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Soldier Dolls
Armed with the weapons of a fictional war
Their technology defines reason, twisting body and time
Built to command the future and conquer the past
The specialty of this doll is brutal strength and high technology. They bury those that oppose them even as they disappear before their very eyes.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement
1 0 1

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Promotion Auto None 0
Effect When you or a Sister annihilates an enemy, you may declare this Maneuver to Promote them. Promoted dolls get a +1 to attack checks, their next action timing maneuver has its cost reduced by 1, and at the end of each round or the end of the battle phase, they repair one part. This effect continues until you declare this again or the end of the battle phase.
Description Good performance is its own reward, and that reward motivates greater strength.


Name Timing Cost Range
Chronoshift Rapid 1 Self
Effect You are instantly transported from your current position on the map to the zone where you began the Round. This is not considered a Move Maneuver.
Description In a moment, time reverses, causing the past presence to become the present.
Name Timing Cost Range
Rhino Rush Auto None Self
Effect Once per Round, you may declare this Maneuver as part of declaring a Move Maneuver on yourself.

Select one of the following effects:
Increase the value of your Move Maneuver by 1~2.
Make an Unarmed Attack 3 at a target in the destination of your Move maneuver. This attack occurs at the same timing as the Move maneuver.

Description The rush of an unstoppable armored beast clears great distances and inflicts great pains.
Name Timing Cost Range
Grinder Auto None Self
Effect Whenever you move into, out of, or through a zone, reduce the size of all Legions occupying that zone by 1 + the sum total of all Movement values from your Maneuvers (use the higher value on maneuvers with Movement values greater than 1).
Description Weaker creatures are only fit to be ground to dust. Only pulp remains as a trail.
Name Timing Cost Range
Iron Curtain Action 1 Self
Effect You may only declare this maneuver once per turn. For one Count, you are immune to enemy Attack, Hinder Move, Hinder, and Move Maneuvers. While this effect is active, you may not use Damage-timing Maneuvers at a range greater than Self.
Description Invincibility, a dream to hold. Like a dream it is swiftly gone.
Name Timing Cost Range
Tesla Coil Rapid 1 0-1
Effect You may use this Maneuver only when you are the target of an Attack Maneuver or a target Moves into or out of your current zone. Make a Shooting Attack 2 + Explosive at the target which triggered this maneuver. Add +1 to the die roll of the Attack Check.
Description An electrifying display of punishment towards those that violate your space. Ignoring the crackles brings swift illumination
Name Timing Cost Range
Stealth Generator Auto None Self
Effect Declare this Maneuver at the start of the Battle Phase, and again at the start of each subsequent Round where no enemies are in the same Zone as you. Until you make an Attack Maneuver or are damaged by an Attack Maneuver, Legions and Horrors may not target you with Maneuvers. Additionally, your first Attack Maneuver declared under this effect each Round deals +2 damage.
Description A secret danger revealed by striking. Avoid harm to ensure devastation.
Name Timing Cost Range
M.A.D Girl Damage 2 Self
Effect You may only use this Maneuver when you receive damage. Every other unit in your current zone receives an Attack Maneuver with the same Properties (excluding the "Area" and "Chain Attack" Properties), Check Result, and Damage that you received (after declaring any Defend Maneuvers, if applicable). No "Check" timing occurs for this effect.
Description You possess a special madness, what once threatened the world now terrorizes those that strike you.


-Rhino Rush counts as a move maneuver for the purposes of determining Grinder's damage to legions.
-When declared as an action, Iron curtain affects the target on the next count. When used as a rapid, it takes effect on the current count.


-Skills reworded for better clarity
-Stealth Mirage renamed to Stealth Generator
-Stealth Generator's effect is not lost when making move maneuvers only when getting damaged or attacking.

-Major overhaul to Tanya to address the fact that while it possessed amusing gimmicks, it was ultimately lacking in anything that majorly impacted how a character that took it operated.
-Green Crystals Removed
-Power Sabotage removed
-Rhino Rush move bonus increased to +1-2
-Tesla Coil can now strike enemies moving out of the zone you are in, in addition to the other conditions.
-Grinder now does legion removal based on Move maneuvers that are possessed and intact
-Promotion added as special skill.
-M.A.D. Girl added as skill for a special surprise against those that attack you.
-Iron Curtain is now a normal skill, it lasts only 1 count and grants immunity to Hinder in addition to the other things it protects against.

Legacy Skills[edit]

The skills here are kept for prosperity, in the event that someone decides they liked these more than what took their place, or you want to steal it for putting on an enemy.

Name Timing Cost Range
Green Crystals Damage 1 Self
Effect Defend 2. If your attacker was at Range 1 or closer, they suffer -1 to their Attack Checks for the next 5 Count.
Description Radiant green crystals adorn your body. They're tough enough to stop attacks and the dust harms those who'd strike you.
Name Timing Cost Range
Power Sabotage Damage 1 Self
Effect You may only use this Maneuver when you deal damage. If your attack deals damage, the target cannot declare any Check or Damage-timing Maneuvers until their next active Count. Maneuvers which negate Stagger also negate this effect.
Description A special technique to shut down an opponent's defenses. It doesn't work on all foes, unfortunately.