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A spoiled child with many toys.
Always eager for more, despite their plenty.

You may only take a skill from this class in character creation if it is your main class, and only one then. Skills may be purchased normally with favor.

Reinforcement Points[edit]

Armament Mutation Enhancement
1 1 1

Special Skill[edit]

Name Timing Cost Range
Overzealous Action 0 Self
Effect Once per round, you may declare this maneuver. You may declare up to 3 different action timing maneuvers this count.
Description With so many toys, how can you wait to show them all off?


Name Timing Cost Range
Mix-Up Auto None Self
Effect +1 to the attack check if the attack is of a different type than the previous one you used (ex: Unarmed when your last attack was Melee)
Description "You have so many options, you just can't resist using a different one every time."
Name Timing Cost Range
Many Toys Auto None None
Effect When you learn this skill, you may acquire an additional Tier 2 Reinforcement part of any type.

This is not limited by your Reinforcement Points, and you may regenerate it as normal.

Description It may not be the most extravagant, but you've never been one to say no to a new toy.
Name Timing Cost Range
Run from Consequences Rapid 0 Self
Effect You may declare a move maneuver as if its timing was rapid
Description Sometimes your toy breaks a window, sometimes it breaks someone's face. Both of these may call for a hasty escape.
Name Timing Cost Range
Duplicates Auto None Self
Effect Pick a non-auto-timing part. You now have a duplicate of this part that may be placed on any hit location.
Description You accidentally got the same toy twice. At least you have a back up.
Name Timing Cost Range
Cause a Commotion Check 1 0-1
Effect Support or Hinder 1, this can be used multiple times per round but only once per check.
Description Your multitude of parts make you very good at encouraging people, or being a distracting bundle of noise.
Name Timing Cost Range
Swap Accessories Auto None Self
Effect This can only be used when the attack you declare is a different maneuver from the previous one. You may apply one property from your previous attack to the attack you just declared. This can only be declared once per round.
Description Taking parts from one toy and putting it on another can lead to fun outcomes.
Name Timing Cost Range
Tantrum Damage 1 Self
Effect This can only be used after you take damage. +1 to attacks checks and +2 to damage of your attacks. This lasts until you deal damage.
Description "Losing your precious toys can throw you into a fit."


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