Requiem Armed Set fighting styles

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You can only get one Skill named "Style" per Doll. Only one type of Skill named "Style" can be acquired per Doll. It can be acquired with Favor Points, but once a Style is acquired, it cannot be changed again. Once you have acquired a Style, you cannot change it again.


Name Timing Cost Range
Style: Quick Draw Auto None Self
Effect When an attack check is made with a Part that has “Pistol” in the name, roll two dice and process them both. The effects of Check and Damage maneuvers are applied equally to both attacks.
Description A gunfighter style of swiftly drawing and firing your guns quickly to deal significant damage. A quick-draw style.
Name Timing Cost Range
Style: Gun Kata Auto None Self
Effect If you have the Kung Fu Part, you gain an extra 1 AP from it. In addition, if you have an undamaged Twin Pistols Part you can refresh your Gun Kata Skill if you make a successful attack check with the Twin Pistols.
Description A Gun-Kata style that incorporates martial arts into the movements, increasing the attack effect by 120% and increasing the defense by 63%.
Name Timing Cost Range
Style: Sniper Auto None Self
Effect If you have the Concentration Skill, you gain an extra +1 to the bonus granted by it. In addition, you gain +1 to attack checks made against enemies 2 or more areas away from your current location.
Description Good at attacking distant enemies among allies and rubble, Sniper style.
Name Timing Cost Range
Style: Bullet Maker Auto None Self
Effect When using a maneuver with a Shooting Attack damage value of 1, you may add the Explosive or Stagger effect to the attack.
Description The Bullet Maker style creates special bullets, such as high explosive or stun bullets, and uses them in combat.
Name Timing Cost Range
Style: Quick Reload Auto None Self
Effect You may reduce the Action Point cost of "Loading" by -1 (minimum 0).
Description A style of quick reload that allows you to reload quickly in combat, which is necessary for firearms and bolt-action rifles.
Name Timing Cost Range
Style: Trigger Happy Auto None Self
Effect If you damage 5 or more enemy parts with a shooting attack maneuver within 1 count, you may reduce the Madness points by 1 from any Fetter when you damage the 5th part. This effect is not included in the maximum number of Madness recovery times due to memory fragments.
Description This is a trigger happy style. To feel relief from the destruction you are causing.