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Girls granted special power and knowledge from a source few understand.
Once, girls accused of having these gifts would be executed.
Now the dead call on these strange abilities to save them from worse fates.

Dolls of other classes cannot acquire Skills from the Salemite Class using Favor Points, nor can enemies acquire them.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement Occult
0 0 0 2

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Bringer of Secret Knowledge Auto None Self
Effect Gain a T3 occult reinforcement. At the start of each round, you may choose to give one of your occult reinforcements to a sister, or reclaim one that you had already given out as long as it is intact.


Name Timing Cost Range
Astral Projector Action 1 1
Effect Create a "(Character)'s Astral Projection" Horror in the target zone. This horror is annihilated at the end of the 6th count after it is created or the end of the round, which ever comes first. You can only have one active Astral Projection at a time.
Description "A ghostly projection that you can take actions from. While certainly useful, the ritual does carry certain risks."

Astral Projection[edit]

Threat Level 0 Maximum Action Points 0
Projecting [Auto/None/Self] The doll that created you may declare their maneuvers using your location as the source of them. If this is done, they cannot benefit from maneuvers that would require them to be in a zone other than yours.
Consequence [Auto/None/Self] When you are targeted with attack maneuvers, they instead are treated as if they were targeting the doll that created you instead, even if this would not be possible normally due to range. Maneuvers with the Area property do not retain it.
Name Timing Cost Range
Quick Spell Auto None Self
Effect You may choose to have a -1 to the count delay before an Occult reinforcement activates or its duration, to a minimum of 0.
Description Being able to casts spells as quickly as possible, or knowing the corners to cut in a ritual, is quite the handy ability.
Name Timing Cost Range
Prepared Spell Rapid 0 Self
Effect Declare a maneuver from an Occult reinforcement at rapid timing.
Description Taking the action to have something ready to go when its needed has rarely failed to pay off
Name Timing Cost Range
Polymorph Action 0 Self
Effect Change a reinforcement part to a different reinforcement part of the same type and tier. You may choose to change a reinforcement part into a different type of reinforcement part of the same tier for an additional 2 AP. The part must be intact. This lasts until the end of the phase and can only be declared once per phase.
Description Your occult prowess can do many things, why not be able to change parts of your own body?
Name Timing Cost Range
Dispel Rapid 0 0-2
Effect Negate all Auto-timing maneuvers a target has applied to their own Attack maneuver on this Count, or negate all of a target's Auto-timing maneuvers which would affect attacks aimed at them during this Count.
Description Those who know how to create enchantments also know how to destroy them.
Name Timing Cost Range
Familiar Auto None Self
Effect Gain the "Familiar" part. As long as it is intact, you gain a +1 to attack checks with occult parts. Gain a madness point on your treasure fetter when the Familiar is damaged. It is regenerated at the end of the phase.
Description A magical creature that is also a faithful companion. It aids you in your work, but if harm befalls it, it would be devastating.
Location Name Timing Cost Range
Any Familiar Damage 0 Self
Effect This can only be used when an enemy takes damage in the same zone as you. You may change the bonus of the familiar skill from occult parts to an attack type (ex: Blast). This lasts until the end of the phase.


-Astral Projection changed to create a horror that acts as a target for (and source of) maneuvers and more kinds of maneuvers than the original.
-Familiar changed to give the part the ability to change what the bonus affects and changed the conditions for regenerating it.
-Polymorph cost decreased. Now it can also be a real polymorph for 2 AP.
-Replaced the original Special Skill with an entirely new one.
-Added a picture.