can do that, right?
NC:Ugh... you can.
Aisha:"Don't pick on Tomari-chan anymore!" I hit!
NC:What? There go her Arms and Extra Arms! But her Talons are still there, damn you!
Aisha:Then I attack again! ...h, huh?

She rolled a 1.

Tomari:Uh, a critical failure in battle means...
NC:Heheheh. It hits Tomarin in a location of her choice.
Aisha:"Awawa, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" (cringing)
Tomari:"Ai-chaaan. Even if she and I are both Tomarin, don't shoot both of us!" I'll take the hit in the Arms and say goodbye to my Shoulders and Fists.
NC:And now that the Interrupt's taken care of, time for my attack! Eat some Talon! ...huh?

This roll failed too.
Well, since she only had a 1/4 chance of success, it's unsurprising.

NC:Ugh, Count 3, it's Armed Tomari's action! Nothing fancy, she'll just shoot you!

Yet she failed again. Now Armed Tomari has no Action Points left.

Tomari:Armed Tomari isn't much of a presence in this fight, is she? (laughs)
Aisha:Sure isn't! (laughs)
NC:Damn it! Count 2! Tomari and Mutated Tomari both act!
Aisha:My Action Points are at -1, so I won't be acting again~.
Tomari:I'll finish off Mutated Tomari with my katana! I hit!
NC:Ugh... and you dismembered... b, but, I'll have her use her Talons at the same time! And she gets you in the head! Take that!


An Modification-type Enhancement. It indicates that the Doll's body is pretty sturdy due to being half metal. Or in game terms, grants a powerful defensive Maneuver.

Tomari:I'll use my Cyborg part to defend against it. She'll just bounce off my armor.
NC:Man, you still had that? Well, this Tomari's totally gone to pieces...
Tomari:"And now that Tomari is history. Next is this one." I glare at Armed Tomari.
Armed Tomari (NC):"H, how dare you do that to my Tomari!" she says as the first Round comes to an end.
NC:Okay, let's start the second Round. If you ended the round with a negative number of Action Points, those carry over to your initial Action Points in the next, so be careful. I've got 9 of 'em.
Tomari:I have 9, too.
Aisha:I had -1, so this Round I have 10.
NC:Then Aisha, it's your turn.

Unfortunately, she had no way to hit Armed Tomari from her position.
After that, Armed Tomari had one more chance to act. But in a cruel twist, she rolled a Critical Failure on her extra attack and shot herself in the Legs.

Tomari:"How was that?! A nice, clean slash! Eighty points!"
Armed Tomari (NC):"...! Ah... ugh... uuuugh!" Her eyes are wet with tears.
Tomari:"We won, Ai-chan! I'm the genuine article!"
NC:Well, she can still act, but she hasn't got any Parts left she can use to attack or move.

We Need to Fix Tomari-chan

When Enemy Undead are defeated, they leave behind various Parts depending on how strong they were. If one doesn't defeat enemies and win battles, their damaged Parts do not return to their original condition. Aisha wouldn't be able to fix Tomari using just the Parts that Mutated Tomari dropped.

Aisha:Aww, I don't want to tear her to pieces, but we need to fix Tomari-chan... so I'll finish her off, even though it makes me come to tears too.
Tomari:Armed Tomari didn't even manage to do any damage in the end, did she?
NC:Shut up! Give her a break!

Having an enemy never deal any damage at all would make any GM angry, not just a Necromancer.

NC:Shit, so much for that battle. But beating up people with the same face as her had to unnerve Tomari a little. I reward her with a Madness Point.
Tomari:Mm, alright. I put it on the Fetter to my bunny.

The Doorway of Darkness[edit]

Favor Points

These are given out to denote how pleased with his toys the Necromancer is. Basically, they're experience points. They can be used to remove Madness from player characters or to improve them.


Dolls can negate their rising Madness Points by being cheered up by their companions. But to do this, they must succeed at a Conversation Check. Depending on their roleplay, they may receive extra dice as a bonus. The number of Madness Points they can recover from is limited to the number of successes they roll.

NC:Anyway, from that battle the two of you can take ten Parts of your choice. Also, I'll give you each ten Favor Points.

Though the two of them received Favor Points, they decided not to use them right away.

Aisha:Yay, with these we can fix Tomari completely, right?
Tomari:Maybe we'll even have a few left over.
Tomari:"Since those two were pretty much me, these parts feel like they made me good as new. Maybe if I absorb enough of them I'll become Perfect Tomarin." We do have a few left over.
Aisha:"Yeah... but if there were that many of you, it'd be kinda scary." I didn't take any damage.~ Hey, can we heal some of our Madness Points by having a conversation?
Aisha:"I wonder if there are people just like me out there somewhere?"
Tomari:"Who knows... but it'd be nice if we don't get stuck fighting them again." I grab my entrails and stuff them back inside.
Aisha:"You're amazing, Tomari-chan." Amazingly easygoing about all this, that is (laughs.)
Tomari:"Am I? I don't think I'm anything special." I'll say back to her.
NC:Okay, now the two of you can make your Conversation Checks. And you can roll a bonus die.
Tomari:And one success. I remove one Madness Point.
Aisha:I had one success too, so there goes a Madness Point.
NC:Now, in the meantime, the door slowly opens with a scraping sound. Through the opening, you can see nothing but total darkness
Aisha:"It's... not the outside..." I'm taken aback with surprise.
Tomari:"The outside isn't this dark... is it?"
NC:The two of you do have faint memories of the time when you were alive. Blue skies, clouds in the sky, stars and the moon shining even in the dark of night. But none of your memories are of this kind of darkness.
Aisha:"That isn't the blue sky..."
Tomari:"Anyway, we have nowhere else to go." I grasp Aisha's hand tightly in mine.

