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Hemophiliac Dolls.
Scarlet-eyed flowers.
Offerings upon the altar.
Arteries opened to the heavens.
The specialty of this Class is blood sacrifice. Their presence on the battlefield heralds a crimson tide.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement
1 1 0

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Reign in Blood Auto None Self
Effect During the Battle Phase, whenever you would break Basic Parts as the Cost of a maneuver, you may break 1 less Part (minimum 0). You may use this skill only once per Count.
Description True dominion of the sacrificial arts. The world itself bleeds at your command.


Name Timing Cost Range
Anemia Auto * 0-1
Effect You may use this Maneuver only when another Maneuver causes a target to break Parts (or causing a Legion to lose members), excluding Damage from an Attack Maneuver. Increase the number of Parts broken by 1 (Legions lose an additional member). This maneuver may be declared any number of times per Round, but only once per Count.
Description In your presence, enemies harm themselves more severely than they intend.
Name Timing Cost Range
Bloodbath Damage 0 0
Effect You may use this maneuver only when a target within range receives damage. Repair two Basic Parts of a different target within range.
Description Some say that bathing in blood is a way to maintain one's beauty. To you, this is undeniably true.
Name Timing Cost Range
Gateway of Gore Damage 2 Self
Effect You may use this maneuver only when a target on the battlefield is Annihilated. Transport yourself to the Annihilated target's Area. This does not count as a Move maneuver.
Description Their deaths are a summons. You need only answer.
Name Timing Cost Range
Hemorrhage Action 3 0-1
Effect You may only use this Maneuver once per Round. Target an Area. All enemies within that Area break 1 Part (Legions instead take 2 damage). All targets in the Area receive a -1 to their next Check.
Description The ground runs red. All will surrender their lifeblood at your command.
Name Timing Cost Range
Laceration Rapid 1 0-1
Effect Select a target. The next attack that hits the target gains the Dismember property. If the attack already had the Dismember property, this maneuver has no effect.
Description A vicious technique which severs the bonds of flesh and blood and bone.
Name Timing Cost Range
Red Blossom Damage * Self
Effect As the Cost of this maneuver, break 1 Part. You may break an additional Part to extend its Range to 0. Add +2 to the damage of the target's attack.
Description Red like roses, and just as thorny.
Name Timing Cost Range
Rusting Wall Damage * 0-1
Effect As the Cost of this maneuver, break 2 Parts of your choice. Defend 1 + Negate Area Attack.
Description Your blood hardens into a fortress, if only for a moment.
Name Timing Cost Range
Sacrifice Check * 0
Effect As the Cost of this maneuver, break 1 Part. Support 1. You may use this maneuver any number of times per Round, but only once per Count.
Description An offering made to the spirits of warfare as preparation for the violence to come.
Name Timing Cost Range
Sanguine Spear Rapid * 0-1
Effect As the Cost of this maneuver, break 1 Part. Melee Attack 3. Add +1 to the die roll of the Attack Check.
Description A weapon conjured forth from blood. It appears in an instant, though its shape can't be maintained for long.

Change log[edit]

-Corrected Reign in Blood. Changed from "only once per Maneuver per Count" to "once per Count". This was an error that slipped through between skill rewrites.
-Redesigned Anemia. Previously too niche and depended on the GM being generous with enemy reroll mechanics to ever be relevant. The new version interacts with the adjusted version of Hemorrhage, as well as certain abilities from other classes.
-Adjusted Hemorrhage. The previous reusable version dealt pathetic damage for its AP cost, hurt allies, and had no interaction potential. Now it should have more tactical value.
-Adjusted Laceration. Due to suggestions and comparisons made to certain other skills, this maneuver's range has been adjusted from "0" to "0-1" so as to improve team compatibility.