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Dolls that use firearms.
Requiems of the end.
Fantasias for those without souls.
The sole notes heard within this world.
The specialty of this Class is range. Created to defend important positions, they also excel as guerillas. The report of their guns are the only melodies that resound within this ruined world, like bells tolling for those whom they lay to rest.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement
2 0 0

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Magic Bullet Auto None Self
Effect During the Battle Phase, when you make a Shooting Attack Maneuver, its maximum range increases by +1.
Description The dead are not suitable for shooting guns, but you are special made. To the enemies far away from usual, the bullet pierces.


Name Timing Cost Range
Concentration Rapid 2 Self
Effect Until the end of the Round, all your Attack Checks gain +1 to the die roll.
Description Sharpen the senses and aim for the opponent's weakness. Aimed shots will probably set off enemies.
Name Timing Cost Range
Gun God Auto None Self
Effect When you make an Attack Check for a Shooting Attack Maneuver, you may add +1 to the die roll.
Description Your eyes and gun are connected. It is different from the shambling zombie soldiers. It surely penetrates what you want.
Name Timing Cost Range
Gun Kata Check 2 0~1
Effect Hinder 2. Afterwards, you may make a Shooting Attack 1 against the same target.
Description Combat fighting strategy using guns. The basics are two pistols, but the dead can use this fighting technique for every gun battle.
Name Timing Cost Range
Hand of Death Rapid 0 Self
Effect You may use an Attack Maneuver of your choice as if its Timing were "Rapid".
Description Your blow is always the prince of death. The enemies who shoot and show at exquisite times are always after you.
Name Timing Cost Range
Lullaby Auto None Self
Effect During the Battle Phase, you may take a penalty of -1 to the Attack Check of a Shooting Attack. If you do, the Cost of the Maneuver is decreased by 1 (minimum 1.)
Description It will not stop. Especially in the battlefield. There is no song if the voice is interrupted. Continuously, heavy, let the guns sing.
Name Timing Cost Range
Rear Guard's Pride - Dance of Distortion Auto None Self
Effect When you roll a Critical Failure on a Shooting or Blast Attack, treat it as if it were a normal failure.
Description Shoot enemies from behind a friend. Because I believe in you, I can concentrate on the spirit of the Rear Guard. I cannot disapprove such trust with just a mistake.
Name Timing Cost Range
Trusted Companion - Dance of Distortion Rapid 1 Self
Effect You may regenerate a single damaged Part that can perform a Melee Attack or Shooting Attack Maneuver.
Description There is a weapon that you believe in. No matter how it breaks or bends, it can not betray you, it will respond to you.