Text Character Sheet

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Starting Zone:
Total Body Integrity: 12/12
AP: 9/9

ARM: 0 / MUT: 0 / ENH: 0

HEAD: 3/3
-Brain Maximum Action Points +2.
-Eyeballs Maximum Action Points +1.
-Jaw [Timing: Action/Cost: 2/Range: 0] - Unarmed Attack 1

ARMS: 3/3
-Fists [Timing: Action/Cost: 2/Range: 0] - Unarmed Attack 1.
-Forearm [Timing: Check/Cost: 1/Range: 0] - Support 1.
-Shoulders [Timing: Action/ Cost: 4/Range: Self] - Move 1.

TORSO: 3/3
-Spine [Timing: Action/Cost: 1/Range: Self] - One Maneuver you use on the next Count during this Round has its Cost reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 0.) Stacks if used repeatedly. Discount may be divided totally arbitrarily.
-Entrails [Timing: Auto/Cost: None/Range: None] - None.
-Entrails [Timing: Auto/Cost: None/Range: None] - None.

LEGS: 3/3
-Bone [Timing: Action/Cost: 3/Range: Self] - Move 1.
-Bone [Timing: Action/Cost: 3/Range: Self] - Move 1.
-Foot [Timing: Check/Cost: 1/Range: 0] - Hinder 1.


Fragments of Memory: 2

Treasure: Dependent (X) (X) (X) ()

Name + Age (1d10+7 or choice)
Premonition (1d10 or choice)
2 fragments of memory (the d100 memory table is in the pdf, but you can pick or make up your own)
Choose Position and 1 Skill from Position
Choose Primary Class and 2 Skills from Primary Class, + gain Primary Class's Reinforcement Points
Choose Secondary Class and 1 Skill from Secondary Class + gain Secondary Class's Reinforcement Points
Add 1 Reinforcement Point to a category of your choosing and gain 1 Treasure part (roll or choose)
Spend Reinforcement Points (Reinforcement Parts must be in sequence and be 'supported' by previous tier E.X.: T1 -> T2 -> T3, not T1 -> T3; T1 -> T1 -> T2 -> T2 -> T3, not T1 -> T2 -> T2 -> T3 -> T3)
Starting Zone (Eden/Elysium/Limbo)
Fetters for each other PC (1d10 or choice toward each), each with three madness.