The First Chapter Ends

A session of Nechronica reaches its close after a single combat and the depiction of that which comes before and after. If you have enough time, you can make them the length of a miniature campaign. This is ideal for online play.

NC:Then, once the two of you go forth into the darkness, that's the end of the first chapter.
Aisha:But, since we had those parts left over, I wanted to improve myself somehow and get some new abilities-nya.
Tomari:Who wouldn't?

Chapter 2: Paradise Lost[edit]


NC:Now, let's continue.
Tomari:From when we went past the door, right?
NC:Yep. The two of you advance into the darkness, mostly fumbling your way along. It's a wide space, and the light from behind you doesn't reach far inside. The ceiling's high, too.
Aisha:"Be careful, Tomari-chan, okay? Who knows if there's some kind of monster in here..." I'm scared, so I stick close to Tomari-chan.
Tomari:"Sure wish there was a light." It doesn't really bother me, though. I keep going forward.
NC:You hear a clang as the door closes behind you. The room is plunged into complete darkness.
Tomari:"Whoa. It's totally dark... which way do we go?" I pick Aisha up in my arms, stopping short as I do.
(??) NC:"Now, keep going just like that, Tomari." The gentle voice of a man seems to resonate from your entire surroundings.
Tomari:"Wah!" I'm genuinely surprised to hear someone call my name like that all of a sudden.
NC:From above, a spotlight shines upon the two of you.
Tomari:"S, should we do as we were told, Ai-chan?"
Aisha:"Yeah." I'm trembling uncontrollably, with no idea what will happen next.
(??) NC:"It seems the two Tomaris working in concert failed to demonstrate their true strength. Instead, the Tomari with a girl from outside was victorious... now, come. This way." Please make a Check.

Aisha succeeded at the Check, while Tomari failed.

NC:Then Aisha notices it. The scent of blood and of rotting flesh. The sound of countless voices muttering, breath wheezing, and somethings swaying.
Aisha:"Wh, who's there?" I, I'm scared.
Tomari:Whoa, when the lights come on we might go nuts.
(??) NC:"I am speaking to Tomari, not you. While I do have an interest in you, her friend, doesn't Tomari come first." In time with that complaisant voice, you hear the rumble of something vibrating as it draws near to you.
Tomari:"I come first... what's that sound?"
NC:And the lights come on at long last!
(Industrial Robot) NC:"Look, Tomari. It's PAPA. Won't you give me a hug..." The gigantic machine begins speeding toward you.
Aisha:"W, watch out, Tomari-chan!"
Tomari:"Aah?!" I leap away in panic!
NC:Let's see you succeed on your Check to do that first, Tomari~.

Contrary to his hopes, she did succeed.

NC:Hmph. From the momentum of the robot as it speeds past you, it's obvious it meant to run you over.
PAPA (NC):"What's wrong, Tomari? Are you being bashful?" With a screech as it scrapes the floor, it does a U-turn.
Tomari:"W, wha? What... the hell are you?!" I look around in a hurry for some way to escape!
PAPA (NC):"Give me a hug, Tomari. Then you can stay here with PAPA forever." it coaxes.
Aisha:I'm looking for an exit too!
NC:At that moment the two of you notice something you hadn't before. You're standing in...

A huge room, similar to a warehouse.
From the ceiling hang innumerable cages.
Like birdcages... with people instead of birds.
Each of those people are the same.
Draped as if they had no bones,
they mutter deliriously without end.
A countless number of Tomaris...!
Yet two cages, side by side,
are open and lie empty.

NC:That silence means you know what's next, right? Have an Insanity Check on me! Success means 1 point, failure means 2. But Tomari, for you success means 2 points and failure means 3!

Discrimination against Tomari-kind

Actually, it's nothing of the sort. It's a penalty Tomari received for failing the first Check. Aisha was led to imagine what horrors the room might hold while in the darkness, so she didn't take them as hard. Not that it wasn't nasty of the Necromancer to hit Tomari with enough Madness Points at once that she went mad right away.

Constant Contact

This is the Madness associated with the Fetter 'Protective.' The Doll affected by it becomes unable to move away from her companion and must follow her if she moves. Since she has to be in the same position during the same Count, it's difficult for her to defend from the front or the rear.

Tomari:What?! That's discrimination against Tomari-kind! If I get 3 points I'll go crazy!
Tomari:Ugh, I failed! 3 points! ...If I put them on my bunny, my Madness is 'Infantile Relapse' and I lose two Action Points... that's bad, so sorry! Ai-chan, I'm going mad about you, so I get 'Constant Contact' and am stuck in the same area as you!
Aisha:Aw, I failed too... ugh, I'll put the 2 points on Tomari-chan!
Tomari:"Wha-what are you..." I stick close to Ai-chan! Is this the Necromancer behind all the Tomaris?
NC:Wouldn't you like to know.
Aisha:"To... Tomari-chan..." It's unlike Tomari to be scared, so I hug her from behind.
PAPA (NC):"Now, now, your friend can come with you. You won't need to leave her behind, Tomari." It extends its arms with a clattering sound.
Tomari:"W, what are you doing?! I don't want to be like these girls!" I draw my Katana!
Aisha:"Something like you can't be Tomari-chan's father!" I ready my Undead Gun!
NC:From further inside the room, you hear other machines stirring into action. Upon examining your surroundings, you see the walls are covered with innumerable cracks and bullet holes- they must have been from Tomaris that trued to escape in the past.
Tomari:"......!" I guess that means we'll have to break out through a wall... if we can.
PAPA (NC):"You're being a very selfish girl, Tomari. You'll have to be punished." Screeching fills the room as a countless number of robots approach...
Aisha:The NC said 'countless!' If we stay here, we'll never be able to beat them!
NC:Now, let's start the battle!

