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That others depend upon you is not a burden. It is your strength. Though your body has long been dead, others still rely upon it. For as long as they do, you shall lead the way. Even if there's nothing left of you but your feet.


Name Timing Cost Range
Gathering in Elysium Rapid 2 See Below
Effect: Regardless of their current place on the Battle Map, all your sisters are instantly transported to Elysium.

This is not considered a Movement Maneuver.

Description The girl's gatherings can not be messy to anyone. It can not be disturbed. Even in battle.
Name Timing Cost Range
Grace Auto None See Below
Effect: When you voluntarily take a Madness Point in order to reroll a die, one sister of your choice (excluding you) may make a Conversation Check with you as the target.
Description Your standing behavior is beautiful and perfect, the girls who see it will make your feelings clearer.
Name Timing Cost Range
Order Rapid 2 See Below
Effect: All your sisters upon the Battle Map with you may make a single Attack Maneuver of their choice with Rapid Timing.
Description I teach it to everyone. Timing is matched with the meaning of your shout and attacks fly all at once. Do not allow enemies to fight back.
Name Timing Cost Range
Secret Whisper Auto None See Below
Effect: At the beginning and end of the Battle Phase, one sister of your choice (excluding you) may make a Conversation Check with you as the target.
Description Secret conversation of girls. A small topic. A little negativity. A little friendship. But that is what makes bonds bloom.
Name Timing Cost Range
Self-Control Auto None Self
Effect: If you are afflicted with Madness, you gain +1 to the die roll on Conversation and Madness Checks.
Description You are responsible. Everyone who will not be allowed to escape, for example, will take your hand and stand up.
Name Timing Cost Range
Sister's Kiss - Dance of Distortion Rapid 1 0
Effect: This Skill is only usable against Savants.

The target Savant loses 4 Action Points.

Description A distorted girl standing in front of you may also be a sister. Let me cuddle and let me down the swinged fist...
Name Timing Cost Range
Tough Love - Dance of Distortion Auto None See Below
Effect: When one of your Sisters has a Part damaged by an Attack Maneuver you used, she may remove a Madness Point from a Fetter she has which is in a state of Madness.
Description If you have a weak heart, you will break. You have to become a demon. A scar is better than ruin.