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Dancing Dolls.
Princesses of the netherworld.
Corpses trapped in a tarantella.
Beloved playthings, cast away.
The specialty of this Class is adroit mobility. When they were alive, they danced for others' pleasure- dances as precise as clockwork, down to the movements of their fingertips. And now, just as they were then, they shall be beloved once again.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement
0 0 2

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Battle Maiden Auto None Self
Effect Your Maximum Action Points increase by +2.
Description Your dance is as fast as the dead. The surroundings are all so late that this blur can barely be seen.


Name Timing Cost Range
Caress Rapid 0 0
Effect Stagger.
Description Tickling of sensuality. If maiden's fingers crawl, the flesh of the dead will also be crankless and will tremble from the pleasure of the moment.
Name Timing Cost Range
Clockwork See Below None Self
Effect When you learn this skill, you may acquire an additional Tier 3 Enhancement.

This is not limited by your Reinforcement Points, and you may regenerate it as normal.

Description The body is made up of gears and screws. There is little blood and meat to move you.
Name Timing Cost Range
Dance of Death Check 0 Self
Effect You may reroll the die for an Attack Check.
Description Because it is a body that enables precise movement, shoot down the place where it can be done. Ensure weaknesses of enemies with fine applications.
Name Timing Cost Range
Deranged Gears - Dance of Distortion Auto None See Below
Effect All enemies that roll a Critical Failure within the same Area as you in have their damage of the resulting attack increased by 1.
Description Unbelievable dance is an appropriate comedy. We can not forgive halfway abominations. I have to change it to the clown of clown that can be laughed at least.
Name Timing Cost Range
One's Many Charms - Dance of Distortion Auto None Self
Effect The cost of your Basic Parts "Forearm" and "Foot" decreases by 1 (to a minimum of 0.)
Description Your limbs dance swiftly. IF you are ready to dance together, you will have a polite ball in the middle of battle
Name Timing Cost Range
Tuning Rapid 0 0
Effect Choose a damaged Part on the target. Until the end of the Round, the target may use Maneuvers associated with that damaged Part as if it were not damaged. (However, this does not recover Maneuvers that were used up or are not repeatable.)
Description It is comforting to be danced even if it does not clear. You know the art of forcibly moving a broken one.
Name Timing Cost Range
Waltz Rapid 1 Self
Effect Until the end of the Round, every Attack which targets you receives a penalty of -1 to the Attack Check (if it is an Area Attack, the penalty only applies to hitting you.)

If this Skill is used multiple times during the same Round, the penalty does not increase.

Description Dance princess on the battlefield. The dancing flying attacks that are driven into you will be forgotten. It is difficult to stop dancing figures.