Dramatic Escape[edit]

NC TRY3 178.png


A type of enemy undead. It represents an overwhelming horde of undead bodies. Since it would be tedious to represent a horde like this one by one, each point of damage is considered to annihilate several members of it. They don't have hit locations, so explosive, dismembering, and all other attacks gain extra effectiveness.

Undead Gun

This is the absurd gun from the 2003 zombie film "Undead." It consists of several shotguns lined up next to each other, and looks to be the bane of zombies. It's in fact stupidly strong.

NC:First, I shall explain your mission! If you do a total of 15 damage to the wall, you'll break through! But while you're at it, the robots are coming to attack you.
Tomari:Whoa, that's totally unreasonable.
NC:No way. You'll manage somehow. Oh, since the wall is a Legion, as long as you hit it you'll do 3 times the damage. And if you Dismember it you'll do two times that.
Aisha:"Let's do it, Tomari-chan! If we don't tear down this wall, we'll never escape!" Two shots from my Undead Gun ought to blow it to bits!
Tomari:"Y, yeah!" Behind my back, I take Ai-chan's hand in mind and squeeze. It's the reverse of usual~
NC:Now that's the spirit. Let's start the battle. For positions we have PAPA A in Limbo, PAPAs B and C in Hades, and PAPAs D through F in Tartarus. The two of you start in Elysium, and the wall is between it and Eden. If you break the wall and move into Eden, you'll escape. Okay?
Tomari:Whoooa, and I suppose when we've all acted G through J will show up in Tartarus?
NC:Heheh, you seem to get it. Quite right. Oh, and don't forget that when a battle starts Aisha gets a Madness Point.
Aisha:Ugh, now I'm just barely sane... Anyway, let's do it!
NC:Okay. The PAPAs all have 10 Action Points. It begins!

NC:Let's start at Count 11. Your turn, Aisha!
Aisha:"I didn't rise from the dead for this!" I fire my Undead Gun at the wall! And the roll is... ugh, 5. I use my Arms to make it a hit!
NC:Mph. Already, huh?
Aisha:That's 1 point, plus an area attack, plus explosive-nya! Since the Wall's a Legion, 6 damage!
NC:Okay, got it. The wall gets gouged by a huge amount of buckshot. Nine points to go... but now it's Count 10! My turn!
PAPA (NC):"What are you doing, Tomari. Come and make up with PAPA." All the PAPAs advance towards you. Of course, this means G~J appear in Tartarus.
Tomari:"Eek!" I let out a cry of fear.
NC:Count 9. Now it's your turn, Tomari.
Tomari:I'm going to swing... ugh, but due to my Madness, I can't move separately from Ai-chan. Well, then I attack PAPA A with my Katana!
NC:Oh, you're not going to attack the wall with your Ball and Chain?
Tomari:I know what I'm doing! Take this! A hit! Whoa, and it's a 10! ...I use my Arms! Now it's 11 and a Critical Success!


A type of enemy undead. They are undead soldiers. They do not have hit locations, but they still have a collection of Parts that give them stamina and skills. They are weak to dismembering and explosive attacks.


A Part usable only by enemy undead. Though the name is different, it's otherwise about the same as 'Cyborg', and grants a powerful defensive maneuver.

Dance of Death

A "coup de grace" Skill belonging to the Romanesque class. Just as Tomari said, it's a frightening ability that allows the attacker to choose which Parts they want to break.


These are both Modification-type Enhancements that grant powerful attack maneuvers.

Ball and Chain

An Armament. It doesn't do much damage, but on top having an attack range that extends to adjacent areas of the combat map, it has the special ability of lowering the target's Action Points.

Deadly Drama

A Skill from the Thanatos Class. It allows one to make an attack at the same time as an ally, with both of you gaining a bonus to the dice roll and damage. It's an excellent skill if there are many players, but is not as effective with just a few of them.

NC:......! Since it's a Horror, it has no hit locations, and dismemberment doubles the hit damage to 4. I use the 'Robot' Part to reduce that by two. The destroyed parts are...
Tomari:Wait! I use Dance of Death! I get to choose which Parts are destroyed!
NC:Ugh... okay, here's the enemy data. Take your pick.
Tomari:Whoa, there's some dangerous stuff here... I destroy the Gauntlet and Electrigger!
NC:Pft, that makes this one useless. It's like you lopped off its Arms!
Aisha:"Now we have a little time!"
NC:Count 8, 7, 6... it's Aisha and the PAPAs' turn.
Aisha:I fire my Undead Gun at the wall again!... Aw, I missed!
NC:Haha! Then all the PAPAs except for A charge forward! B and C are in Elysium! And K through O appear in Tartarus!
Tomari:"There's way too many of them!" Ugh, these next ones are gonna hurt us!
NC:Count 5, Tomari's turn!
Tomari:I attack PAPA B! With my Ball and Chain! It hits for 1 damage!
NC:Persistant, aren't you. I'll erase that damage with Robot, but it still loses its Action Points. It can't act this round.

