Stacy Armed Set fighting styles

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You can only get one Skill named "Style" per Doll. Only one type of Skill named "Style" can be acquired per Doll. It can be acquired with Favor Points, but once a Style is acquired, it cannot be changed again. Once you have acquired a Style, you cannot change it again.


Name Timing Cost Range
Style: Patchwork Auto None Self
Effect At the end of a Round in the Battle Phase and the end of the Battle Phase, you may repair 3 Basic Parts.
Description A body full of patches. Replace parts even if they get destroyed. A patchwork style that is easily repaired.
Name Timing Cost Range
Style: Dress Up Auto None Self
Effect You can reduce all damage to your Torso location by 1. This includes damage caused by Dismember and Explosive effects that are allocated to the location.
Description Clothing that protects you. A style of dress up that can offer protection from enemy attacks.
Name Timing Cost Range
Style: Large Size Auto None Self
Effect Gain 1 “Inadequate Meat” Part in your Head, Torso, Arms and Leg locations. They count as Basic Parts for the purposes of repair.
Description A big and tough body covered in heavy meat. A large size style.
Name Timing Cost Range
Style: Guardian Auto None Self
Effect You may use the "Coffin" Part as many times as you like in a Round.
Description A guardian of the graveyard. A guardian who uses a large coffin on their back like a shield to protect themselves.
Name Timing Cost Range
Style: Snake Skin Auto None Self
Effect When you use the “Scales” or “Armor Skin” part to defend against damage, you may choose to negate any number of non-damage effects of the attack.
Description Supple scales like a snake. The skin you wear is like a snake. Snakeskin style that protects.
Name Timing Cost Range
Style: Haute Couture Auto None Self
Effect When you attack using the “Giant Scissors” or “Scissor Hands” Parts, gain +1 to the attack check. If you have the “Cute clothing” fetter and it is undamaged, the bonus to the attack check is +2 instead of +1.
Description A tailor of corpses. A haute couture style that skillfully uses scissors to slice and dice enemies. The style of haute couture.