Thanatos Armed Set fighting styles

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You can only get one Skill named "Style" per Doll. Only one type of Skill named "Style" can be acquired per Doll. It can be acquired with Favor Points, but once a Style is acquired, it cannot be changed again. Once you have acquired a Style, you cannot change it again.


Name Timing Cost Range
Style: Sword Style Auto None Self
Effect Once per count when using a Part that includes “Katana” in the maneuver name you may re-roll the attack check.
Description One sword. Just focus with that one sword and attack. This is the most orthodox style of swordsmanship.
Name Timing Cost Range
Style: Battoujutsu Action 1 Self
Effect Once used, the next maneuver you use with a “Katana” or “Superior Katana” gains +1 to the attack check and +1 to the damage dealt. This effect is cumulative. (Maximum 2)
Description Do not swing the sword carelessly. Focus and draw the blade only when it will be at it’s most effective. A style of swordsmanship with quick drawing attacks.
Name Timing Cost Range
Style: Jigen-Ryu Rapid 3 Self
Effect The next time you use a Part with the word "katana" in the name you gain +1 to the attack check and +4 to the damage dealt. The “Area” property cannot be applied to this attack.
Description A powerful style that puts everything into the first blow to cut down the enemy. This is a style of swordsmanship that has no need for a second swing of the blade.
Name Timing Cost Range
Style: Murder Sword Auto None Self
Effect +1 to attack checks made by parts that have “Katana” in their name.
Description The style of the killer sword is to ensure that every attack is aimed at a vital point or an area where significant damage can be done. This is the style of the murder sword.
Name Timing Cost Range
Style: Life-saving Sword Damage 1 0
Effect Choose an undamaged part that has “Katana” in its name. The attack value of the part becomes the defend value of this maneuver. This can be used multiple times per Round.
Description Making swift use of the blade to parry attacks. A swift style focused on self defence.
Name Timing Cost Range
Style: After-image Rapid 1 0
Effect When a target in the same area as you uses an attack maneuver, you may Rapid use one part that contains "Katana" in the original maneuver's name.
Description You can read the enemy's attack and draw your sword before the attack happens. This is a style that specializes in anticipating enemy attacks and preemptively drawing your blade to meet them.