But the next Count is 2.

All the PAPAs except A and B will act.

Aisha:(thinking) ...Tomari-chan, should we attack the wall?
Tomari:Mm, sure. Most of the PAPAs can't do anything, so there's no point in hitting them.
Aisha:"Let's get out of here!" I use my Deadly Drama and fire at the wall with my Undead Gun!
Tomari:"Yeah!" I'll attack the wall with my Ball and Chain as well.
Aisha:A hit! The base damage is 2, but with the area attack and explosion, it goes up to 12!
Tomari:I hit too! At the same time!
NC:Mph... well, that wall is pretty much obliterated! Outside, you can see the open sky, and a wasteland that stretches to the horizon!
Aisha:"T, the outside...!" It's the first time I've ever seen it. The sight brings tears to my eyes.
Tomari:"We've got to run!" I'm too scared of the PAPAs to really appreciate the sight. (laughs)
NC:Hahaha, then PAPA C vents steam as it prepares to attack Aisha! And D through F advance to Elysium. The other PAPAs advance too. And P through U appear in Tartarus.
PAPA (NC):"Tomari is running away because she has a friend like you!" In turn with that angry voice comes the swipe of its Gauntlet... and it hits. Take 4 damage to the location of your choice.
Aisha:Gyaah?! My Action Points are in the negative, so I can't do anything to interrupt! My torso gets squashed! All my Torso Parts are gone!
Tomari:"A, are you okay, Ai-chan?!" I'm really shaken up!
Aisha:"I, I'm o... kay..." Ugh, but my body's all pulpy-nya.

NC:Now for the second round. PAPA B has 10 AP and PAPAs C through U have 8.
Aisha:My Heart got destroyed, so I only have 10 Action Points, and since I was at -2 I start at 8.


A Modification-type Enhancement. It's equipment installed in the legs that lets one jump. It allows one to perform a Movement Maneuver as an interrupt.

Tomari:I was negative, so I'm at 8 too.
NC:Then, Count 10. PAPA B attacks Aisha... oh, it failed.
Aisha:Whew. (uncrosses her fingers)
NC:Next is Count 8. Everyone else acts.
Aisha:Of course I use my Feet to take me to Eden!
Tomari:Oh, I interrupt with my Hopper so that I can stay next to her.
NC:But PAPAs C through F are in Elysium with you, and they all attack Tomari at the same time. Take this!

The final attack was four consecutive Gauntlets, all aimed at Tomari.
One rolled a Critical Failure and hit an ally.
Two of them just missed.
And one of them somehow succeeded.
But thanks to Tomari's defenses, she only lost her Fists to it.

NC:Is there no end to these awful dice rolls?!
Tomari:If you'd rolled well in this situation I wouldn't have been able to survive it!


A Skill that Alices have. It can be used to have a conversation as an Interrupt Maneuver during combat. Normally, this is not possible within combat, so it is a convenient ability. However, its Action Point cost is high.

Aisha:The dice know which way the wind's blowing-nya. Once we get outside, I'm gonna interrupt with "Maiden" to have a conversation.
PAPA (NC):"Where are you going, Tomari?! How could you run from your PAPA?!" you hear screamed from behind you.
Aisha:"That's because Tomari-chan isn't just something of yours!"
Tomari:"You've got plenty of others, so it's not a problem if just one of us gets away! Bye-bye!"
NC:Okay, nice chutzpah there. Have a bonus die.
Aisha:I got a success! There goes one Madness Point!
Tomari:That's nice. I hope I can get rid of this Madness soon...


NC:Anyway, the two of you escape through the hole in the wall, and the battle ends. You don't get any Parts. But you did get the Necromancer's full attention, and therefore 20 favor points.
Tomari:Ugh. I could improve my stats, but without any Parts? I'll use 5 points to get rid of my Madness... that's the first thing I ought to deal with.


A Skill available to Alices. By having a conversation, they can cure not just their own, but their companions' Madness. Essentially, it doubles the effect of conversation.

Aisha:I'll spend 15 points to acquire the Alice skill "Healing"-nya.
NC:Hm, not bad to get that before you have a conversation. Outside, beneath a sky that is not blue but as gray as lead, the two of you flee...
Tomari:"We did it! We're outside!" I'm practically bouncing with joy.
Aisha:The outside isn't as beautiful as I thought it would be, but it still brings tears of happiness to my eyes.~
NC:Behind you, the large building rumbles, and sirens begin to scream from here and there.
PAPAs (NC):"Tomari has escaped!" "Tomari has run away!" "We must recapture Tomari!" You see a immense number of undead pour out of the building, all of them vaguely resembling Tomari.
Tomari:"Whoa... they're coming after us. Let's go!" I start running into the wasteland.
Aisha:"Okay, Tomari-chan. Wherever you go... I'm coming with you!" I stay right next to her.
NC:There's a huge number of undead pursuing you.
Tomari:"I wonder if that building itself is 'PAPA'..." As I glance back at it, though, I don't feel any parental affection. Only the urge to tear it down.
PAPAs (NC):"Tomari!" "Tomari!" they cry.
Aisha:"Don't look! Just run as fast as you can!" I'm scared that they'll take Tomari-chan back if we don't get away from here. Is that enough conversation?
NC:Sure. Have a bonus die.
Aisha:Yay, two successes! My Madness Points are all gone, and Tomari-chan gets to take away two of them.
Tomari:Two failures here~. But thanks to you I only have one Madness Point left.
NC:Alright, then Chapter 2 comes to an end as the two of you run away.

