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The most conventional of Dolls.
Corpses that move even now.
Soldiers that are dead even now.
And yet they walk even now.
The specialty of this Class is immortality. They are designed foremost for the stoutness of their bodies. All the menace of the walking dead are embodied in the Stacies.

If you're wondering about the name of this class, it's a reference to a film.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement
1 1 0

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Crawling Flesh Check 0 0~2
Effect You may only use this Skill while you are damaged.
Hinder 3.
Description Cut off, blown away, even torn off pieces of meat. They will wiggle at your will and stop enemies.


Name Timing Cost Range
Corpse Style - Dance of Distortion Check See Below 0~1
Effect As the Cost of this Skill, break one of your Basic Parts.

Support 2 or Hinder 2.

Description Grab the opponent with his own arms. If you are dead and throw your jaw to bite people from afar, it's a natural tactic.
Name Timing Cost Range
Made to be Broken Auto None Self
Effect Add +1 to all die rolls for Attack Checks and Dismemberment Checks. However, at the end of the Battle Phase and each Round of combat, you must damage one of your own Parts of your choice.
This cannot be manipulated by Maneuvers that affect Costs.
Description You are excellent, but a clear failed work. The body will collapse as battle rages on.
Name Timing Cost Range
Meat Shield Damage 0 0~1
Effect If the damage received by the target is caused by an Attack Maneuver, you may negate any number and combination of effects other than damage of your choosing of an attack (Area, Chain, Dismemberment, Explosive, Stagger, and more specific effects are included).
Description Instantly use yourself as a shield and counter the aftermath. Is it because of your preparation or is it a dull sense of despair?
Name Timing Cost Range
Organ Donor - Dance of Distortion Auto None See Below
Effect At the end of the Battle Phase, you and all of your Sisters can regenerate their damaged "Entrails" parts.
Description I do not want to imagine what kind of body this is. Your body will regenerate only the organs in a short time. Even if it hollowed out, baked or eaten.
Name Timing Cost Range
Protect Damage 0 0~1
Effect When the target takes damage, you may take that damage in her place.
You may use this Skill any number of times per Round.
However, this cannot be used against the damage caused by the "Area" attack effect.
Description You are always a shield for everyone without hesitation. You can defend our sisters.
Name Timing Cost Range
Remain Dead Rapid 0 Self
Effect Regenerate a Basic Part of yours that was damaged.
Description Wherever there is a lost part, by reconnecting it is restored. Your body will not stop being you. Surely, forever.
Name Timing Cost Range
Unfazed Auto None Self
Effect During the Battle Phase, if your Parts are damaged, you may continue to use Maneuvers they enable until the end of the Round.
Description Your body keeps on functioning even if it becomes disjointed. This does not hinder it from killing in battle.