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TPE Striker.png

A Doll for war.
The released hammer in gunfire.
An Oni of soldier CQC.
A trained professional.
Her forte is her all-roundedness.
She can use any weapon, her characteristic is her applied technical skills.
She has aggregated all techniques for the sake of killing her enemy.


You dash onto the battlefield killing with one shot, you remain fixed with an artillery gun, you swing your sword killing with each strike, or you become like an Oni with your CQC.

You have techniques that you can apply to any weapon, you can confront your enemies as a soldier who is specialized in defeating them.

As a soldier, an important thing to have is to make use of your vision in practice.

For the sake of exhibiting effects from any combination of weapons and skills, it is crucial that you make judgements beforehand.

Thinking carefully is important, on the other hand, to create a larger degree of freedom, a striker who is reliant on planning can find that their movements change in a significant way.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement Electrode
0 0 0 2

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
War Hero Auto None Self
Effect You can add +1 to all checks in the battle phase. Attack checks, escape checks, action checks, dismember checks, madness checks, everything.
Description I understand everything from how to withdraw, where to arrive at, and of course, how to fight. I am the perfect soldier.


Name Timing Cost Range
Kamikaze Damage 0 Self
Effect You can only use this maneuver when you deal damage. Before the end of the next count, with the exception of the maneuver that dealt damage, you may use another maneuver at its original timing. It's damage is increased by +1.
Description After your attack, you pursue. You use several weapons to drive into your enemy continuously.
Name Timing Cost Range
Military Person See Below None Self
Effect This skill can't be acquired with favor points. Armament Points +1. When you acquire this skill, you can not acquire [Enhancement] or [Mutation] parts tier 2 or above except with Skills.
Description Even one more usable weapon is a good thing. There is a direct connection regarding survival rate and usable armaments.
Name Timing Cost Range
Reboot Damage 0 Self
Effect This maneuver can only be used with a maneuver with a [When you deal damage] effect, You may use one [Damage] timing manuver at the [Damage] timing.
Description If one hit isn't enough, then hit twice. Before that bastard is destroyed, don't stop!
Name Timing Cost Range
Robot See Below None Self
Effect When you choose this skill, choose another Electrode part with the timing [Auto] (You can select from any Tier). This part does not count towards your reinforcement part total and can be healed as normal.
Description This body has replaced it's heart and blood vessels with a power generator and strung up electrical cords. How useful.
Name Timing Cost Range
Rondo Auto None Self
Effect When you use an attack maneuver with a cost of 2 or less and without [Stagger][Dismember] or [Explosive], the attack gets [Chain 1 (if the attack has a Chain effect, increase it by 1 for a maximum of Chain 2)].
Description The battlefield's grim reaper. You shoot a fear inducing shot that repeats, violently ringing.
Name Timing Cost Range
Risk one's life Auto None Self
Effect You can add +1 to attack checks. But when you're targeted, all checks involved become a +1, excluding range [Self]. (Area attacks only become +1 for you.)
Description Devoting your all to an attack, casting away evasion. There is greater risk of injury. But there is no such thing as a risk free victory.
Name Timing Cost Range
All One's Might Auto None Self
Effect When you declare an attack with a melee/unarmed maneuver with the [Stagger] effect, you may raise that maneuver's damage by 2, but the [Stagger] effect is lost.
Description An originally fine technique is fired with all of one's might. When everything's destroyed there's no need to defeat the enemy right?