Chapter 3: The Flowers of Hope[edit]

A Place I Know[edit]


Prior to this, the two fought a suitable group of undead soldiers in order to get some Parts. One would normally continue to the next session with any broken Parts remaining that way, but the two of them are now completely restored. That means Aisha has a stomach again.

NC:Now, we're going to expunge from the record that you just expunged a whole lot of Undead from the record. The two of you managed to escape somehow, and you were deep in the wasteland by the time you stopped to look around.
Tomari:"We've come pretty far... I don't think they'll chase us all this way."
Aisha:"It's just the two of us now?" I say shyly.

Time for a Check.
Tomari sees a cluster of buildings in the distance.

Tomari:"Buildings? Shall we go see?"
Aisha:"Okay... if you're with me, Tomari-chan."
NC:Then, as the two of you arrive, you see a number of walls that have crumbled to rubble. Was this once a city? The walls are full of bullet holes, scorch marks, and gouges as if they were cut with a huge blade. Only concrete remains.
Tomari:"They're like battle scars. Outside these buildings, there must have been a fight." I look around to see if there's anything here.

Aisha made another Check.
She succeeded, and a memory suddenly returned to her...

Aisha:"I... know this place..."
NC:Screams, the sound of countless guns firing, flames licking the buildings, corpses being trampled underfoot... and, as you tried to run away, being shot in the back. Those images resurface in your mind. Make a Madness Check.
Aisha:Aw... oh, I succeeded.
NC:Then, despite those memories, you manage to stay calm for once. You don't receive any Madness Points.
Aisha:"How scary..." My eyes may be dead, but that doesn't stop them from crying.

The Session Memo

This is where important phrases and events from the Session are written down. It's the natural enemy of GMs who like to ad-lib. Make sure you know where things are going!

Tomari:"You know, Papa... no, that thing that called itself Papa said you were from outside, Ai-chan. Maybe you have something to do with this place." (referring to the Session Memo)
Aisha:"Maybe..." Ah, NC, can we use that conversation we just had to make a Conversation Check? (laughs)
NC:If you insist (laughs.)

And so both their Madness Points are already back down to zero.

Aisha:"Tomari-chan... I... if I said I wanted to explore this town, would you be mad?"
Tomari:"Did you remember something, Ai-chan? Of course I wouldn't be mad, I'm interested in your past too. Let's look around together."
Aisha:"Yeah!" Too bad we don't have any Madness Points left or we could make another Check.
NC:Oh, would you like some?
Both:No! (immediate reply)
NC:Hmph. Anyway, make a Check to see if the two of you find anything.

But they both failed.
Thus, they wasted the rest of the day.

Tomari:"Oh, it's night... it sure is dark. We've already been in so many buildings, we'll forget which ones we've been in..."
Aisha:"I'm sorry, I made us do this all on my own..."
Tomari:"Don't worry. It's not as if we needed to do anything besides escape."
NC:Oh, how sentimental. Why don't you make another Check as the sun rises?
Tomari:All right! I succeeded this time!

As did Aisha.

NC:Nearly hidden beneath the rubble, you find a human corpse. The profound dryness of the wasteland has mummified it. You haven't seen any other dead bodies- this is the first one you've found.
Aisha:I search the corpse in a hurry. I feel like it's probably someone I know.
Tomari:Could the other bodies have been taken by that PAPA thing?


Sometimes the players catch on to what you're planning, but it's still vexing when they voice their suspicions.

NC:You might've read my mind there. (sweatdrop) It seems like the corpse died from a gunshot. Inside a pocket, you find something that looks like a business card case.
Aisha:I'll try opening it, my heart pounding as I do.
NC:The case has been pierced by a bullet. When you open it, you find a single photograph caught inside. It's of a man and a girl.
Aisha:Um, is that girl...?
NC:She's very young, with brown skin and an innocent smile on her face... it's unmistakeably Aisha. The face of the man by her side was torn away by the bullet, so you can't tell who he was.
Aisha:"H, huh... My heart's beating all fast..." I don't have to breathe, but it sounds as if I'm gasping all of a sudden.
Tomari:"Huh?... Is that girl you, Ai-chan?" I peer at the photograph.
Aisha:...... (nods)
Tomari:"Then this really is the place where you lived before your death." I'm a little envious, since it seems like she had a real papa, too.

The Gateway to Hope[edit]

NC TRY3 197.png

NC:As you look at the photograph, you're lost in all kinds of vague memories. Tomari, would you make a check?
Tomari:Huh, just me? Uh, I failed.
NC:I see. (glances at the scenario materials) Then, after a little while, Aisha returns to herself. This time both of you make a Check.
Tomari:I, I have a bad feeling... whoa, a Critical Failure.
Aisha:A six. Finally a success.
NC:Then, Aisha notices something beneath that dead body. It's a metal hatch buried beneath the rubble.
Aisha:A hatch?
NC:Or you might call it a trapdoor. It seems to lead somewhere underground. On top of the hatch is a mechanical-looking dial with a key in it.
Aisha:"Could this be a shelter...?" Um, can I figure out how to open it?
NC:Yes, you somehow have a vague understanding.
Tomari:"Ai-chan, what's that?" I don't really get why there's a metal plate in the ground.
Aisha:"There... there just might be living humans under here!" I'm really excited!
NC:However, just then... a bullet goes flying past the two of you, making a familiar sound as it adds another gunshot mark to the ruins.
Tomari:"Did they find us?!" I look around in a panic.
NC:Two more bullets slam into Tomari, coming from different directions.
NC:Oh, and since this isn't a battle, you can't use any Maneuvers.
Tomari:What?! U-um, I'll get shot in my two Entrails! Ugh, now I've got a hole where my stomach should be!
?? (NC):"Why, did you, run away, from Father? Were you deceived, by that, girl? The two, of us, must stay with PAPA, mustn't we?"
Atop the rubble, glaring down at you with clouded eyes, is another doll just like Tomari.
Tomari:"A, another one of me!" I glare right back at her with nothing but utmost hatred.
NC:And then you notice a number of undead soldiers with sniper rifles among the rubble, taking aim at the two of you.
Aisha:"Why can't you just leave Tomari-chan alone?!"
Tomari:"If you've already come outside, why don't you just run away too! You're me, after all!"
?? (NC):"What a failure, you are. I am not, defective, like you. That is why I am the Tomari, that Father loves, the most." Let's call her Perfect Tomari for now. It's convenient.
Tomari:"We're nothing but toys to that thing! Ai-chan is more important to me now!"
Perfect Tomari (NC):"How pitiful that you, were deceived, by that stray kitten, Tomari." Tears trickle from her eyes.
Tomari:"Just stop it!" Shouldn't we go in already?
NC:Sure (grins.)

And so the two of them receive Madness Points again.

Perfect Tomari (NC):"PAPA has, hugged us so gently in those large, warm, hands of its, time and, time again..." If you look at her closely, you can see that she's scarred as if she were a patchwork quilt- sown together from parts of many corpses.
Aisha:"Did it really fix you like that?" I suddenly realize.
Perfect Tomari (NC):"Fix? I do, not need, fixing."
Tomari:"...You're just a bunch of spare parts stuck together. A Tomari made from the remaining bits of all those ones your PAPA 'hugged,' aren't you."
Perfect Tomari (NC):"Now, shall we return?" She spreads her arms wide to hug Tomari.
Tomari:"I won't. I'll never go back. Out here there aren't any walls, ceilings, or things like that!"
Perfect Tomari (NC):"If I must, break you, I wonder if, PAPA will, be able to fix you?" She tilts her head.
Tomari:"If you think you can break me, just you try! When I'm with Ai-chan I'm the strongest Tomari!"

Conversation Checks

Normally these are only possible to make with your allies, but the Necromancer may allow them after any example of great roleplaying in a session. Of course, exceptions like this shouldn't happen too often.

NC:That's the spirit! Make a Conversation Check, Tomari!

Tomari got rid of her Madness Points.

Aisha:"Sorry, Tomari-chan! I absolutely have to get inside here!" I want to see what's inside the shelter.
Tomari:"I get it! Open that up! I'll make sure she can't lay a finger on us!"
NC:Nice. Okay, it will take two successes to clear away the rubble and one to open the lock, so three in total. Until then, every time the two of you make Checks, one of you will automatically get hit for 2 points of damage by the snipers. Since this isn't a battle, you can't use any Maneuvers. You're surrounded, so you can't escape either- you'd have to destroy them all, and if you try you'd better be prepared to get obliterated.

But the two of them weren't discouraged.

Aisha:"There might be another exit down below!" I think out loud as I try to push away the rubble! Success! Some of it's gone.
Tomari:"I see!" I clear away the rubble too! Success!
Perfect Tomari (NC):"We can, take, your stray kitten, with us, too. Come home, with us, Tomari." This time it's Aisha who takes the two points of damage! You can choose the location.
Aisha:I'll start by playing it safe and getting rid of both my Entrails! Ignoring the bullets, I try to open the lock! Success!
NC:What... shit, you only had a one-eighth chance of three consecutive successes! Than take some more damage!
Perfect Tomari (NC):"Stray kittens, should go, back to, where, they came from." Aisha takes two more damage!
Aisha:I lose my Shoulders and Fists. "It's open! Tomari-chan, let's go!" Even though we're being shot at from all sides, I just ignore it (laughs.)
Tomari:"I'm coming, Ai-chan!" I ignore them too. Down we go!
Perfect Tomari (NC):"PAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPA will be, very sad, you, heartless girl!" She wails after you as a chaotic hail of bullets slams into the earth, but the two of you make it safely beneath the ground.
Tomari:Once the two of us are inside, I quickly slam the hatch shut behind us.

The Hope that We Found[edit]

NC:Okay, there's a metal ladder descending deep beneath the ground. It probably leads down to the entrance chamber. There's light in here, but it's dim.
Aisha:Um, do I have any idea what's inside?
NC:At first you don't, but as you look at it you somehow start to remember. Anyway, at the end of the ladder is a door with a keypad.
Aisha:Do I know how to open it?
Aisha:Then naturally I do that, swallowing nervously as I do.
NC:There's a second door after that, but you can open that one, too.
Tomari:What's happening at the top of the ladder?
NC:You hear a lot of gunshots and explosions, and concrete powder is drifting down from the ceiling as it shakes.
Tomari:"Maybe we ought to ambush them here..." They're going to break through, aren't they?
NC:Indeed. But you should have some time to look around before they do.
Tomari:"Well, they can't get in just yet, so why don't we explore inside?"
NC:As you enter the shelter, the lights automatically come to life. It seems like there's still electricity.
Aisha:"Is... anybody there?" I call out, my voice full of both hope and unease.
Tomari:I look around restlessly.
NC:There doesn't seem to be anyone around; you see no sign that anyone ever lived here. Instead, it looks like it was used to store documents, books, photographs, newspaers and such.
Aisha:"I see... they wanted to keep these safe..." I thought there just might be living people here, so I sink to the floor, dejected.
Tomari:Is this as far as we can go? This storage room?
Aisha:What's further onward?
NC:Past that room, there's an impressively solid double door. You can hear the low hum of electronics beyond it. Beside the door is... is it the temperature inside the room? It seems to be a thermometer indicating -15 degrees.
Aisha:"I, is this...!" I spring back to my feet.
Tomari:"Huh? Are they cryogenically frozen or something?"
Aisha:I run over to the door and try to open it.
Electronic Voice (NC):"To revalidate the outside environment, please enter your name and password." The monotone voice of a woman emanates from a small plate next to the door.
Tomari:"Whoa, it spoke!"
Aisha:Um... does that mean we can't open it?
NC:You don't remember how to open the door. But you do remember how to use the input pad.
Aisha:"Um, I'll try 'Aisha.'
Electronic Voice (NC):"First-class User 'Aisha', 22 years old, confirmed. Please enter your password."
Tomari:"What? Aisha, you were 22 years old?!" I'm shocked as a player, too.
Aisha:"Uh... maybe it's because I've been dead eleven years." Is that it?
NC:Clever girl. You've got it.
Aisha:But I don't know the password, do I?

The Note

It was actually just a scrap of a note that had been torn by a bullet. Also, the enemies were making Checks in real time, and were intended to break in after their dice rolls added up to a set value.

In that business card case from a while ago, the two of them had found a note.
They wondered for a while about whether to put it in.
Once their enemies finished destroying the entrance, they would come storming inside...
But the two of them realized what the password was.

Tomari:The note definitely says 'mo', but I can't read the rest.
Aisha:Yeah, but I don't think that means anything in English-nya... oh!
Tomari:Did you think of something?
Aisha:Maybe it has something to do with the people who are frozen in there!
NC:(Ugh, did they figure it out...?)
Aisha:I enter the password! It's "mother"! Or maybe it could be "mother computer" or something. I didn't think to ask about the size of the note...
NC:(Agh!) No, good job. You're correct. Pretty good for having no hints.
Electronic Voice (NC):"Password confirmed. Opening the door in accordance with Aisha's instructions." The door slides open with a whoosh, and cold air pours out from it.
Tomari:"Whoa!" Just what is inside there?
Aisha:"It's... the essence of a mother..." Right, NC?
NC:Yeah. The room inside is filled with shelves and drawers lined up next to each other, forming a number of long aisles. And all of those shelves and drawers are filled with test tubes.
Tomari:"...Whoa, is this...?"
Aisha:"This is the place..." I step inside.
NC:Aisha understands... no, she remembers.

This is all that's left of them.
The genetic material, one after another, of those humans that still lived when they understood that humanity would soon be destroyed.
Their eggs and sperm, to be precise.
And in a corner, that of cats, dogs and livestock as well.

Aisha:"This is the place where, someday... life was meant to be born anew."
Tomari:"...Huh? Life? Born anew? ...A, a-aren't you being too calm about it?"

Remove them All

This isn't in the rules, but Aisha only had one Madness Point anyway. It would have been lacking in taste to have her make a Check.

NC:Now. Suddenly, you hear the sound of the entrance giving way! But as a prize, you can remove all your Madness Points without having to make a Conversation Check.
Aisha:"...We've got to go back. Hurry! We can't let them find this place! We can't fight here!" I dash out the door, and close it!
NC:Let me mention that this place doesn't have any security system besides the doors. Also, there's no other way in or out.
Aisha:"We have to fight them, hold them off, for the future of humanity..."
Tomari:"I get it! Let's do this!" Actually, I don't really understand, but I'm ready to fight!

Protect the Hope![edit]

NC:The door to the gene vault is closed, but that door won't be able to hold firm against gunfire. It's reinforced somewhat, but compared to that wall you broke through before it's fragile.
Aisha:Of course. "Tomari-chan, it's selfish, but... can I ask you something?"
Tomari:"...The two of us are dead, yet we're defending the possibility that living humans could be born. Is that awesome or what?"
Aisha:"Will you protect this place with... huh?"
Tomari:"I will. I'm dead as it is. This just means I have a lot more things to protect." I pat Ai-chan on the head a few times.
NC:Are you ready? The vault is in Eden. If it takes 8 points of damage, it'll be destroyed.
Aisha:I'll start in Limbo.
Tomari:Then I'll be in Limbo, too.
NC:Brave of you. The soldiers will be coming along the corridor and into Tartarus, a few at a time.
Aisha:"No matter how broken I get, I'm not going to lose!"
Tomari:"As if mindless mannequins like these could win against us!"
NC:You're certainly in high spirits. Let's get started.
Mass-Produced Tomaris (NC):"PAPA, PAPA!" "Don't cry, don't cry!" "Tomari" "loves" "PAPA!"
Tomari:Man, these things are creepy!

This was the final battle of this replay.
It was thrilling... I wish I could say that.
I'd like to have really made the two Dolls take a beating. Unfortunately... Finding something to protect made the two of them even stronger!

NC:What?! They can't get to Limbo!
Tomari:When the two of us are on full offense, that's when we really show our worth!
NC:You're not even letting these small fry touch you!


A Thanatos Skill. It's a fearsome ability that allows the user to whirl around with her sword, changing any attack into an area attack.

Aisha's Undead Gun turned Limbo into a gun battery.

After Tomari moved into Hades, she used her Maelstrom skill to attack all the enemies in the area, preventing them from advancing into Limbo.

Perfect Tomari (NC):"We're already sent, ten waves of soldiers in, yet... agh!" She rolled a Critical Failure, so she blows herself up.

And that wasn't the only problem.
When enemy undead roll Critical Failures in succession, they can destroy their own allies.
Also, Perfect Tomari was a long range Armed-type, so she was crucial to destroying the door.
Since she wasn't even able to move out of Tartarus, nothing could get past the two.

Aisha:"We won't let you get your hands on what's inside there!"
Tomari:"You aren't coming a single step closer!"
NC:Damn it. You're just showing off now! It pisses me off! But I keep getting Critical Failures!

Open Dice

This means that everyone in the session rolls the dice out in front of everyone. If they're careless, the characters could die at any time to a bad roll, so it's pretty thrilling.

Master Screen

This is a screen with game data and such written on it. The Necromancer can use it to hide his private notes and dice rolls. Some GMs like to make their rolls in secret so they can fudge them as necessary- for good or for evil.

Three Consecutive 1s

The chance of this happening is 1/1000. The dice were definitely on the PCs' side today.

Just so we're clear, every roll with this session is made with open dice.

If the NC had rolled three ones in succession behind the Master Screen, it would have seemed like some kind of trick.

The Dolls are taking out everything he throws at them with one all-out attack after another, and even Perfect Tomari was completely ignorable.

Tomari:Is that all the enemies appearing this Count?
Aisha:Spare us the attempt to have an enemy we thought we'd downed sneak behind us and go after the door or something-nya.
NC:Fine. It's over. You wiped them out.

The enemies were about sixty in number.
The majority of them were part of a Legion, so thirty of them got wiped out in no time.
There was nothing the Necromancer could do.

Aisha:"Is it... safe now?" I sink to the floor.
Tomari:"...I think so. That was a lot of cutting. 100 points!" I'm exhausted, too.

Within Dead Wombs, Flowers of Life[edit]

NC:Both of you get 29 Favor Points. Also, you beat so many of them I doubt you'll have any trouble replacing any Parts you need to.
Aisha:Yay~. But I think there's mostly the arms and heads left of them...
Tomari:I can barely stand, but they're all a lot worse off.
NC:Also, this once, you'll get a special Mutation Reinforcement Part. During this session only, you can acquire an extra Mutation.
Tomari:Oh? Did Perfect Tomarin have some kind of mutated organ?


A special Part that appeared only in this scenario. Of course, it's located in the torso. If a fertilized egg remains in it for ten sessions, it will give birth... maybe.


An Armament. It provides a convenient Maneuver that allows consecutive Dismemberment attacks to be made at random. It's also pretty darn cool-looking.

NC:No. She had a Womb. You know what that is, right?
Aisha:Wow! ♪
NC:Anyway, if you'd like to use your Favor Points on something, please do.
Tomari:Hmm, I want to increase my Armament capacity. Since we have the Parts to spare, I'll reinforce myself. I'll get "Monofilament."
Aisha:Of course I'm going to increase my Mutation capacity and take the Womb-nya.
Tomari:...... (thinking deeply)

This was the greatest amount of time they stopped to think during the session.
With this being a game about zombie girls, it's frankly pretty heartwarming to see the players thinking about it so hard.

Aisha:"Um... I want to tell you something. You won't get mad, right?" I open the door to the vault and go in.
Tomari:"No way. I wouldn't get mad at anything you were to say, Ai-chan."
Aisha:"I want to... have a human baby."
Tomari:"Huh? Have... a baby? Ai-chan?" Uh, well, her body seems a little young for that...
Aisha:"I think... I can do it."
Tomari:"B-b-but how?" My heart's pounding.
Aisha:"With these..."

Aisha picked up two test tubes.
In one were eggs, and in the other sperm.
After fertilizing the egg, she put it into her Womb.

Aisha:"This... ought to do it..." I look straight at Tomari-chan.
Tomari:"...Yeah." I'm excited.
NC:Have you decided what you're going to do?
Tomari:...Yeah. I'm going to use my Favor to increase my Mutation capacity, too. I'll give myself a Womb.

Now both of them are with child.
Before long, their feelings towards them will grow.
They'll most likely have Fetters towards their children.

Tomari:"We were able to protect this place... but it's surely no longer a secret. There's no way we can stay here."
Aisha:"It'd be nice if the two of us can have a bunch of children..." I'll carry the corpses outside and use them to camouflage the entrance. If it doesn't get destroyed, we can come back and make more children.
NC:Understood. Well then, let's finish today's session here. Thanks for playing.
Tomari:Thanks to you, too.
Aisha:Thanks to everyone~

NC TRY3 219.png

Children dwell within the Dolls made from girls' corpses.
Whether they will be human, or corpses themselves...
That we cannot know.
We can only pray for the fortunes...
of those children born after the end of the world.